Author: M. Mabie
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781511792578
Format: PDF, Docs
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I believe in love at first sight. Now I know soulmates exist. Nothing has ever been easy for us. Every fight, every struggle, has been worth it. I'm stubborn, but what woman isn't? She's hard work and I love the overtime. He's frustrating and unpredictable. I hope he never changes. I love driving her crazy. That's half the fun. Lou's sexy curls. Honeybee's pink nose. He still looks at me like I'm precious and unflawed. She treats me like I'm the center of her world. Our future will be full of happiness. Despite everything, we're two of the lucky ones. I took the bait. She was a lucky catch. He is the wind in my sail. She's the anchor that grounds me. The wake our love made is beautiful. Every day I thank God for her. No matter the hurdles, we've jumped them side-by-side. No matter the obstacles, we've made it through together. For better or for worse, I'd do it again. I'll love and protect her all the days of my life. We made it. We always will.

Hope and Anchor

Author: Julia Kite
Publisher: Unbound Publishing
ISBN: 1911586971
Format: PDF, Docs
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Two crucial parts of Neely Sharpe’s life are missing: Her once-great potential and her girlfriend, Angela. A failed academic turned frustrated office drone who had assumed that once she made it to London, she would be somebody, Neely finds herself tasked with a job finally suiting her intellect – piecing together the hidden life of the working-class, epileptic, and quietly devoted woman she loves. As the crucial days of Angela’s disappearance pass, Neely excavates Angela’s secrets, uncovering a sister who pushed her family away, a father obsessed with immortalising it, and a smattering of locals who don’t let their own problems get in the way of poking around in those of others. In search of answers as to what happened to her girlfriend - and why - Neely scours the city, from parks to pubs to the sewers in a snowstorm as the two women’s networks of friends, family, and old adversaries intertwine. In order to find any answers, Neely risks losing all the illusions she so carefully cultivated about what her life should be – but for the generation that was promised so much, one thing is certain: there is nothing worse than being a nobody. The Hope and Anchor captures the dreams London embodies for its natives and newcomers alike, and what happens when the dreamers finally have to wake up.

Anchor in the Storm Waves of Freedom Book 2

Author: Sarah Sundin
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 1441246118
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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One Plucky Female Pharmacist + One High-Society Naval Officer = Romance--and Danger For plucky Lillian Avery, America's entry into World War II means a chance to prove herself as a pharmacist in Boston. The challenges of her new job energize her. But society boy Ensign Archer Vandenberg's attentions only annoy--even if he is her brother's best friend. During the darkest days of the war, Arch's destroyer hunts German U-boats in vain as the submarines sink dozens of merchant ships along the East Coast. Still shaken by battles at sea, Arch notices his men also struggle with their nerves--and with drowsiness. Could there be a link to the large prescriptions for sedatives Lillian has filled? The two work together to answer that question, but can Arch ever earn Lillian's trust and affection? Sarah Sundin brings World War II to life, offering readers an intense experience they won't soon forget.


Author: M. Mabie
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502388643
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This isn't just a two-year long one-night stand. It's my life. [This is my life. Our life. It isn't just some careless affair.] I've made the worst decisions a woman could, but I'll earn my second chance. [She can try keeping all the guilt for herself, but I'm just as much to blame.] Loving Casey wasn't my biggest mistake. Fighting it for so long was. [I'll show her how fearless our love makes me. I'll protect her torn heart.] He still has magic in his eyes. He's the man who makes me happy. [Her voice still brings me to my knees. She says my name like it's sacred.] I live for the day when I'm his. To take care of him. To love him the way he deserves. [I can't wait to be all she needs. I can give her a happy life, security and so much love.] Sometimes two ships never meet in the night, but ours did. [Sometimes the water is rough. It beats you all to hell, until you have no choice but get stronger.] Our love story reads more like a tragedy, but to me it's clean and pure. [Let them point their fingers. Without a love like ours, they haven't really lived. I pity them.] I'm a cheating wife and a villain. I am his honeybee. [I'm a snake in the grass and I sleep best when I'm lying next to his wife.] I want to be his everything. [I'm nothing without her anyway.] This isn't even close to over. [It'll never be over.] *This book contains adult situations and is recommended for adult readers.


Author: J. Massyngberde Ford
Publisher: Anchor Bible
ISBN: 9780385509190
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sandi s Anchor of Hope

Author: Romaine Stauffer
Publisher: Christian Light Publications Incorporated
ISBN: 9780878135684
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sandi's home was not broken. It was shattered. Repeatedly.Rejection, abuse, neglect, drunkenness, betrayal, upheaval -- all were part of Sandi's childhood. Her drunken, abusive mother paid more attention to the succession of immoral men in her life than to the yearnings of her children for love and security.This true story tells not only about Sandi's sad childhood and confused teen years, but also about the answers she found in God. Sandi learned that where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.Read her story and rejoice in the providence and grace of God. Read it and weep for the many in our society who are like her and have never met God.

Amanda Wakes Up

Author: Alisyn Camerota
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399563997
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"The Devil Wears Prada meets Primary Colors in this wickedly funny debut novel about a bootstrapping young reporter who lands a plum job at a big-time cable news station and finds her ambitions and her love life turned upside down "A hilarious, eye-opening glimpse into the TV-news trenches, from one who's had to navigate them backwards and in heels." --Samantha Bee, host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and author ofI Know I Am, but What Are You? When Amanda Gallo, fresh from the backwater of local TV, lands the job of her dreams at FAIR News--the coveted morning anchor slot--she's finally made it: a six-figure salary, wardrobe allowance, plenty of on-air face time, and a chance to realize her dreams, not to mention buy herself lunch. Amanda Wakes Up takes off as Amanda feels for the first time that she can make her mom and her best friend proud and think about an actual future with her boyfriend, Charlie. But she finds her journalistic ideals shredded as she struggles to keep up with the issues in a ratings-crazed madhouse--battling for hair and makeup time, coping with her sexist (but scathingly handsome) coanchor, Rob, mixing up the headlines with pajama modeling on the street, and showing Benji Diggs, her media maestro boss, that she's got what it takes. As the news heats up in a hotly contested election season and a wild-card candidate, former Hollywood actor Victor Fluke, appears on the scene, Amanda's pressure-cooker job gets hotter as her personal life unravels. Walking a knife's edge between ambition and survival, and about to break the biggest story of her career, Amanda must decide what she's willing to give up to get ahead--and what she needs to hold on to to save herself"--

The Wake Trilogy

Author: Lisa McMann
Publisher: Simon Pulse
ISBN: 9781442428263
Format: PDF, ePub
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“A lyrical, shuddersome novel whose images linger with you long after you've turned the last page, like the most haunting of dreams.” --Cassandra Clare, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, on Wake This boxed set contains all three books in the bestselling WAKE trilogy: Wake, Fade, Gone. Janie Hannagan gets sucked into other people’s dreams. It’s an ability she always kept secret—until she met Cabel, and found herself with the best (secret) boyfriend ever. But Janie and Cabel are about to find out just how dark Janie’s future as a Dream Catcher is... and whether Cabel will be a part of it.

Breaking News God Has a Plan

Author: Harris Faulkner
Publisher: Leathers Pub
ISBN: 9781585970117
Format: PDF, Docs
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Read the riveting story of the Fox 4 Evening News anchor's experience with a stalker and what she went through to bring him to justice. She also outlines the 10 steps to success her faith led her to that anyone can use in their own life.