A Little Bit Like Love

Author: Brooke Blaine
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781973836230
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What if you had everything in the world you wanted...except the man you'd left behind? Jackson Davenport, the charismatic, strait-laced heir to the Davenport fortune, has a secret. One he's been hiding since he graduated from South Haven all-boys academy-and that secret's name is Lucas. When a work trip takes Jackson back to his old stomping grounds, memories of the year he shared with Lucas come crashing to the surface. With growing pressure from his father to settle down and take over the family business, Jackson knows he's on borrowed time, and sets out to find the free-spirited daredevil he once knew. But Lucas isn't the same man he was eight years ago. One night. A shattered heart. And an endless parade of nameless faces. Lucas Sullivan is South Haven's ultimate playboy, a reputation he's honed since the only boy he ever loved left without a trace. To the world, he's brash and confident, an in-demand artist who spends his days designing one-of-a-kind pieces and his nights as king of the downtown scene. Many have tried and failed to get past the barrier he's carefully constructed, but it's the shy, studious boy he once coaxed out of his shell who still haunts him. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was lust. Or maybe...it was a little bit like love.

Jonathan s Friend

Author: Roberto Athayde
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469122049
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mostly know for his play Miss Margaridas Way, presented on Broadway starring Estelle Parsons and produced in more than 30 countries, Brazilian author Roberto Athayde writes both in English and Portuguese. Jonathans Friend is a novel inspired by the authors own experience as a foreign student in the US. The narrator, Armando, is a composition major at the the Music School of the University of Michigan in the spring of 1969. He is in the process of giving up music for writing. He finds out that a certain young composer is supposed to be in love with Jonathan, the best violinist in the music school, and that his passion is not reciprocated. Armando figures that such story might be just what he needs to get on with his fiction. He strikes a friendship with the unhappy composer. But, instead of merely finding material for a short story, the sensual Armando falls hopelessly in love with Jonathans friend. Jonathans Friend is a novel of budding passion played out amidst the notes of classical music. It was written by Roberto Athayde when the author was nineteen years old and has been withheld for more than thirty years.

Ein Zuhause finden

Author: Sloane Kennedy
Publisher: XinXii
ISBN: 3961425914
Format: PDF, ePub
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„Ich habe alles falsch gemacht, Finn. Vom ersten Tag an. Ich dachte, es wäre der einzige Weg, mit dir zusammen zu sein und deiner noch würdig zu sein. Aber jetzt erkenne ich, dass ich das nie war.“ – Callan. Rache. Das ist alles, woran der Ex-Cop Rhys Tellar denken kann, und er hat jeden einzelnen Tag seiner zweijährigen Gefängnisstrafe damit verbracht, einen Plan auszuhecken, um seinen früheren Geliebten und Partner zur Strecke zu bringen. Der hat ihn betrogen und dabei den Tod von vier Menschen verursacht. Seine sechsmonatige Bewährungszeit auf der CB Bar Ranch im Südwesten von Montana zu verbringen hätte ganz einfach sein sollen, doch Rhys hat nicht mit den Gefühlen gerechnet, die er für den charismatischen Ranchhelfer, mit dem er sich anfreundet, und den verschlossenen Vorarbeiter, der vorgibt, etwas zu sein, das er nicht ist, entwickelt. Eine Zukunft. Das ist, was Finn Stewart will, aber dafür muss er den einen Mann verlassen, den er mehr als jeden anderen begehrt: seinen völlig heterosexuellen Boss und besten Freund, Callan Bale. Als der einzige offen schwule Mann in einer kleinen, homophoben Gemeinde, muss Finn jeden Tag kämpfen, um sein zu können, wer er ist. Einfach alles hinter sich zu lassen scheint allmählich die beste Entscheidung zu sein – jedenfalls bis Rhys Tellar auftaucht und alles verändert. Eine Lüge. Callan Bale hat sein ganzes Leben lang versteckt, wer er wirklich ist, und das wird ihn die einzige Person kosten, der es gelungen ist, sich einen Weg durch die Mauern zu bahnen, die Callan jahrelang um sein Herz herum errichtet hat. Doch sich für Finn zu entscheiden würde bedeuten, alles aufzugeben, für das er gearbeitet hat, und sein Versprechen zu brechen. Finn an Rhys zu verlieren würde aber zumindest bedeuten, dass der junge Mann das Leben führen kann, das er verdient. Drei Männer. Drei Entscheidungen. Eine Chance, ein Zuhause zu finden. Ein homoerotischer Liebesroman für Erwachsene mit explizitem Inhalt. Länge: rund 49.500 Wörter

Das Rosie Projekt

Author: Graeme Simsion
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104026823
Format: PDF, Docs
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Der Weltbestseller mit Humor und Gefühl: die romantische Komödie ›Das Rosie-Projekt‹ von Graeme Simsion Don Tillman will heiraten. Allerdings findet er menschliche Beziehungen oft höchst verwirrend und irrational. Was tun? Don entwickelt das Ehefrau-Projekt: Mit einem 16-seitigen Fragebogen will er auf wissenschaftlich exakte Weise die ideale Frau finden. Also keine, die raucht, trinkt, unpünktlich oder Veganerin ist. Und dann kommt Rosie. Unpünktlich, Barkeeperin, Raucherin. Offensichtlich ungeeignet. Aber Rosie verfolgt ihr eigenes Projekt: Sie sucht ihren biologischen Vater. Dafür braucht sie Dons Kenntnisse als Genetiker. Ohne recht zu verstehen, wie ihm geschieht, lernt Don staunend die Welt jenseits beweisbarer Fakten kennen und stellt fest: Gefühle haben ihre eigene Logik.

Buster S Book

Author: Donald Junkins
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475944440
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Providing insight in a familys history against the backdrop of major world wars, Busters Book offers a collection of more than a thousand letters exchanged during the twentieth century as young men provided service to their country. In this memoir, author Donald Junkins has compiled letters, diaries, interviews, recollections, and photographs of the familys participants in both world wars and the Korean and Vietnam wars. This fascinating historical record includes the stories of a variety of escapades: from single-handedly opening an eight-year-old Nazi prison camp; to B-24 air forays from New Guinea in which an aerial gunner shot down two Japanese Zero planes; and to the rescue in Korea of wounded men stalled in a jeep in the middle of a freezing river that culminated in the awarding of the Silver Star. Busters Book reflects both the lives of a middle-class American family during these years and the daily activities of two generations of young American men at war.

The Love of My Life

Author: Louise Douglas
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330509063
Format: PDF
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‘I miss him with every breath and heartbeat. He should have been my happy ending. Instead, he is the sad beginning to my story.’ Olivia and Luca Felicone had known each other nearly all their lives, but when they fell in love as teenagers and eloped to London, they broke the hearts of those closest to them. Luca’s parents run Marinella’s restaurant, the colourful hub of life in the otherwise bleak north-eastern seaside town of Watersford, and his mother, Angela, has never forgiven Olivia for causing such a rift in her beloved family. On a freezing January night Olivia’s life is shattered when she learns that Luca has been killed in a car accident on the M1. She is left with nothing, and after suffering from weeks of overwhelming grief, she abandons her job and returns North to where Luca has been buried in Watersford, just to be close to him – even though she knows she will not be welcome at Marinella’s. Olivia’s chance meeting with Luca’s married twin brother, Marc, leads to the realization that he is experiencing a loss almost as painful as her own. Their desolation draws them into an affair which both know has no future, but fills the space where Luca should be. It is a course of action that can only spiral out of control, and when it does, the consequences are both explosive and cruel. The Love of My Life by Louise Douglas is a beautiful novel that portrays both the innocence of childhood, and the dynamics of love and loss with deftness and sensitivity. It is, above all, a stunning debut from an author with a unique and natural narrative voice.