Belfast City Cemetery

Author: Tom Hartley
Publisher: Blackstaff Press
ISBN: 9780856409240
Format: PDF
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Within the stone walls of Belfast City Cemetery lie those men and women who helped shape the city. From Catholic and Protestant to Muslim and Jew, from the great and the good to the poor and the destitute, each grave has its own tale to tell. In this new edition of his acclaimed publication, Tom Hartley uses the cemetery to examine key events in Belfast's history as well as the political and social life of the city and the careers of the many writers, artists, entertainers, and sportsmen who have helped to enhance the city's international reputation over the years.

Talking Stones

Author: Elisabetta Viggiani
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1782384081
Format: PDF, Mobi
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If memory was simply about past events, public authorities would never put their ever-shrinking budgets at its service. Rather, memory is actually about the present moment, as Pierre Nora puts it: "Through the past, we venerate above all ourselves." This book examines how collective memory and material culture are used to support present political and ideological needs in contemporary society. Using the memorialization of the Troubles in contemporary Northern Ireland as a case study, this book investigates how non-state, often proscribed, organizations have filled a societal vacuum in the creation of public memorials. In particular, these groups have sifted through the past to propose "official" collective narratives of national identification, historical legitimation, and moral justifications for violence.

Two Acres of Irish History

Author: Eamon Phoenix
Publisher: Ulster Historical Foundation
ISBN: 9780901905970
Format: PDF, Docs
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Friar’s Bush is Belfast’s oldest Christian Site. The quality of ancient mystery surrounding this old walled graveyard at Stranmillis has long fascinated historians. There is a tradition of a link with St. Patrick and strong evidence of a medieval friary on the site; it also served as a ‘penal refuge’ for the local Catholic community up to 1769. Indeed, in its manifold historical associations and monuments, Friar’s Bush reflects the landmarks in local, Ulster and Irish history throughout the ages – frm the ‘Penal Era’ to the Irish Volunteers, from the Catholic Emancipation to the Great Famine and fromt he growth of Belfast to the First World War. This book has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the ‘Local Study’ component of the Northern Ireland History Curriculum at Key Stage 3. It traces the exciting story of Friar’s Bush and Belfast from the rich store of evidence available—artifacts, maps, letters, newspaper reports, ballads, and even paintings. A major focus is the transition from ‘Penal Era’ to ‘Golden Age’ in Belfast as symbolised by the opening of Old St Mary’s in 1784.

Ulster and the City of Belfast

Author: Richard Hayward
ISBN: 1909906271
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Richard Hayward made a massive contribution to the cultural life of Ireland. He promoted and acted with the Ulster Literary Theatre and worked with Tyrone Guthrie as one of the first artists in broadcasting. He did much to revive the interest in Irish songs, anticipating the great revival in traditional ballads and airs of the 1960s and 70s. His films included 'The Voice of Ireland', 'The Luck of the Irish'and a cameo appearance in 'The Quiet Man'. His travel writings embrace the whole of Ireland and remain relevant today. This is apparent in his interest in local history and archaeology and also his enthusiasm and respect for the Irish language, place names, folklore and dialects. None of this he found incompatible with his interest in Orangeism and his membership of the Orange order, thus placing him in the long tradition of Irishmen who could love and respect their county, without denigrating the traditions of others.