American Identities

Author: Lois P. Rudnick
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405150092
Format: PDF, Mobi
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American Identities is a dazzling array of primary documentsand critical essays culled from American history, literature,memoir, and popular culture that explore major currents and trendsin American history from 1945 to the present. Charts the rich multiplicity of American identities through thedifferent lenses of race, class, and gender, and shaped by commonhistorical social processes such as migration, families, work, andwar. Includes editorial introductions for the volume and for eachreading, and study questions for each selection. Enables students to engage in the history-making process whiledeveloping the skills crucial to interpreting rich and enduringcultural texts. Accompanied by an instructor's guide containing reading,viewing, and listening exercises, interview questions,bibliographies, time-lines, and sample excerpts of students' familyhistories for course use.

Ordnungen religi ser Pluralit t

Author: Ulrich Willems
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593503433
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Religion und Moderne Herausgegeben von Thomas Großbölting, Detlef Pollack, Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger und Ulrich Willems Die Debatten zur »religiösen Pluralität« sind meist von der Annahme getragen, dass die Vielfalt von Religionen ein spezifisch modernes Phänomen ist. Historische Forschungen fördern gleichwohl ein anderes Bild zutage: Religiöse Pluralität erscheint darin nicht als ein Novum der Religionsgeschichte. Wie aber unterscheidet sich die Wirklichkeit religiöser Pluralität in der Antike von der gegenwärtigen Lage? Wie wandeln sich die Vorstellungen von der Gestaltung, der Ordnung religiöser Pluralität? Der Band nimmt Sondierungen in verschiedene Epochen und Religionskulturen vor.

Multiethnic American Literatures

Author: Helane Adams Androne
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786476915
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book provides original essays that suggest ways to engage students in the classroom with the cultural factors of American literature. Some of the essays focus on individual authors' works, others view American literature more broadly, and still others focus on the application of culturally based methods for reading. All suggest a closer look at how ethnicity, culture and pedagogy interact in the classroom to help students better understand the complexity of works written by African American, Native American, Asian American, Latino/a, and several other often overlooked American literatures.

Creative Activism

Author: Rachel Lee Rubin
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 150133722X
Format: PDF
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This collection brings together interviews with a compelling range of musicians, artists, and activists from around the globe. What does it mean for an artist to be “political”? Moving away from a narrow idea about politics that is organized around elections, advocacy groups, or concrete manifestos, the subjects of Creative Activism do their work through song, poetry, painting, and other arts. The interviews take us from Oakland to London to Johannesburg and from the Occupy movement to the coal mines of Appalachia to the fantasy worlds created by some of our most fascinating writers of spectacular fiction. Listening to the important “cultural workers” of our time challenges any idea that some other time was the golden age of political art: Creative Activism gives us a front-row seat to the thrilling artistic activism of our own moment.

Becoming Belafonte

Author: Judith E. Smith
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292756704
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A son of poor Jamaican immigrants who grew up in Depression-era Harlem, Harry Belafonte became the first black performer to gain artistic control over the representation of African Americans in commercial television and film. Forging connections with an astonishing array of consequential players on the American scene in the decades following World War II—from Paul Robeson to Ed Sullivan, John Kennedy to Stokely Carmichael—Belafonte established his place in American culture as a hugely popular singer, matinee idol, internationalist, and champion of civil rights, black pride, and black power. In Becoming Belafonte, Judith E. Smith presents the first full-length interpretive study of this multitalented artist. She sets Belafonte's compelling story within a history of American race relations, black theater and film history, McCarthy-era hysteria, and the challenges of introducing multifaceted black culture in a moment of expanding media possibilities and constrained political expression. Smith traces Belafonte's roots in the radical politics of the 1940s, his careful negotiation of the complex challenges of the Cold War 1950s, and his full flowering as a civil rights advocate and internationally acclaimed performer in the 1960s. In Smith's account, Belafonte emerges as a relentless activist, a questing intellectual, and a tireless organizer. From his first national successes as a singer of Calypso-inflected songs to the dedication he brought to producing challenging material on television and film regardless of its commercial potential, Belafonte stands as a singular figure in American cultural history—a performer who never shied away from the dangerous crossroads where art and politics meet.

Asian American Psychology

Author: Nita Tewari
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1136678026
Format: PDF, ePub
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This is the first textbook written to welcome those who are new to Asian American psychology. Concepts and theories come to life by relating the material to everyday experiences and by including activities, discussion questions, exercises, clinical case studies, and internet resources. Contributions from the leading experts and emerging scholars and practitioners in the field - the majority of whom have also taught Asian American psychology - feature current perspectives and key findings from the psychological literature. The book opens with the cornerstones of Asian American psychology, including Asian American history and research methods. Part 2 addresses how Asian Americans balance multiple worlds with topics such as racial identity, acculturation, and religion. Part 3 explores the psychological experiences of Asian Americans through the lens of gender and sexual orientation and their influence on relationships. Part 4 discusses the emerging experiences of Asian Americans, including adoptees, parachute kids, and multiracial Asian Americans. Part 5 focuses on social and life issues facing Asian Americans such as racism, academic and career development. The text concludes with an examination of the physical and psychological well-being of Asian Americans and avenues for coping and healing. This ground-breaking volume is intended as an undergraduate/beginning graduate level introductory textbook on Asian American psychology taught in departments of psychology, Asian American and/or ethnic studies, counseling, sociology, and other social sciences. In addition, the clinical cases will also appeal to clinicians and other mental health workers committed to learning about Asian Americans.