Bound by Fate

Author: Asher North
Publisher: Asher North
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A reluctant Omega. An outcast Alpha. A star-crossed romance that could destroy both of their lives. More than a century ago, the four major packs of Moonvalley Lake signed a treaty designating the sacred land of Aurora Falls neutral territory and peace reigned… Rhys Greyborn has never seen himself as anything other than a warrior, despite the fact he’s the Silver Fang pack’s only remaining Omega and their last hope of survival. Rhys can’t imagine mating with an Alpha Northstar, his arranged husband-to-be, but the pack needs an heir and Rhys would never dream of going against the will of his pack. … The four packs staked their lands and learned to live in tenuous harmony… Damon Mooneye has always preferred books and knowledge to battle and bloodshed. He never wanted to be the leader of the Black Claw pack, but when his father is found dead at Aurora Falls and his pack brothers rise up in retaliation against the Silver Fang pack, which brings the threat of all-out war to Moonvalley Lake, he has no choice but to become the leader he was born to be. … Until the Black Claw pack declared war. Yet when Rhys and Damon meet in a chance encounter, they quickly learn that the years of bitterness between their packs may not be enough to keep them apart—and that fate can be stronger even than blood. Bound By Fate is the first in a series of mpreg romance, set in an exciting and action-packed new shifter universe. It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

Call of the Atlantic

Author: Joseph McAleer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198747810
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Jack London (1876-1916) is one of the most popular American authors in the world today. A vigorous self-promoter and the kind of media celebrity we would recognize today, London was America's first novelist to earn more than one million dollars a year from his writing (in today's currency). Call of the Atlantic reveals a side of London's life is essential to understanding the character, drive, and success of this extraordinary man -- namely, hispublishing odyssey overseas. Through correspondence, McAleer explores London's publishing career outside of North America, illuminating the relationships with publishers and agents, principally in Britain, that madeLondon a best-selling author on an international stage.

Comics Values Annual 2002

Author: Alex G. Malloy
ISBN: 9780873493932
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Attract comic book collectors like a magnet Packed with nearly 100,000 classic and contemporary comics and more than 1,000 illustrations, collectors will find updated listings and prices for Acclaim, Classics Illustrated, Dark Horse, D.C., Marvel and much more. Special sections are devoted to the highly collectible Golden Age, Color Comics, Black & White Comics, and Underground Comics. Each listing is cross-referenced and includes issue number, title, date, artist and current collector value in US dollars. Collectors can accurately evaluate and value their collections with the grading guide, current market report and tips for buying, selling, and preserving comic books.