A Dictionary of Chinese Characters

Author: Stewart Paton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134045123
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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By arranging frequently used characters under the phonetic element they have in common, rather than only under their radical, the Dictionary encourages the student to link characters according to their phonetic. The system of cross-referencing then allows the student to find easily all the characters in the dictionary which have the same phonetic element, thus helping to fix in the memory the link between a character and its sound and meaning. This innovative resource will be an excellent study-aid for students with a basic grasp of Chinese, whether they are studying with a teacher or learning on their own.

Speak E Z Chinese in Phonetic English

Author: Fang Zhao
Publisher: Incite
ISBN: 9780977195305
Format: PDF, Docs
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Now readers can by-pass the complex Pinyin system in favor of user-friendly words and sentences provided in straightforward phonetic English. Packed with humorous slang and favorite Chinese idioms, only SPEAK E-Z CHINESE provides the means to communicate in fresh, contemporary Mandarin at only a glance. Free audio companion offered online at www.CathayCafe.com.

Understanding the Chinese Language

Author: Chris Shei
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317662806
Format: PDF, ePub
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Understanding the Chinese Language provides a vibrant and comprehensive introduction to contemporary Chinese linguistics. Combining an accessible style with an in-depth treatment of the topics at hand, it uses clear, full descriptions and vivid, modern examples to systematically take students through the phonology, vocabulary, grammar, discourse structures and pragmatics of modern Chinese. No prior knowledge of Chinese or linguistics is required. Features include: Six detailed chapters covering the core linguistic aspects of the modern Chinese language, such as words, content units, sentences, speech acts, sentence-final particles and neologisms User-friendly comparisons and contrasts between English and Chinese throughout the text, helping to clearly explain important complexities and nuances of the Chinese language Clear, accessible explanations and insightful analysis of topics and linguistic devices, supported by many helpful examples, diagrams and tables Vivid and relevant examples drawn from real-life contemporary sources such as internet news reports, social networks like Sino Weibo, online forums and TV reality shows, offering fascinating perspectives on modern Chinese media, culture and society Pioneering coverage of Chinese new words and the social phenomena they reveal Additional exercises and four supplementary chapters covering Chinese syllables, idioms, discourse and culture available for free download at http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415634885/ Written by a highly experienced instructor, researcher and linguist, Understanding the Chinese Language will be essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in Chinese linguistics. It will also be of interest to anyone interested in learning more about Chinese language and culture.

Glossika 10 Language Dictionary of Chinese Characters

Author: Michael Campbell
Publisher: Glossika
ISBN: 9864387642
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get the pronunciation of any Chinese character in any East Asian language with an introduction covering tones and historical sound changes. Classical Middle Chinese and Modern Mandarin | Cantonese | Taiwanese | Hakka | Shanghainese | Wenzhounese | Fuzhounese | Japanese | Korean | Vietnamese What's Inside 1. Over 5000 Characters 2. Radical and Stroke Lookup 3. Middle Chinese readings with Rime and Grade Index 4. Readings in IPA, Universal Pinyin, and native scripts 5. Both literary and colloquial readings included 6. Cross-reference tables of tones & consonant endings in each language 7. Separate index available for each language 8. Both Japanese Onyomi and Kunyomi readings with an index for both 9. Explanation of Middle Chinese evolution to the modern languages 10. Fast lookup: click on any character >> Sign up (https://bit.ly/2Qu21nK) now and get 1000 reps of audio training and 7-day access to premium features for free! >> Learn Chinese (Beijing) with Glossika: https://bit.ly/2zNCvn9 >> Learn Chinese (Taiwan) with Glossika: https://bit.ly/2P6KRv2 >> Download all Glossika guides here: https://ai.glossika.com/free-download

Chinese Medical Characters

Author: Nigel Wiseman
Publisher: Paradigm Publications
ISBN: 9780912111681
Format: PDF
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"This work is an integral part of the Chinese Medicine Language series for students and practitioners. It presents the first 100 characters based upon frequency of use in medical texts, as well as an overall program designed to help the student acquire the necessary tools for building a thorough vocabulary. This first volume presents the basics of Chinese characters along with the etymologies of the 100 most commonly seen characters. Designed as a workbook, it offers students practice in learning to read, recognize, and write the characters and provides the basic tools that students need to become familiar with the written language of Chinese medicine and thereby enrich their studies." -Publisher.

Chinese Character Fast Finder

Author: Laurence Matthews
Publisher: Tuttle Pub
ISBN: 9780804836340
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A new and innovative study aid that allows the user to find Chinese characters rapidly and intuitively from their appearance alone.

Understanding Chinese Characters by Their Ancestral Forms

Author: Gam Go
Publisher: Simplex Publication
ISBN: 9780962311345
Format: PDF, ePub
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The principal unit of a Chinese character, called the Radical (RADIX-root), gives the general meaning of the character. Most of the time, it is placed on the left-hand side of the character. The 5,000 characters are arranged ALPHABETICALLY according to the English names of their Radicals. Mr. Go (author of "Understanding Chinese Characters by Their Ancestral Forms") found that over 3,000 characters (about 60%) can be found knowing only 27 simple, easy-to-recognize Radicals (such as Man, Hand, Mouth, Water, Tree). A Rapid Access Index allows the user to have immediate access to the character by recognizing a second writing-unit. There are 214 writing-units in total & their English meanings are explained on the basis of their ancestral forms. The dictionary also contains the SIMPLIFIED & ROMANIZED (so called "PINYIN") forms of the characters now officially being used in the People's Republic of China. This is certainly a book that should be on the shelf of the reference section of all libraries. Phone orders accepted: (415) 564-5494.

Chinese Characters

Author: L‚on Wieger
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486213218
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The heart of this book is a series of etymological lessons, in which approximately 2300 Chinese characters are classidied according to 224 'primitives' upon which they are based. For each character Father Wieger gives the modern form, its archaic form, literary pronunciation (Wade system), explanations of origin, semantic content of component parts, related characters, variants forms, quotations of classical usage, and similar material. To make his book more useful Father Wieger has also incorporated a tremendous number of reading aids for the student - listings of the primitives; an index of the characters analyzed, arranged by number of strokes; a listing of 858 phonetic elements, arranged by number of strokes; a listing of about 10,000 characters by phonetic element; a lexicon by transliteration, comprising about 7,000 characters; and a lexicon of about 10,000 characters according to the customary modern system of 214 radicals devised by K'ang-hsi.