Confident Faith

Author: Mark Mittelberg
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1414329962
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Confident Faith, Mark Mittelberg assures Christians that we can be confident in our beliefs. There's no reason to be timid about what we believe, because our beliefs can stand up to the test. Truth isn't dependent on how a person feels or one's own point of view, as so many assert. On the contrary, we can determine truth through our five senses, and that truth reliably points to a deeper and unseen reality. Mark walks readers through twenty arrows that point towards Christian beliefs: from the intricate design of the universe to archaeological proofs, from the consistent testimony of changed lives to the reliability of the ancient documents of the Bible. After studying these arrows, you'll put this book down with a renewed confidence in what you believe and why it matters for eternity.

A State of Grace

Author: Traci DePree
Publisher: Guideposts
ISBN: 9780824947460
Format: PDF
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Escape to the charming town of Copper Mill, Tennessee. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Copper Mill is a place of tradition and tranquility, where neighbors work together and life moves at a slower pace. But when Kate Hanlon and her husband Paul, the new pastor of Faith Briar Church, move in, they quickly find out that small town life is anything but boring. The mysteries that Kate discovers in Copper Mill are puzzling, but she always uses her quick, curious mind and the help of her friends to figure out the answer. Come see how faith can solve life's mysteries in Mystery and the Minister's Wife series.----The Hanlons are settling in to Copper Mill, but already Kate has stumbled onto another mystery. A condolence call to a grieving widow, Patricia Harris, uncovers a long-buried secret: When she was seventeen, Patricia gave birth to twins; one was given up for adoption. Now the daughter she kept is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. With no matching donors, her only real hope is to find her twin sister. With a life on the line, can Kate track down her missing twin before it's too late?

The Canon of Supreme Mystery by Yang Hsiung

Author: Michael Nylan
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791413951
Format: PDF
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Translation of the first grand synthesis of classic Chinese thought. This is a translation, with a commentary and a long contextualizing introduction, of the only major work of Han (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.) philosophy that is still available in complete form. It is the first translation of the work into a European language and provides unique access to this formative period in Chinese history. Because Yang Hsiung’s interpretations drew upon a variety of pre-Han sources and then dominated Confucian learning until the twelfth century, this text is also a valuable resource on early Chinese history, philosophy, and culture beyond the Han period. The T’ai hsüan is also one of the world’s great philosophic poems comparable in scale and grandeur to Lucretius’ De rerum naturum. Nathan Sivin has written that this is one of the titles on the short list of Chinese books every cultivated person should read. Han thinkers saw in this text a compelling restatement of Confucian doctrine that addressed the major objections posed by rival schools including Mohism, Taoism, Legalism and Yin-Yang Five Phase Theory. Since this Han amalgam formed the basis for the state ideology of China from 134 B.C. to 1911, an ideology that in turn provided the intellectual foundations for the Japanese and Korean states, the importance of this book can hardly be overestimated.

How Firm a Foundation

Author: Marcus Grodi
Publisher: Chresources
ISBN: 9780983082927
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For him, the Bible was the only sufficient, firm foundation for his life. He wanted to obey God in all things, and had given up a career to become an ordained minister. He loved to preach the Word and knew that one day he would stand before God, accountable for everything he preached. But there was one problem: How could he be certain that what he was preaching was true? Sara LaPointe never wanted this role, but she loved Stephen. So, through his encouragement and tutelage, she had become both an enthusiastic Evangelical and an effective pastor's wife - at least in the eyes of the congregation. But would the gnawing guilt of a past mistake - a mistake she would never reveal to her husband - ever let her go? And then there was Walter. He, too, believed in Jesus. He, too, loved the Bible and vowed to do whatever God called him to do. But what if this was the unthinkable?


Author: Brian Simmons
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
ISBN: 1424555132
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Of all the sixty-six books that comprise our Bible, the last book is meant to thrill and exhilarate the believer like none other. A beautiful Christ is unveiled while a company of overcoming saints is seen rising into the fullness of Christ. The book of Revelation is exciting, powerful, and dynamic. But it must be more to us than merely an unveiling of events to come. Revelation must be an experience of encountering the living Christ. God is ready to unveil this book to those who are ready to receive it, eat it, and live fully in the splendor of Christ. The unveiling is more than a vision given to John, but is also meant to be an inward discovery, a delightful unveiling within you. This is not a drama of Satan’s worst, but a supernatural drama of God’s best, pouring through his beautiful Son, Jesus Christ. Revelation carries one revelation alone: Christ unveiled in his people. To read this book with any other focus is to miss the entire center of its meaning. There are other truths waiting for you to discover, but only after centering our gaze on the Magnificent One. A joyous blessing rests upon the one who reads this message and upon those who hear and embrace the words of this prophecy, for the appointed time is in your hands. Revelation 1:3 TPT

101 Hymn Stories

Author: Kenneth W. Osbeck
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 9780825493270
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Hymn singing reflects a congregation's spiritual vitality and their response to God's grace.

Getting a Grip on the Basics

Author: Beth Jones
Publisher: Harrison House
ISBN: 9780892746255
Format: PDF
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This powerful study tool designed for either individual or group use will help new and mature Christians alike. Chirstians will find and experience the love of God, receive spiritual nourishment and be able to rest in the protective care of the Lord.

A Sacred Foundation

Author: Michael Farris
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780805425888
Format: PDF, ePub
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Hundreds of thousands of home school spouses have discovered something: maintaining an excellent marriage is tough! As if the normal pressures of life weren't enough, parents who choose the incredible benefits of home schooling soon discover that an entirely new level of intensity is added to their marriage. It's far too easy to focus only on the children while neglecting the very foundation of the home school -- a rock solid marriage based on the only Firm Foundation. Sadly, some have given in to these pressures and are now shipwrecked on the rocks of life. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can enjoy the awesome rewards of home schooling and have a first-rate, fulfilling marriage. But, like anything of lasting value, it won't happen by itself. Farris and Elam take you step-by-step through the issues you will face (or in which you now find yourself ensconced) as a home schooling spouse. For men and women, A Sacred Foundation gives you the "hands on" practical tools and guidelines that will lead you to a place of true love and fulfillment amidst the great challenge and reward of home schooling. - Publisher.

How Firm a Foundation

Author: Hal Harless
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820469317
Format: PDF
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Do covenants or dispensations structure the biblical revelation? The historic conflict between Covenant and Dispensational theology has resulted in a neglect of biblical covenants in Dispensationalism. As a corrective, this book offers a variant of Dispensationalism - designated Covenantal Dispensationalism. Analyzing both ancient Near Eastern and biblical covenants, this work clearly demonstrates that the character of each dispensation is the sum of the stipulations of the operative covenants. Therefore, this book concludes that covenants structure the biblical revelation and that resulting structure is Dispensationalism.