Author: Steven D. Levitt
ISBN: 9783442154517
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Sind Swimmingpools gefährlicher als Revolver? Warum betrügen Lehrer? Der preisgekrönte Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Steven D. Levitt kombiniert Statistiken, deren Zusammenführung und Gegenüberstellung auf den ersten Blick absurd erscheint, durch seine Analysetechnik aber zu zahlreichen Aha-Effekten führt. Ein äußerst unterhaltsamer Streifzug durch die Mysterien des Alltags, der uns schmunzeln lässt und stets über eindimensionales Denken hinausführt.

An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States and the History of the United States

Author: Charles Austin Beard
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539800859
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An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States In this superb text, Charles Austin Beard meticulously and comprehensively analyses and explains the economic underpinnings of the United States Constitution. Examining the conditions which prevailed for all residents of the thirteen colonies in the late 18th century, Beard explains - among other things - the significant reservations and outright opposition to the Constitution many Americans felt at the time. Their concerns ranged from how the individual articles and provisions of the document may impact and even endanger livelihoods, to the precise wording behind each separate article. Together with his consideration of the economic activity and trade at the era, Beard considers the views of the Founding Fathers, many of whom had commented on aspects of the incipient Constitution. The ratification of the Constitution throughout the colonies, and the various obstacles which had to be overcome - in particular within the state of New York - are detailed. Popular votes were held in several of the states, the tallies of which are also included and broken down into separate voter blocs. This edition contains all the original tables and charts with no abridgement made to the text. Whether you are a general reader interested in the history of the U.S. Constitution, or a student or scholar of economics or law curious about the worldly context in which this historic document was written and implemented, Charles Austin Beard's valuable analysis is worthy of reading. History of the United States This superb history of the USA by Charles Austin Beard and his wife Mary Ritter Beard sequentially covers the nation's history from colonial times to World War I. First published in 1921, the book was lauded by critics as a perfect example of an introductory history to the United States of America. Well-researched at every juncture, the central thesis of this text is that economic power is what shapes the destiny and path of history. The book supports this hypothesis by referencing the emphasis on trade and commerce which accompanied the USA's rise. The authors also acknowledge the role personal ideologies and convictions have in history; an example of this being the Founding Fathers leading the revolt against Britain's colonial rule, essentially risking their lives and fortunes on a single, great gambit. Concurrent with the economic rise and territorial expansion which underscores the United States progress from colonial grouping to world power, the case for the gain of civil rights in areas which had previously not experienced them is put. At the time of writing, democracy had been broadly embraced, or at least tolerated, by all states in the continental USA as well as the colonial territories it had acquired overseas. The tone of the book is frank and straightforward, with a succession of points stated with clarity. The voices of the authors are seldom impinged by excursions into dry facts, over-explanation or tangential discussions. The sources drawn from are broad but authoritative, although certain opinions - namely that it was economics rather than the burning issue of slavery that was pivotal in causing the American Civil War - have fallen out of favor. This edition includes the original tables, appendices and notes found in the 1921 edition, letting the reader comprehend what is an accessible, high quality text which may be read either from start to finish or retained as a reference guide.