Alex Hope

Author: A. J. Estelliam
ISBN: 9781522001065
Format: PDF, Mobi
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'All I could really see were her eyes...and they were exquisite. They were a bright, crystal clear green-yet one had a fleck of brown in it. Her eyes were extraordinary and they were smiling at me warmly.'When Alex Hope wakes from a car accident, she is a changed woman. Suddenly able to hear the thoughts of everyone around her, she struggles to cope. With part of her thinking she is going crazy and the other part overwhelmed, she decides to go away on holiday. With noise and thoughts consuming her, she travels to the remotest part of Scotland she can find. The trouble is, she doesn't find what she is looking for.While settling into a cabin in wooded seclusion, Alex hears a distress call. She can hear a woman nearby...and she is in desperate need of help. Alex calls the police for assistance, and despite their disbelief, she leads them to the woods where they find a missing woman buried in a chamber under the ground. As a second woman is discovered deeper down, Alex is whisked away for safety.Stuck with JJ (Jess) Love, a female police detective who works locally, she is taken to a safe house. Alex is thrown by Jess, as she has been dreaming about a woman with green eyes-with unique flecks of brown in. Jess is the woman who has been haunting her thoughts.As the women bond in their close quarters, Alex begins to feel like she was destined to meet Jess. As thoughts and memories of Jess' past begin to fill her head, Alex is determined to help her. With an attraction building and a murder investigation ensuing, the women are unable to stay away from each other. Alex can't walk away. Jess has captured her thoughts...and her heart. Will Alex be able to save Jess? Find out in...Alex Hope.


Author: Rima Jbara
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1524681288
Format: PDF
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Hope is about a woman who lives in a drowned world and is going through a silent ruin, and finds comfort in believing that her own self exists as another being, and confides her inner most secrets to her. It all started with a dream, advancing to a nightmare that then became a reality. Hope plays a lonely game in silence until her dreams turn to dust. She lives her life through an illusion that ends with capturing her own light, making that moment an unforgettable day. This novel reveals in detail how a woman suffers from depression, and how it rules and guides her life through her journey in finding solace. Official website

Pandemonium issue 1

Author: Jason Gray
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 1468932675
Format: PDF, Docs
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The first issue of an ongoing serial of the rise and fall of the Satanic Empire, "Pandemonium"ranges through the end of the world.

Harlequin Intrigue September 2013 Bundle 2 of 2

Author: Julie Miller
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459255224
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now for a limited time only from September 1 to September 30! This Harlequin Intrigue bundle includes Task Force Bride by Julie Miller, Bodyguard Under Fire by Elle James and Most Eligible Spy by Dana Marton. Catch a thrill with 6 new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin Intrigue!

Alex and Hope Mardi Gras Bound

Author: Yvonne Mason Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
ISBN: 1105036847
Format: PDF, Docs
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What happens when you put two of the most irreverent women (one a bounty hunter and the other, a case of mistaken identity) together for a rip-roaring, hilariously wild adventure? WHEN FATES COLLIDE - MARDI GRAS BOUND! The sequel to the popular mystery adventure, WHEN FATES COLLIDE - A MORGAN AND HARRINGTON MYSTERY; this time around, join bounty hunter Alex Morgan and her new friend, a former mistaken suspect jumper, Hope Harrington as they head to New Orleans during Mardi Gras for the bounty of a lifetime...a descendant of the legendary Marie Laveau, herself! Strap yourselves in tight for the ride of your wildest imagination, through swamps, all the while meeting some of the most colorful characters imaginable! This is sure to be one adventure Alex and Hope will never forget!