Author: George R. Rapp
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662050056
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1.1 Prologue What is archaeomineralogy? The term has been used at least once before (Mitchell 1985), but this volume is the first publication to lay down the scientific basis and systematics for this subdiscipline. Students sometimes call an introductory archaeology course "stones and bones." Archaeomineralogy covers the stones component of this phrase. Of course, archaeology consists of a great deal more than just stones and bones. Contemporary archaeology is based on stratigraphy, geomorphology, chronometry, behavioral inferences, and a host of additional disciplines in addition to those devoted to stones and bones. To hazard a definition: archaeomineralogy is the study of the minerals and rocks used by ancient societies over space and time, as implements, orna ments, building materials, and raw materials for ceramics and other processed products. Archaeomineralogy also attempts to date, source, or otherwise char acterize an artifact or feature, or to interpret past depositional alteration of archaeological contexts. Unlike geoarchaeology, archaeomineralogy is not, and is not likely to become, a recognized subdiscipline. Practitioners of archaeomineralogy are mostly geoarchaeologists who specialize in geology and have a strong background in mineralogy or petrology (the study of the origin ofrocks).

Chemie der Farbmittel

Author: Ingo Klöckl
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110386240
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This book deals with the chemical structures of paints, pigments, dyes, binders, and excipients. Starting from the principles of natural science that underlie coloration, it presents the molecular structure of common paints and inks. It includes a historical review of color chemistry and the paint industry to give the reader a comprehensive review of the entire field of color chemistry.


Author: Hartmut Aufderstraße
Publisher: Hueber Verlag
ISBN: 3195416018
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Das Glossar enthält den gesamten Wortschatz sowie Wendungen zum Kursbuch.

Ovc arovo Gorata

Author: Raiko Krauss
ISBN: 9783774939141
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From the contents: Die Grabungen in Ovcarovo-Gorata / Zur Hausarchitektur/ Die Benennung der „Siedlungshorizonte" / Tierhaltung und Jagd in der friihneolithischen Siedlung Ovcarovo-Gorata / Landwirtschaft und Landnutzung in der Region von Ovcarovo-Gorata: Archäobotanische Forschungen zum Frühneolithikum in Nordostbulgarien.