A Human Right to Culture and Identity

Author: Janne Mende
ISBN: 9781783486793
Format: PDF, ePub
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Pursues the possibilities and limits of the UN s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by connecting theoretical discussions with empirical evidence, taken from extensive participant observation and on the qualitative content analysis of indigenous and state documents"

The Practice of Human Rights

Author: Mark Goodale
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139466208
Format: PDF, Docs
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Human rights are now the dominant approach to social justice globally. But how do human rights work? What do they do? Drawing on anthropological studies of human rights work from around the world, this book examines human rights in practice. It shows how groups and organizations mobilize human rights language in a variety of local settings, often differently from those imagined by human rights law itself. The case studies reveal the contradictions and ambiguities of human rights approaches to various forms of violence. They show that this openness is not a failure of universal human rights as a coherent legal or ethical framework but an essential element in the development of living and organic ideas of human rights in context. Studying human rights in practice means examining the channels of communication and institutional structures that mediate between global ideas and local situations. Suitable for use on inter-disciplinary courses globally.

Group Rights as Human Rights

Author: Neus Torbisco Casals
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402042094
Format: PDF, Docs
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Liberal theories have long insisted that cultural diversity in democratic societies can be accommodated through classical liberal tools, in particular through individual rights, and they have often rejected the claims of cultural minorities for group rights as illiberal. Group Rights as Human Rights argues that such a rejection is misguided. Based on a thorough analysis of the concept of group rights, it proposes to overcome the dominant dichotomy between "individual" human rights and "collective" group rights by recognizing that group rights also serve individual interests. It also challenges the claim that group rights, so understood, conflict with the liberal principle of neutrality; on the contrary, these rights help realize the neutrality ideal as they counter cultural biases that exist in Western states. Group rights deserve to be classified as human rights because they respond to fundamental, and morally important, human interests. Reading the theories of Will Kymlicka and Charles Taylor as complementary rather than opposed, Group Rights as Human Rights sees group rights as anchored both in the value of cultural belonging for the development of individual autonomy and in each person’s need for a recognition of her identity. This double foundation has important consequences for the scope of group rights: it highlights their potential not only in dealing with national minorities but also with immigrant groups; and it allows to determine how far such rights should also benefit illiberal groups. Participation, not intervention, should here be the guiding principle if group rights are to realize the liberal promise.

Globalizing Cultures

Publisher: Brill
ISBN: 9004272836
Format: PDF
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Through a comparative analysis of representations of globalization the book Globalizing Cultures: Theories, Paradigms, Actions examines the way cultures and individuals oppose, resist and re-center globalization and how people negotiate a sense of identity and belonging in a global context.

To Care for Creation

Author: Stephen Ellingson
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022636741X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Controversial megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll proclaimed from a conference stage in 2013, “I know who made the environment and he’s coming back and going to burn it all up. So yes, I drive an SUV.” The comment, which Driscoll later explained away as a joke, highlights what has been a long history of religious anti-environmentalism. Given how firmly entrenched this sentiment has been, surprising inroads have been made by a new movement with few financial resources, which is deeply committed to promoting green religious traditions and creating a new environmental ethic. To Care for Creation chronicles this movement and explains how it has emerged despite institutional and cultural barriers, as well as the hurdles posed by logic and practices that set religious environmental organizations apart from the secular movement. Ellingson takes a deep dive into the ways entrepreneurial activists tap into and improvise on a variety of theological, ethical, and symbolic traditions in order to issue a compelling call to arms that mobilizes religious audiences. Drawing on interviews with the leaders of more than sixty of these organizations, Ellingson deftly illustrates how activists borrow and rework resources from various traditions to create new meanings for religion, nature, and the religious person’s duty to the natural world.

Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age

Author: Jacqueline Bhabha
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400850169
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Why, despite massive public concern, is child trafficking on the rise? Why are unaccompanied migrant children living on the streets and routinely threatened with deportation to their countries of origin? Why do so many young refugees of war-ravaged and failed states end up warehoused in camps, victimized by the sex trade, or enlisted as child soldiers? This book provides the first comprehensive account of the widespread but neglected global phenomenon of child migration, exploring the complex challenges facing children and adolescents who move to join their families, those who are moved to be exploited, and those who move simply to survive. Spanning several continents and drawing on the stories of young migrants, Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age provides a comprehensive account of the widespread and growing but neglected global phenomenon of child migration and child trafficking. It looks at the often-insurmountable obstacles we place in the paths of adolescents fleeing war, exploitation, or destitution; the contradictory elements in our approach to international adoption; and the limited support we give to young people brutalized as child soldiers. Part history, part in-depth legal and political analysis, this powerful book challenges the prevailing wisdom that widespread protection failures are caused by our lack of awareness of the problems these children face, arguing instead that our societies have a deep-seated ambivalence to migrant children—one we need to address head-on. Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age offers a road map for doing just that, and makes a compelling and courageous case for an international ethics of children's human rights.

Internationale Sicherheit

Author: Sebastian Enskat
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658023708
Format: PDF, ePub
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​Dieses Lehrbuch macht mit einigen grundlegenden Inhalten und konzeptionellen Überlegungen zum Themengebiet Internationale Sicherheit vertraut. Klassische Problemfelder wie Krieg und Frieden spielen dabei genauso eine Rolle wie neuere Ansätze in der Sicherheitsforschung. Das Buch leitet so zum eigenständigen, systematischen und politikwissenschaftlich fundierten Nachdenken über internationale Sicherheit an.

Letzter Mann im Turm

Author: Aravind Adiga
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406621570
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eine Geschichte um Geld und Macht, Luxus und Entbehrung, ein breites Gemälde der Menschen in Bombay und nicht zuletzt das Porträt einer brodelnden Stadt – «Der letzte Mann im Turm» wirft einen tiefen Blick in die Herzen und Köpfe der Bewohner einer Mega-City – einfache Menschen, die an einem Ort ohne Grenzen an ihre Grenzen getrieben werden. Wen man in Bombay auch nach der «Vishram Society» fragen würde – Turm A der «Vishram Cooperative Wohnungsbaugesellschaft» –, jeder würde sagen, dass diese Wohnanlage in der Nähe des Flughafens und am Rande von Slums dennoch eine gute Adresse ist. Aber nicht nur Bombay hat sich in den letzten fünfzig Jahren verändert – und heißt jetzt Mumbai –, auch der Immobilienmarkt – überall in Mumbai wird abgerissen, Neues gebaut und viel frisches Geld ist im Umlauf. Als der Immobilientycoon Dharmen Shah den Bewohnern der Vishram Society das Angebot macht, sie rauszukaufen, damit er einen Luxusapartment-Komplex errichten kann, ist sein Angebot mehr als großzügig. Aber nicht jeder ist bereit, auszuziehen und dafür viel Geld mitzunehmen, das Angebot gilt jedoch nur, wenn alle zustimmen! Die Anspannung steigt unter den Bewohnern, und einer, der pensionierte Lehrer Masterji, einst am meisten respektiert, ist nun das Hindernis für diesen Deal. Shah ist ein gefährlicher Gegner, aber auch alte Freunde können zu Feinden werden ...