Advanced Reservoir Management and Engineering

Author: Tarek H. Ahmed
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0123855489
Format: PDF
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Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Well Testing -- Chapter 2. Decline and Type-Curves Analysis -- Chapter 3. Water Influx -- Chapter 4. Unconventional Gas Reservoirs -- Chapter 5. Performance of Oil Reservoirs -- Chapter 6. Predicting Oil Reservoir Performance -- Chapter 7. Fundamentals of Enhanced Oil Recovery -- Chapter 8. Economic Analysis -- Chapter 9. Analysis of Fixed Capital Investments -- Chapter 10. Advanced Evaluation Approaches -- Chapter 11. Professionalism and Ethics.

Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Author: Tarek Ahmed
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080498836
Format: PDF, ePub
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Advanced Reservoir Engineering offers the practicing engineer and engineering student a full description, with worked examples, of all of the kinds of reservoir engineering topics that the engineer will use in day-to-day activities. In an industry where there is often a lack of information, this timely volume gives a comprehensive account of the physics of reservoir engineering, a thorough knowledge of which is essential in the petroleum industry for the efficient recovery of hydrocarbons. Chapter one deals exclusively with the theory and practice of transient flow analysis and offers a brief but thorough hands-on guide to gas and oil well testing. Chapter two documents water influx models and their practical applications in conducting comprehensive field studies, widely used throughout the industry. Later chapters include unconventional gas reservoirs and the classical adaptations of the material balance equation. * An essential tool for the petroleum and reservoir engineer, offering information not available anywhere else * Introduces the reader to cutting-edge new developments in Type-Curve Analysis, unconventional gas reservoirs, and gas hydrates * Written by two of the industry's best-known and respected reservoir engineers

Reservoir Engineering Handbook

Author: Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780080966670
Format: PDF
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Reorganized for easy use, Reservoir Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition provides an up-to-date reference to the tools, techniques, and science for predicting oil reservoir performance even in the most difficult fields. Topics covered in the handbook include: Processes to enhance production Well modification to maximize oil and gas recovery Completion and evaluation of wells, well testing, and well surveys Reservoir Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition provides solid information and insight for engineers and students alike on maximizing production from a field in order to obtain the best possible economic return. With this handbook, professionals will find a valuable reference for understanding the key relationships among the different operating variables. Examples contained in this reference demonstrate the performance of processes under forceful conditions through a wide variety of applications. • Fundamental for the advancement of reservoir engineering concepts • Step-by-step field performance calculations • Easy to understand analysis of oil recovery mechanisms • Step-by-step analysis of oil recovery mechanisms • New chapter on fractured reservoirs

Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Management

Author: Abdus Satter
Publisher: PennWell Books
ISBN: 9780878144082
Format: PDF
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This text presents the fundamentals of integrated reservoir management practice, including the technical and management perspectives. Several actual examples and case studies are included for illustrative purposes.

Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation

Author: John R. Fanchi,
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0128155647
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Reservoir engineers today need to acquire more complex reservoir management and modeling skills. Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Fourth Edition, continues to provide the fundamentals on these topics for both early and seasoned career engineers and researchers. Enhanced with more practicality and with a focus on more modern reservoir simulation workflows, this vital reference includes applications to not only traditional oil and gas reservoir problems but specialized applications in geomechanics, coal gas modelling, and unconventional resources. Strengthened with complementary software from the author to immediately apply to the engineer’s projects, Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, Fourth Edition, delivers knowledge critical for today’s basic and advanced reservoir and asset management. Gives hands-on experience in working with reservoir simulators and links them to other petroleum engineering activities Teaches on more specific reservoir simulation issues such as run control, tornado plot, linear displacement, fracture and cleat systems, and modern modelling workflows Updates on more advanced simulation practices like EOR, petrophysics, geomechanics, and unconventional reservoirs

Reservoir Engineering

Author: Sylvester Okotie
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3030023931
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a clear and basic understanding of the concept of reservoir engineering to professionals and students in the oil and gas industry. The content contains detailed explanations of key theoretic and mathematical concepts and provides readers with the logical ability to approach the various challenges encountered in daily reservoir/field operations for effective reservoir management. Chapters are fully illustrated and contain numerous calculations involving the estimation of hydrocarbon volume in-place, current and abandonment reserves, aquifer models and properties for a particular reservoir/field, the type of energy in the system and evaluation of the strength of the aquifer if present. The book is written in oil field units with detailed solved examples and exercises to enhance practical application. It is useful as a professional reference and for students who are taking applied and advanced reservoir engineering courses in reservoir simulation, enhanced oil recovery and well test analysis.

Principles of Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

Author: Gian L. Chierici
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662029642
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Six years ago, at the end of my professional career in the oil industry, I left my management position within Agip S.p.A., a major multinational oil company whose headquarters are in Italy, to take up the chair in reservoir engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy. There, I decided to prepare what was initially intended to be a set of lecture notes for the students attending the course. However, while preparing these notes, I became so absorbed in the subject matter that I soon found myself creating a substantial volume of text which could not only serve as a university course material, but also as a reference for wider professional applications. Thanks to the interest shown by the then president of Agip, Ing. Giuseppe Muscarella, this did indeed culminate in the publication of the first Italian edition of this book in 1989. The translation into English and publication of these volumes owes much to the encouragement of the current president of Agip, Ing. Guglielmo Moscato. My grateful thanks are due to both gentlemen. And now - the English version, translated from the second Italian edition, and containing a number of revisions and much additional material. As well as providing a solid theoretical basis for the various topics, this work draws extensively on my 36 years of worldwide experience in the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields.

Handbook of Energy

Author: Cutler J. Cleveland
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 0080914578
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Handbook of Energy, Volume I: Diagrams, Charts, and Tables provides comprehensive, organized coverage on all phases of energy and its role in society, including its social, economic, political, historical, and environmental aspects. While there is a wealth of information about energy available, it is spread across many books, journals, and websites and it tends to target either a particular form of energy or a specific audience. Handbook of Energy provides a central repository of information that meets diverse user communities. It focuses on visual, graphic, and tabular information in a schematic format. Individuals and researchers at all educational levels will find the Handbook of Energy to be a valuable addition to their personal libraries. Easy-to-read technical diagrams and tables display a vast array of data and concepts

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Practice

Author: Nnaemeka Ezekwe
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0132485176
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Complete, Up-to-Date, Practical Guide to Modern Petroleum Reservoir Engineering This is a complete, up-to-date guide to the practice of petroleum reservoir engineering, written by one of the world’s most experienced professionals. Dr. Nnaemeka Ezekwe covers topics ranging from basic to advanced, focuses on currently acceptable practices and modern techniques, and illuminates key concepts with realistic case histories drawn from decades of working on petroleum reservoirs worldwide. Dr. Ezekwe begins by discussing the sources and applications of basic rock and fluid properties data. Next, he shows how to predict PVT properties of reservoir fluids from correlations and equations of state, and presents core concepts and techniques of reservoir engineering. Using case histories, he illustrates practical diagnostic analysis of reservoir performance, covers essentials of transient well test analysis, and presents leading secondary and enhanced oil recovery methods. Readers will find practical coverage of experience-based procedures for geologic modeling, reservoir characterization, and reservoir simulation. Dr. Ezekwe concludes by presenting a set of simple, practical principles for more effective management of petroleum reservoirs. With Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Practice readers will learn to • Use the general material balance equation for basic reservoir analysis • Perform volumetric and graphical calculations of gas or oil reserves • Analyze pressure transients tests of normal wells, hydraulically fractured wells, and naturally fractured reservoirs • Apply waterflooding, gasflooding, and other secondary recovery methods • Screen reservoirs for EOR processes, and implement pilot and field-wide EOR projects. • Use practical procedures to build and characterize geologic models, and conduct reservoir simulation • Develop reservoir management strategies based on practical principles Throughout, Dr. Ezekwe combines thorough coverage of analytical calculations and reservoir modeling as powerful tools that can be applied together on most reservoir analyses. Each topic is presented concisely and is supported with copious examples and references. The result is an ideal handbook for practicing engineers, scientists, and managers—and a complete textbook for petroleum engineering students.

Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation

Author: M. R. Islam
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470650677
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation Add precision and ease to the process of reservoir simulation. Until simulation software and other methods of reservoir characterization were developed, engineers had to drill numerous wells to find the best way to extract crude oil and natural gas. Today, even with highly sophisticated reservoir simulations software available, reservoir simulation still involves a great deal of guesswork. Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Simulation provides an advanced approach to petroleum reservoir simulation, taking the guesswork out of the process and relying more thoroughly on science and what is known about the individual reservoir. This state of the art publication in petroleum simulation: Describes solution techniques that allow multiple solutions to the complete equations, without linearization. Solves the most difficult reservoir engineering problems such as viscous fingering. Highlights the importance of non-linear solvers on decision tree with scientific argument. Discusses solution schemes in relation to other disciplines and revolutionizes risk analysis and decision making. Includes companion software with 3-D, 3-phase multipurpose simulator code available for download from By providing a valuable tool to support reservoir simulation predictions with real science, this book is an essential reference for engineers, scientists and geologists.