101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person

Author: Jennifer Roback Morse
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594716722
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Are you confused about how to find your true love? Do you want to work on a current dating relationship, preparing it for engagement and marriage? Packed into 101 bite-sized suggestions, 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person is the help you need to approach dating with confidence and joy, while at the same time helping you become the best, most marriage-ready version of yourself. Jennifer Roback Morse and Betsy Kerekes offer inspiration and advice for all stages of your relationship. With research conducted by the Ruth Institute and almost fifty years of marriage experience between them, authors Jennifer Roback Morse and Betsy Kerekes have compiled their best tips to inspire and support Catholic singles during all stages of dating and engagement. The life-changing ideas in 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person offer short, practical suggestions that will help you find a mate and build a strong relationship. You’ll find advice for meeting other Catholic singles, questions to ask yourself before getting too serious, and topics to talk about before engagement. Tips include: When you’re on the first date, or once you’re in a relationship, see the other person for who they are. Avoid thinking you can change him or her; only God can do that. Don’t expect your significant other to be perfect when you know that you are not. If you’re interested in someone who isn’t Catholic, have an open discussion about how you each expect faith to impact your relationship and potential marriage. Morse and Kerekes clearly articulate the challenges that face single Catholics today. The hook-up and cohabitation culture is prevalent in our society and in the media, making the temptation to succumb strong. The authors want you to know that you aren’t weak for being interested in these options, but you are strong enough to resist them. You can combat these challenges by recognizing single life and dating as ideal times to discern your own call to the vocation of marriage as well as your dating relationship’s readiness for the sacrament.

101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

Author: Jennifer Roback Morse
ISBN: 9781594714467
Format: PDF, Kindle
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101 Tips for a Happier Marriage: Simple Ways for Couples to Grow Closer to God and to Each Other offers Catholic couples concise, practical, and at times humorous suggestions for creating and sustaining a more joyful, peace-filled marriage that is steeped in the beauty and mystery of Catholic faith. Insights from marriage and family scholar Jennifer Roback Morse combine with the stories of young mother and wife Betsy Kerekes to make this a book for any Catholic couple young or old wanting to nurture their marriage. 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage is designed to help Catholic couples improve their relationships by making small changes in their habits, attitudes, and spirituality. Suggestions for everything from the most mundane aspects of marital life (housework, budgeting, weekend football) to the make-or-break components (forgiveness, kindness, prayer) help readers to love and appreciate their spouses anew. "

Should I Get Married

Author: M. Blaine Smith
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830822713
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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For anyone contemplating marriage, discerning compatibility with another, seeking guidelines for finding a life partner or struggling with commitment, this updated version by M. Blaine Smith provides biblical counsel and wise advice.

The Seven Big Myths about Marriage

Author: Christopher Kaczor, Ph.D.
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681495538
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This work explores some of the most interesting and vexing problems in contemporary life. Appealing to reason rather than religious authority, the book tackles the most controversial and talked about positions of the Catholic Church - on contraception, on marriage, on reproductive technologies, on cohabitation, and on divorce - arguing for the reasonableness of the Church's views on these issues. The book's interdisciplinary approach, following the precedent of Thomas Aquinas, looks to human happiness and fulfillment, properly understood, in seeking the answers to questions about how to live. It aims to show to skeptical readers that what the Catholic Church teaches about controversial issues is rationally justified by considering evidence from psychology, sociology, and philosophy. The foundation of Kaczor's approach is happiness. We all want to be happy. Every day, in whatever we do, we seek this goal. But what exactly is happiness? And how can we find it? The saints and psychologists agree: there can be no real happiness without authentic love-erotic love, friendship love, and self-giving love (agape). From this foundation of happiness Kaczor explores the nature of marriage, and the love they promise to each other, which is agape, a self­giving love that is the choice to do good for the other. He also examines alternatives to covenant marriage, such as polygamy and same­sex marriage, as well as cohabitation. Finally the book explores the value of children. To make sense of Catholic teaching on contraception, he says that we must first reconsider the value of fertility and having children. Only in this perspective, can one begin to understand what the Church teaches.

Love to Stay

Author: Adam Hamilton
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1501882856
Format: PDF
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In this book, Adam Hamilton explores how, with God’s help, we can make love last. Drawing upon a survey of thousands of couples and singles, interviews with relationship and marriage therapists, the latest research in the field, and wisdom from the Bible, Hamilton looks at what it takes to create and sustain healthy, meaningful romantic relationships across the course of a lifetime. Contents include: More Than a Piece of Paper What She Wants; What He Wants The Significance of Sexual Intimacy Habits That Hurt, Habits That Heal Clothe, Bear With, and Forgive A Love That Lasts a Lifetime

Good News About Sex Marriage Revised Edition

Author: Christopher West
Publisher: Franciscan Media
ISBN: 1632532638
Format: PDF, ePub
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The author, a diocesan director of marriage and family life, answers the questions about human sexuality and marriage that he always encounters in the numerous adult audiences he addresses. He provides thoughtful responses that present Catholic Church teaching in a fresh, thoroughly appealing, and convincing manner.

Smart Sex

Author: Jennifer Roback Morse
Publisher: Ruth Inst Books
ISBN: 9780981605920
Format: PDF
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An alternative view to the "sexual revolution," as having reduced sex to a commodity.

Just Ask My Husband

Author: Heather Hogan
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1617392421
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Find out as Heather Hogan explores the common mistakes that are made in relationships and how to avoid them. With candor and humor, Heather uses her own experience as an example and guide. She faces her own mistakes, and she stresses the importance of communication and compromise; but she also reminds women struggling to juggle careers, relationships, family, and personal interests that a balanced life is the key to a healthy relationship. No woman is alone in this struggle. Heather interviews one hundred women in various stages of their relationships and lives and asks them about their greatest worries, their worst mistakes, and their best advice. These confessions come from a variety of women to whom you can relate, whether you are celebrating decades together, newly wed, or still single. Their candid answers are both entertaining and enlightening, and some of the responses may seem surprisingly familiar. Just Ask My Husband! will help you keep your marriage going until death do you part.

Why Marriage Matters

Author: W. Bradford Wilcox
Publisher: Broadway Publications
ISBN: 9781931764247
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Like previous editions, the third edition of Why Marriage Matters reviews the relevant research on family topics and comes to three fundamental conclusions: marriage is an important social good, marriage is an important public good, and the benefits of marriage extend to poor and minority communities. The third edition pays particular attention to new research on the impact of cohabitation on children and families. It concludes with a “U.S. Marriage Index,” which compiles and presents the leading indicators of marital health in the United States. These indicators include: 1) The percentage of adults marriage (ages 20-54); 2) the percentage of married persons “very happy” with their marriage (ages 18 and up); 3) the percentage of first marriages intact (ages 20-59); 4) percentage of births to married parents; and 5) the percentage of children living with own married parents.