Author: Neil G. Jacobs
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521772150
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This 2005 book was the first ever overview of all aspects of Yiddish language and lingustics.

Amish Imposter

Author: Brenda Maxfield
ISBN: 9781975726157
Format: PDF, ePub
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Is Matthew Bontrager in love with Elsie or not? She prays he is, but she can't be sure. For all she knows, he's still courting Marcy. Still, Elsie breaks off her engagement to James. How could she not, when it's Matthew she loves? James doesn't accept her decision, and when he chases after her, things quickly turn ugly. Becca Warren, the Englisch girl that Elsie and her mammi are sheltering, is slowly healing. She yearns to become Amish, not just pretend that she is. But she fears that her abusive husband will find her and put an end to her subterfuge. Unfortunately, her worst nightmare comes true, resulting in a heart-rending disaster that changes Becca's life forever.Join Elsie, her grandmother, and Becca as they struggle to follow God's plan for them. Feel their pain and confusion when the way grows dark and nothing seems to work out. Experience Becca's joy the first time she realizes that maybe she can really belong somewhere-a place where she's not abused or ridiculed or put down. Cheer all three women on as they work toward lives of love and purpose in this tender romance.

The Mother s Helper

Author: Brenda Maxfield
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548142506
Format: PDF
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ALWAYS FREE on Kindle Unlimited and only 99 cents to own! Nancy Slagel can barely believe it. She struggles to understand how her own sister could betray her. Mark Lapp was her beau, not Susan's. When the chance to escape Linnow Creek appears, Nancy jumps at it. She gladly flees to Hollybrook to become a mother's helper for her cousin. Maybe there, her broken heart can heal. But Nancy doesn't count on interference from Luke Rupp. When he unexpectedly shows up, in her own bedroom, things quickly fall apart. But Luke's sincere search for his life's direction resonates with something deep inside Nancy. She can't help but respect his honest longing, and she finds herself quickly becoming his friend. But Luke seems to want more... Can Nancy possibly let go of her pain and learn to trust again? The Mother's Helper is a sweet, clean, inspirational Amish Romance-part of the much-loved Hollybrook Amish Romance series. The Mother's Helper is a touching Christian story of healing, growth, and true love. Enjoy this tender romance today! Grab your copy now!