Antitrust Law in the New Economy

Author: Mark R. Patterson
ISBN: 0674971426
Format: PDF
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Competition and consumer protection -- The economics of information -- Information and market power -- Agreements on information -- Exclusion by information -- "Confusopoly" and information asymmetries -- Privacy as an information product -- Information and intellectual property -- Restraint of trade and freedom of speech

Modernisierung der Missbrauchsaufsicht f r marktm chtige Unternehmen

Author: Heike Schweitzer
Publisher: Nomos Verlag
ISBN: 3845296445
Format: PDF, Docs
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Die Entwicklungen in der digitalen Wirtschaft, darunter die zunehmende Bedeutung von Daten als kritischer Inputressource in Produktions- und Distributionsprozessen und von digitalen Plattformen, gehen mit neuartigen Wettbewerbsgefährdungen einher. Sie werfen die Frage auf, ob das geltende deutsche und europäische Kartellrecht gewappnet ist, diesen wirksam und rechtzeitig zu begegnen. Das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) hat die Autoren beauftragt zu untersuchen, ob die kartellrechtlichen Regeln zum Schutz vor dem Missbrauch wirtschaftlicher Macht hinreichend klar und effektiv sind. Das Ergebnis dieser Untersuchung ist die vorliegende Studie, die vertiefte Analysen und Empfehlungen zum Reformbedarf der kartellrechtlichen Missbrauchsaufsicht liefert.

The Politics and Policies of Big Data

Author: Ann Rudinow Sætnan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351866540
Format: PDF, Docs
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Big Data, gathered together and re-analysed, can be used to form endless variations of our persons - so-called ‘data doubles’. Whilst never a precise portrayal of who we are, they unarguably contain glimpses of details about us that, when deployed into various routines (such as management, policing and advertising) can affect us in many ways. How are we to deal with Big Data? When is it beneficial to us? When is it harmful? How might we regulate it? Offering careful and critical analyses, this timely volume aims to broaden well-informed, unprejudiced discourse, focusing on: the tenets of Big Data, the politics of governance and regulation; and Big Data practices, performance and resistance. An interdisciplinary volume, The Politics of Big Data will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral and senior researchers interested in fields such as Technology, Politics and Surveillance.

I big data e il diritto antitrust

Author: Mariateresa Maggiolino
Publisher: EGEA spa
ISBN: 8823815827
Format: PDF, ePub
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Nell’era della quarta rivoluzione industriale che ha eletto il codice binario a linguaggio per la rappresentazione del mondo, l’analisi delle innumerevoli tracce digitali così generate e raccolte anche dalle imprese è capace non solo di disvelare conoscenza e produrre valore, ma altresì di sollecitare non pochi timori che investono l’identità degli individui e l’organizzazione della vita sociale. Il volume si propone di indagare se e come le regole e le categorie analitiche del diritto antitrust possano gestire il cennato fenomeno e rispondere alle questioni che esso solleva, ripercorrendo idealmente il ciclo di vita dei big data, ossia guardando ai meccanismi che ne governano l’origine, al rapporto che li lega al potere e alle differenti strategie commerciali che ne presuppongono o comportano l’utilizzo.

The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics

Author: Roger D. Blair
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199388598
Format: PDF, ePub
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More than any other area of regulation, antitrust economics shapes law and policy in the United States, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In a number of different areas of antitrust, advances in theory and empirical work have caused a fundamental reevaluation and shift of some of the assumptions behind antitrust policy. This reevaluation has profound implications for the future of the field. The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics has collected chapters from many of the leading figures in antitrust. In doing so, this two volume Handbook provides an important reference guide for scholars, teachers, and practitioners. However, it is more than a merely reference guide. Rather, it has a number of different goals. First, it takes stock of the current state of scholarship across a number of different antitrust topics. In doing so, it relies primarily upon the economics scholarship. In some situations, though, there is also coverage of legal scholarship, case law developments, and legal policies. The second goal of the Handbook is to provide some ideas about future directions of antitrust scholarship and policy. Antitrust economics has evolved over the last 60 years. It has both shaped policy and been shaped by policy. The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics will serve as a policy and research guide of next steps to consider when shaping the future of the field of antitrust.