Big in Asia

Author: Michael Backman
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0333985117
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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So you want to be Big in Asia? You want to be a business success, to move effectively between cultures and win where others have lost. But doing business in Asia can be tough. Even for locals. The large populations mean that the potential is high. But then so too are the obstacles. The law might offer little protection, good information is hard to come by, local employees might be difficult to manage, and consultants and brokers appear from everywhere to offer 'help' but who to trust? Clearly, it's a game built for insiders, but where are the entry points? Sometimes succeeding in Asia simply means not losing money. But expectations are there to be met. Here are twenty-five stratagems to help you do just that. Twenty-Five stratagems to get you thinking. Twenty-Five to help you get ahead in the game. BIG in Asia presents a new way of looking at the Asian puzzle. Michael Backman's hard-hitting, on-the-ground detailed analysis of corporate Asia is combined with Charlotte Butler's business school approach and experience to provide a fresh and winning program to guide you through the complexities of Asia's business environment. For the first time, BIG in Asia combines management school theory with the grit of Asian corporate realities in a single volume.

Doing Business in China

Author: Tim Ambler
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415310147
Format: PDF
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Of all the travels of an adventurous age, none have been more quirky and colorful than this Victorian traverse of the Middle East by canoe. Transported to the Suez Canal by steamer, the Rob Roy -- an oak and cedar one-man kayak canoe -- slipped into the water at Port Said and began a six-month voyage from Egypt to the Bay of Acre, a trip brimming with incident and hazards recounted with relish by the intrepid paddler. Stalked by jackals, shadowed by bandits, and attacked by crocodiles, MacGregor battles on to be rewarded with the adventure of a lifetime. This is the Middle East seen from a truly unique perspective -- airy minarets, colorful markets and Pashas' palaces give way to solitary marshes full of strange fishes and reed-lined rivers teeming with bird and animal life seen at close range. The scene again changes to eerie stretches dominated by deserted temples and ruins. Crossing deserts by horseback or steam train when no channel can be found, MacGregor follows great rivers to their sources, explores remote shores, and mixes happily with the many peoples he meets along the way, captured here in all their rich diversity. This is as much a portrait of the way life can be lived as it is of a landscape. It is also a remarkable naturalist's account and a true-life epic worthy of Jules Verne. Illustrated with charming line drawings and practical notes on the design of the canoe, its provisioning, and the clothes and food necessary for the journey, this is a book that cries out not only to be read but also to be followed.

Asian Firms

Author: Frank B. Tipton
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1847207197
Format: PDF
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This book appeals to a wide range of readers who might be interested in the historical development of Asian economies, evolutionary trajectories of Asian firms, institutional change and dynamics in Asia and management and organization of Asian firms. For readers who are interested in specific Asian economies this book will also be useful because it provides a comparative perspective that examines different Asian economies and their forms in a single work. Henry Wai-chung Yeung, National University of Singapore Tipton provides a fresh approach to understand how Asian firms differ from their western counterparts. Paul Beamish, University of Western Ontario, Canada Frank Tipton s book is a comparative study of the management structures of Asian firms. As Asian economies continue to expand, the management of Asian firms becomes ever more important, whether they are suppliers, customers, partners, or rivals. As the author argues, Asian firms are very different from their Western counterparts, and these differences reflect the variations in national history and institutions within which they operate. Asian Firms compares Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian management structures and sets them in their historical and institutional context. Based on a wide range of interviews and material drawn from a variety of disciplines, the argument is framed by the sayings of the legendary strategist Sun Tzu and the renowned businessman Tao Zhu-gong. A series of case studies illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches of managers in each of the national traditions. Asian Firms asks in each case what Western managers can learn from Asian firms, and what Asian firms can learn from each other. With a multidisciplinary approach and emphasis on practical lessons and tools, the book will be of great use and interest for managers. It will also appeal to students and researchers of international business, postgraduate management students in courses with a comparative or Asian emphasis as well as academics and researchers of Asian studies.

Asia Future Shock

Author: Michael Backman
Publisher: Ufuk Publishing House
Format: PDF
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The transformation of China, India and much of the rest of Asia is seismic. Never has the region changed so much in such a short time. But change means opportunity and risk – big risk. Do you know what to expect? Is your business prepared? Are you ready? The numbers are staggering: Within ten years, funds under management in China will grow to at least US$1.5 trillion, 100 million mainland Chinese tourists will pour out of China annually, Singapore will be a major haven for hidden offshore funds, Thai hospitals will be major providers of healthcare in Asia, the Middle East and to under-insured Americans, and shortages of management talent in India and China will be even more acute. Within 20 years, a billion more people will live in Asia’s cities than do already, China will be a major sophisticated weapons exporter, Malaysia will have almost run out of oil, and divorce and family breakdown will mean that the size of the average Asian household will be substantially smaller. Within 25 years, Japan’s population will have shrunk by 20 million, there will be 250 million more men than women in India and China, half the world’s nuclear reactors will be in Asia, the world’s biggest community of English speakers will be in China, and Asia-wide water shortages will see big hikes in food prices. Asia Future Shock is designed for corporate strategists and scenario builders, to alert them to these and other major shifts and to identify the opportunities and risks.

Experiences of Transnational Chinese Migrants in the Asia Pacific

Author: David Fu-Keung Ip
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781600212284
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This title provides a much needed theoretical account of socio-cultural and identity issues surrounding middle-class Chinese migration in the changing context of migration policies and issues in Australia and other places. It also offers insights to students studying the current changing face of Chinese migration and provides relevant data to policy-makers, managers and practitioners in the field of immigration and multicultural affairs. This is a cutting edge volume that advances theories, methodologies and policy issues relating to contemporary middle-class Chinese migrants. It reports and discusses multidisciplinary research undertaken in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The book will not only serve as an introductory textbook for students of migration studies, social sciences and China studies, but also as a reference source for those who are interested in learning about recent Chinese migration in Asia and the Pacific.

Startup Asia

Author: Rebecca A. Fannin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470829907
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Showing how entrepreneurs and investors can start up in Asia and go global, the book provides a first-hand, on-the-ground tour of the new technology centers that are gaining momentum all over Asia. Interviews with the most successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs reveal their winning strategies and show how a new generation of entrepreneurs in China and India are no longer looking to the West for their cues - but are instead crafting their own local business models and success strategies.

Globalisation and Its Impact on Asia

Author: Michael Yeoh
Publisher: Pelanduk Publications Sdn Bhd
ISBN: 9789679788761
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Globalization, if properly interpreted and practiced, can result in a more equitable world order where wealth is more even distributed among the rich and the poor. Badly implemented, it can destroy the poor and by extension stifle the growth of the rich. For globalization to work there must be sharing of knowledge, ideas and information among Asian countries. This book comprises detailed research papers undertaken by various experts on globalization and its impact on Asia. It researches into how Malaysia is progressing towards becoming a knowledge-based society, how leadership and values are being developed, how national competitiveness can be further enhanced, resulting from globalization and AFTA, as well as the emergence and critical role of China as both a threat and an opportunity."