100 Ways to Love Your Husband

Author: Lisa Jacobson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548546809
Format: PDF
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100 Ways To Love Your Husband: the life-long journey of learning to love each other By Lisa Jacobson

How to Love Your Wife

Author: John R. Buri
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1598864858
Format: PDF
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But because the majority of marriages in this country consist of unions in which wives are more heavily invested in marital success than are their husbands, much of this sensible effort by reasonable people needs to be consistently initiated and maintained by men. In fact, men often hold the keys to bringing about the type of loving marriage they had hoped for when they first said 'I do.' In How To Love Your Wife, Dr. Buri makes these keys clear, understandable, and accessible.

Marriage Wisdom for Him

Author: Matthew L. Jacobson
Publisher: Loyal Arts Media
ISBN: 9781929125531
Format: PDF, ePub
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Your marriage can be the relationship you've always wanted. Daily pressures, the demands of life, and our own subtle sins take their toll... Marriages that begin with deep joy can end up with feelings of distance and frustration. It's more than a weekend away or a "date night" can solve. Practical tools for love and friendship for you and your wife. Biblical wisdom and instruction on growing closer together. Powerful insights on how your wife thinks and what she needs. Specific actions to take for a strong, lasting marriage.

100 Ways to Love Your Wife

Author: Matthew L. Jacobson
ISBN: 9781929125265
Format: PDF, Docs
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Transform your marriage with practical insights and wisdom on how to love and cherish your wife.

Winning at the Game of Wife

Author: James T. Horning
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1630476757
Format: PDF
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Become the man your wife deserves and unleash her inner goddess. Leave her wondering “Where have you been all my life!” If that sounds extreme, "Winning at the Game of Wife" may not be for you. If you’re one of those guys who enjoys mediocrity and status quo, you might find some of the contents intimidating and even shocking. Author James T. Horning knows what a woman wants. He’s discovered how meeting a woman’s needs on her terms fuels her passion, desire and attraction for her man. His uncommon insights into the dynamics between the sexes are unabashedly poignant and profoundly on target. Seventeen years ago after his wife threatened to jump from a speeding vehicle to get away from him, James realized that he wasn’t being the husband his wife deserved. After fifteen subsequent years of self-realization, research and practice, he realized that his marriage had become his life’s greatest experience and the admiration of others. What is the Secret to having a passion filled marriage in these modern times? What happened to the woman I married and how do I get her back? How do you bring the sex back into my sexless marriage? Why don’t we have anything in common anymore? Answer to these questions and more in "Winning at the Game of Wife."

The Five Love Languages

Author: Gary Chapman
Publisher: Northfield Press
ISBN: 9788186775097
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Explores the all-important languages of love, helping each partner discover which actions are interpreted by the other as loving and affirming, and which as indifferent and demeaning. With study guide.

100 Prayers for Your Marriage

Author: Darlene Schacht
Publisher: Time-Warp Wife Ministries
ISBN: 9780978026240
Format: PDF
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It's easy to say, "I love you," but not so easy to live it when we're called to be patient and kind. Love is more than a word, and so much more than a feeling. It's humility when we want to hold onto our pride. It's holding our tongue when we want to lash out. It's a kind word when we're angry and hurt. It's perseverance when we want to give up. Satan is out to destroy your marriage, and in the process destroy you. It's for this reason that we are called to be fervent in prayer. Join hands together; ride beside each other in battle. Slay every thought and imagination that threatens your bond. 100 Prayers For Your Marriage is an invitation to draw close to each other and closer to God. It's a dare to fight for your marriage. It's a challenge to pray with, and for each other every day.

The Science of Happily Ever After

Author: Ty Tashiro
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 037389290X
Format: PDF
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Examines the science behind choosing a mate and reveals actionable tips for finding love, in an exploration that draws on research from such fields as demography, sociology, and psychology.

How to Treat Your Wife

Author: Orlando Alonso
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781460936436
Format: PDF, ePub
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This is a no BS or fluff book on how to get your marriage back on track. Marriage is tough but this book teaches essential tools on how to make it work. Most of us had a bad example or no example at all on marriage. We are constantly inundated with fantasy on how marriage should be. This book strips all that away and gets to the bare bones of what we, as men, need to learn on how to treat our wives.

7 Ways to Be Her Hero

Author: Doug Fields
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 052910220X
Format: PDF
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A book that talks to guys in the way guys talk! "This book should storm into your living room, demand an audience, and become every husband's best friend!" —Rick Warren, pastor and New York Times best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life "I love Doug Fields! I love how he lives, how he writes, how he makes me laugh, and how he challenges me to grow. You will too. Men, read this book and improve your marriage!" —Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author Having a pulse is all it really takes to fall in love. Staying in love is another matter; staying in love requires a plan and some learned skills. "My primary audience for this book is guys (sorry, sneaky ladies)," says author Doug Fields. "I am writing in a way that most men seem to talk and learn." In 7 Ways to Be Her Hero Fields gives, quite candidly, seven very doable actions to transform any marital relationship, guaranteed. It also includes a bonus chapter for guys to read with their wives. So if you want to understand some simple ways to invest in your marriage and be your wife's hero (again), this is the plan!