After the MOUNTAIN

Author: Kim A Hebenstreit
ISBN: 9781939761514
Format: PDF, ePub
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Mother's Day 2015, began with anticipation as the Hebenstreits drove to northeast Georgia to spend the day hiking on Mount Yonah. It was a pleasant day, full of laughter and togetherness as the family of five leisurely made their way up the mountain. Little did they know that near the top, unparalleled tragedy would forever alter the course of their lives. This is the true story of one family's journey through unimaginable trauma and grief and the obstacles they must overcome as they gradually find their way towards hope and healing. Kim Hebenstreit is the author of Finding Intimacy in Marriage: A Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Journey, which was published a mere eight months before the events chronicled in this book. She lives in the Atlanta area and is working towards her M.A. in professional counseling and facilitates a grief ministry in order to help others as they travel their own journey through trauma and grief.

For Every Dark Night a Mother s Journey Through Grief and Trauma

Author: Diane Muller Ludman
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450215726
Format: PDF, ePub
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"In Every Dark Night...A Mother's Journey through Grief and Trauma, Diane Ludman courageously shares her difficult and rewarding journey through the grieving process. Her stories of navigating grief's peaks and valleys are clearly driven by love and support from her family and her "family of friends." Honoring her feelings, instincts and intuition, Diane embraces the "sightings of Mikie" and is able to enjoy his presence in her life... and to always be Mikie's mom. With gathered strength and courage, Diane reveals how trust can open doors to healing. Diane provides a comforting treasure for grieving parents and a book to remember for us all." -Elizabeth Pearce KinderMourn Counselor/Facilitator

Baptized Rage Transformed Grief

Author: Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532636148
Format: PDF, Docs
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Life comes with ups and downs, including the trauma of loss, death, and grief. Because such experiences are no respecter of persons, such trauma is a levelling agent. Every human being experiences some type of loss, from that of loved ones, relationships, jobs, and status to that of property, belief systems, and deteriorating health. Some loss appears seasonal; some expected and unexpected; others overwhelming and life changing. Baptized Rage, Transformed Grief is a cornucopia of poems that express deep, volcanic rage amid significant loss; such rage can be creative. The triumph of processing and experiencing a grief as deep as an ocean is that it results in transformation: the love that produced profound loss, sustains life. One is able to overcome after going through the angst and the agony. Baptized Rage, Transformed Grief is a dance of words, an invitation to give oneself permission to delve deeply into processing loss, to go through the process of grief, and come through as an authentic, whole self.

No Mountain Too High

Author: Ned Levitt
Publisher: E C W Press
ISBN: 9781550226720
Format: PDF, Docs
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On August 30, 1995, Ned Levitt’s 18-year-old daughter Stacey, a promising poet, was hit and killed by a car as she stepped off a curb. The event threatened the stability of his family, his law career, and his mental health. No Mountain Too High is a father’s story that describes his pain of loss and struggle to find meaning again. Emerging from a year filled with suicidal thoughts, Ned decided to publish Stacey’s poetry. Travelling to Mexico to complete her unfinished climb up Mt. Ixta, he left copies of her book for other mountain climbers. They wrote thousands of notes in response as they read it at her memorial before their final ascent up the mountain.

Not a Blueprint It s the Shoe Prints That Matter

Author: Nina Norstrom
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
ISBN: 9781939371478
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Allowing us to learn lessons, let go of toxicity, and gain insight, relationship can play a powerful role in our lives. They are formed with people, alcohol, animals, battlefields, diseases, drugs, environments, and even our emotions. Whether toxic or nontoxic, relationships are an integral component of daily living. Author Nina Norstrom lost her child to a disease, but that wasn't the only toxic relationship she endured. In this book, she explores the effects that her relationships with grief, pain, trauma, and forgiveness have had on her life. This tale exposes a mother's struggle to escape her world of toxicity, her journey out of the clutches of diseased relationships, and the shoe prints the experiences have left on her family's history. This story in its raw form projects a remarkable voice to the heroic fight, courage, and bravery gained when striking back to wipe out toxic relationships. Its message reveals that life brings many challenges and that each challenge provides lessons to be learned. This book is not intended to be a blueprint for dealing with diseased relationships. It's about the shoe prints: those symbols of life's journey that are left by our experiences. "Not a Blueprint: It's the Shoe Prints that Matter" is an insightful and inspiring personal story of one family's journey through toxic relationships.

Against the Wind

Author: Michael Diaz
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595395724
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Vince Vinson was a young man addicted to life. An avid sportsman and world traveller, he was suddenly thrust against adversity when a horrific car accident sent him to a trauma unit at a local hospital, coming face to face with death and the eventual loss of a leg through no fault of his own. Facing incredible pain and grief, hope and depression, Vince strides forward slowly, trying to come to terms with adversity, facing life anew. Together with his loving wife, Susie, Vince strugles with emotional problems, his relationship with Susie and friends, legal battles, lost dreams and finding himself again. Together, they go forward, intent on living life with honor and dignity no matter how much adversity face them. In the end, they find the strenght to take life as it is, giving us a glimpse into the eventual triumph of the human spirit