Beyond the H 1b

Author: Giselle Carson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539140498
Format: PDF, Kindle
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H-1B visas are one of the most popular and controversial visas used to hire foreign professionals. Because of their usefulness and limited availability, they are difficult to obtain. There is currently an annual cap of eighty-five thousand for new H-1B visas, and within days of the start of the filing season in April each year, the cap is reached. It is time to explore other options. Business immigration lawyer, author and speaker, Giselle Carson provides a practical guide to lesser-known work visas that could get you just as far as the H-1B visa-as well as creative exemptions to the H-1B cap. She shows you different categories of work authorization and the requirements for each in a straightforward, matter-of-fact style. She also provides insider tips and answers some of the most common questions about work authorization, visas, and immigration law. Beyond the H-1B is not intended to be a comprehensive legal guide to US immigration. Instead, the book serves as a general resource that can broaden your perspective and surprise you with the different options available to you and your employees.

Student Affairs Professionals Cultivating Campus Climates Inclusive of International Students

Author: Jameson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111943064X
Format: PDF, Docs
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With the increase in the international student population, student affairs professionals need a deeper understanding of the challenges and benefits of globalizing a campus. This volume: Examines how student affairs professionals and their campus partners might welcome diverse populations of international students. Provides strategies for enhancing interactions between international and domestic students, as well as the greater campus community. Offers innovative, culturally competent approaches to working with international students. Shares ways to inclusively and effectively educate and support international students to succeed on campuses in the USA. Shares examples of innovative programs designed to increase cultural competence and be more inclusive of international students both inside and outside the classroom. This sourcebook explores the various ways international students in the United States strengthen our country and campus communities, further citizen diplomacy, increase intercultural competency skills, and develop more global mindsets. This is the 158th volume of this Jossey-Bass higher education quarterly series. An indispensable resource for vice presidents of student affairs, deans of students, student counselors, and other student services professionals, New Directions for Student Services offers guidelines and programs for aiding students in their total development: emotional, social, physical, and intellectual.

The American Health Care System

Author: Marco G. Patti
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331967594X
Format: PDF
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This book collates the expertise and experience of leading medical professionals to give foreign medical graduates an understanding of the American health care system. All the fundamental stages in the preparation of a foreign medical graduate for medical training in the US are covered. The book aims to provide essential information and guidance on how to navigate the American health care system. The characteristics of it are described in this concise and easy to read volume to help foreign medical graduates integrate into the American system.

Business Immigration Law

Author: Rodney A. Malpert
Publisher: Law Journal Press
ISBN: 9781588520920
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides pragmatic advice on the nonimmigrant work authorization, including: specialty occupations (H-1Bs); intra-company transfers from abroad (L-1); treaty traders/investors (E-1 and E-2) and more.

The Rough Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding in North America

Author: Tam Leach
Publisher: Rough Guides
ISBN: 9781843530794
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A guide for both skiiers and snowboarders to the slopes and resorts of the US and Canada, covering over 100 destinations from world-class mountains to local gems. There is in-depth coverage of the ski areas, including piste reviews, suggestions for backcountry forays, details of boardparks and tips on avoiding crowds. The guide also provides informative and colourful reviews of the other attractions that make up a ski trip - hotels, restaurants, bars, spas and shopping.

Immigration Made Simple

Author: Barbara Brooks Kimmel
Publisher: Next Decade, Inc.
ISBN: 9780970090829
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Offers information regarding U.S. immigration rules and regulations, including the application process, different ways to obtain a Visa, and a directory of immigration lawyers.

Gmed Companion

Author: American Medical Association
Publisher: Amer Medical Assn
ISBN: 9781579476779
Format: PDF
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In an easy-to-read table format, you can get statistical comparisons on curricula and program benefits such as salary, average work hours, maximum work hours, most taxing call schedule, moonlighting restrictions, hospital setting, part-time/shared positions, and childcare. These comparisons are designed to get you the facts you need to make a well-informed decision on a residency program. You will also find new information on the ECFMG, Fifth Pathway, ERAS, and NRMP, plus licensure requirements and contact information. The Companion even includes information on fellowship/subspecialty programs, Canadian programs, and national medical societies. This resource is a must to help guide your residency program selection process.