Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control Second Edition

Author: Edward G. Schilling
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781584889533
Format: PDF
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State-of-the-Art Coverage of the Most Widely Used Acceptance Sampling Techniques Cohesively Incorporates Theory and Practice Reflecting the recent resurgence of interest in this field, Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control, Second Edition presents the state of the art in the methodology of sampling and explores its advantages and limitations. The book also looks at how acceptance control can support applications of statistical process control and help in the evaluation of products. New to the Second Edition Coverage of ISO 2859 and 3951 standards and the ASTM version (E2234) of MIL-STD-105E A new section on credit-based sampling plans Greater emphasis on sampling schemes with switching rules More extensive discussion of accept zero plans, including tightened-normal-tightened (TNT), credit-based, the Nelson monograph for c=0, and MIL-STD-1916 Providing valuable guidelines for choosing appropriate procedures, this comprehensive second edition encompasses the most widely used acceptance sampling techniques. It lucidly provides a broad theoretical understanding of the field while offering all the information needed for the practical application of acceptance sampling plans in industry.

Elementary Statistical Quality Control 2nd Edition

Author: John T. Burr
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824790529
Format: PDF, Docs
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Maintaining the reader-friendly features of its popular predecessor, the Second Edition illustrates fundamental principles and practices in statistical quality control for improved quality, reliability, and productivity in the management of production processes and industrial and business operations. Presenting key concepts of statistical quality control in a simple and straightforward manner, this reference will provide a solid foundation in statistical quality control theory, background, and applications. Moving from elementary topics to sampling by variables, sound tolerancing, and relationships between variables, this reference

Sample Size Calculations

Author: Paul Mathews
Publisher: Mathews Malnar and Bailey
ISBN: 0615324614
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sample Size Calculations: Practical Methods for Engineers and Scientists presents power and sample size calculations for common statistical analyses including methods for means, standard deviations, proportions, counts, regression, correlation, and measures of agreement. Topics of special interest to quality engineering professionals include designed experiments, reliability studies, statistical process control, acceptance sampling, process capability analysis, statistical tolerancing, and gage error studies. The book emphasizes approximate methods, but exact methods are presented when the approximate methods fail. Monte Carlo and bootstrap methods are introduced for situations that don't satisfy the assumptions of the analytical methods. Solutions are presented for more than 170 example problems and solutions for selected example problems using PASS, MINITAB, Piface, and R are posted on the Internet.

Sampling Source Book

Author: C L Thomas
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483292827
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Sampling Source Book is an invaluable guide to the world's literature on sampling and provides a timely and much needed focus on what is a diverse and important subject. Based on an exhaustive search of the world's literature, this index contains bibliographic references to journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, books, technical reports and standards. Details of databases searched and outlines are provided as to how the searches were conducted to facilitate update of the data by users of the index. The material contained in this source book has been assessed by specialists in sampling operations; assuring relevance of the material included. Comprehensive lists of suppliers of sampling equipment, consultants and professional bodies with expertise and interests in sampling are also presented.

Statistics for Quality Control

Author: Dan Jackson
Publisher: Industrial Press
ISBN: 9780831135171
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Statistics for Quality Control is a basic level study of statistics used in a production operations setting. It is primarily intended for students entering quality control or other industrial and operations careers. It covers introductory topics such as a brief background, measurements, and graphing techniques. It then moves on to the beginning statistics necessary to understand these practices commonly found in industry and ends with coverage of quality assurance issues along with some pertinent managerial practices associated with this topic.

Practical Acceptance Sampling

Author: Galit Shmueli
ISBN: 9780991576678
Format: PDF, ePub
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New to the second edition: A section on Acceptance-on-Zero plans, additional screenshots from the newly-designed with several new calculators, and improved book design for enhanced readability. Practical Acceptance Sampling is a hands-on introduction to the inspection of products and services for quality assurance using statistically-based sampling plans. In today's era of global supply chains, the path from raw materials to final product often takes place over multiple companies and across multiple continents. Acceptance sampling is key in the 21st century environment. Acceptance sampling plans provide criteria and decision rules for determining whether to accept or reject a batch based on a sample. They are therefore widely used by manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, and service providers in a wide range of industries. The book introduces readers to the most popular sampling plans, including Military Standards and civilian ISO and ANSI/ASQC/BS standards. It covers the design, choice and performance evaluation of different types of plans, including single- and double-stage plans, rectifying and non-rectifying plans, plans for pass/fail and continuous measurements, continuous sampling plans, and more. Practical Acceptance Sampling is suitable for courses on quality control and for quality practitioners with basic knowledge of statistics. It offers clear explanations, examples, end-of-chapter problems, and illustrations of state-of-the-art online resources. Methods are illustrated using Microsoft Excel, online calculators, and However, any statistical software can be used with the book. A companion website to the book is available at

Bayesian Analysis of Linear Models

Author: Broemeling
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351464477
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With Bayesian statistics rapidly becoming accepted as a way to solve applied statisticalproblems, the need for a comprehensive, up-to-date source on the latest advances in thisfield has arisen.Presenting the basic theory of a large variety of linear models from a Bayesian viewpoint,Bayesian Analysis of Linear Models fills this need. Plus, this definitive volume containssomething traditional-a review of Bayesian techniques and methods of estimation, hypothesis,testing, and forecasting as applied to the standard populations ... somethinginnovative-a new approach to mixed models and models not generally studied by statisticianssuch as linear dynamic systems and changing parameter models ... and somethingpractical-clear graphs, eary-to-understand examples, end-of-chapter problems, numerousreferences, and a distribution appendix.Comprehensible, unique, and in-depth, Bayesian Analysis of Linear Models is the definitivemonograph for statisticians, econometricians, and engineers. In addition, this text isideal for students in graduate-level courses such as linear models, econometrics, andBayesian inference.