Two Broken Hearts

Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 1948321890
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A ‘Love Story’ is made when one falls in love. But, when someone actually fulfills the commitments of love, a ‘Fairy Tale’ comes into existence. ‘Two Broken Hearts,’ is the heart-breaking love story of two school friends, Karan and Saumya. Karan, who glanced upon his love, Saumya, for the first time when he was only eleven years old. The very moment he saw her, he fell head over heels in love with her. But, as much as he loved Saumya, she hated him with equal measure. To impress the girl he adored, he not only changed himself but dedicated his entire life to her. And finally one day, they fell deeply and madly in love with one another. But as they say, good time doesn't last forever. Their love fell prey to the machinations of a selfish love, and the relationship they had nurtured together for years, trembled and fell apart in seconds. What would you do if fate decides to turn the tables on you, and forces you away from your plans to take up a path which you never wanted to tread? If the dreams you envisioned and desired are broken in a matter of seconds, would you stay and fight against your ill luck, or run away from reality, or accept whatever is happening? This book aspires to comfort those who are heartbroken, and make them realize that the end of a relationship doesn't mean the end of the pure emotion of love itself. Life does not stop after a break – up. Rather, it immediately moves on, though, living a new life, without the one we loved, can also seem akin to a walk through hell. This is not just a love story, but the success story of a boy who turned his pain into his strength, to reunite with the love of his life

Broken Love

Author: L. J. Shen
ISBN: 3736308620
Format: PDF, Docs
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Er holt sie zurück ins Leben ... Seit zwei Jahren versucht Jesse Carter vor allem eines: zu vergessen. Doch das ist nicht so leicht, wenn einen der eigene Körper täglich daran erinnert, was geschehen ist. Nur ein einziges Mal in der Woche verlässt sie das Haus, nämlich um an einem Treffen mit anderen verletzten Athleten teilzunehmen. Dort trifft sie auf den berühmten Sportler Roman "Bane" Protsenko. Jesse fühlt sich augenblicklich zu dem geheimnisvollen Mann hingezogen. Doch sie merkt schnell, dass auch er eine dunkle Vergangenheit zu verbergen versucht ... Band 4 der SINNERS-OF-SAINT-Reihe von Spiegel-Bestseller-Autorin L.J. Shen

Bully Geliebter Qu lgeist

Author: Penelope Douglas
Publisher: Sieben Verlag
ISBN: 3864435412
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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New Adult Romance aus der Feder von Penelope Douglas, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Autor Tate ist ratlos. Was hat sie Jared je getan, dass er sie so behandelt? Obwohl sie einst die besten Freunde waren, hat er sich eines Tages von ihr abgewendet. Das allein wäre schon schlimm genug, doch darüber hinaus lässt er sie nicht in Ruhe, sondern ärgert sie, verbreitet fiese Gerüchte über sie und bringt sie in peinliche Situationen. Nachdem sie ein Jahr in Europa verbracht hat, kehrt sie zurück nach Hause, mit dem festen Vorsatz, sich nicht mehr vor ihm zu verstecken und sich nichts mehr gefallen zu lassen. Doch die Konsequenzen ihrer Entscheidung sind weitreichender als beide es sich je vorstellen konnten.

Broken With Love

Author: Deepak Gupta
Publisher: Deepak Gupta
Format: PDF, ePub
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You are Broken, but Beautiful. Dear Diary, You are the only one, Who know my feelings? I will give you new words everyday, But don't forget to give me the deep pain with Love. Your nails always remind me of tigress, Passionate and Fearless.This Diary is the blend of Broken Love Feelings. Are you broken with Love? Meet me, when you want to Live, I would show you mine World. Written with Broken heart and Pure Feelings.

Love Hurts

Author: Lodro Rinzler
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834840510
Format: PDF, ePub
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Buddhism has a lot to say about suffering—and there are likely few times we suffer more intensely than when we break up with a romantic partner. It feels like you may never recover sometimes. But Lodro Rinzler has wonderfully good news for those suffering heartbreak: the 2,500-year-old teachings of the Buddha are the ultimate antidote for emotional pain. And you don’t need to be a Buddhist for them to apply to you. In this short and compact first-aid kit for a broken heart, he walks you through the cause and cure of suffering, with much practical advice for self-care as you work to survive a breakup. The wisdom he presents applies to any kind of emotional suffering.

The Breakup Book

Author: Lesley Robins
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1630471216
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Nobody wants to experience the agony of heartbreak. But if you've ever been in love-really, truly in love-you already know you don't have a choice in the matter. Millions of women before you have undergone the painful experience of heartbreak and emerged on the other side wiser and stronger. The Breakup Book: 20 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart combines poignant and relatable stories from the author's own heartbreak-straight-talking wisdom from a woman who's been through it all, including the early days after a breakup when she couldn't get off the couch to moving on gracefully using various techniques to get her through the day. Some of it worked and some of it didn't, and that's where this guide comes in. If you're struggling to get back on your feet and reclaim your life after a breakup, this book will give you a roadmap to finding yourself again-a stronger, wiser self. With wit and honesty, Lesley Robins shares her own experiences to show that she too has suffered the lack of self-worth many women experience after a difficult breakup. She shapes the lessons she learned into frank and practical advice, providing simple and effective ways to move on with your life. With time and the right approach, your heart will heal and you will be ready to face the world with new-found strength and wisdom. The Breakup Book will help thousands, perhaps millions, of women who are struggling to find their life, their path, their soul when it seems that all is lost forever.

milk and honey milch und honig

Author: Rupi Kaur
Publisher: Lago
ISBN: 3957620880
Format: PDF, ePub
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Überleben ist das große Thema von milk and honey - milch und honig. Die lyrischen und prosaischen Texte im Mega-Bestseller aus den USA drehen sich um die Erfahrungen, die Frauen mit Gewalt, Verlust, Missbrauch, Liebe und Feminismus gemacht haben. Jedes der vier Kapitel dient einem anderen Zweck, beschäftigt sich mit einem anderen Schmerz, heilt eine andere Wunde. milk and honey - milch und honig führt seine Leser durch die bittersten Momente im Leben einer Frau und gibt Trost. Denn Trost lässt sich überall finden, wenn man es nur zulässt.

Broken Heart on Hold

Author: Linda Rooks
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 0781406064
Format: PDF
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A woman who is separated needs a friend to walk beside her on her difficult journey. Broken Heart on Hold is that friend, one that will uplift, encourage, and hold her up while offering practical insights and pointing her to God. It is a book of hope. Because it is written by a woman who has gone through the trauma of a separation and the eventual healing of her own marriage, the reader will know she is not alone. This collection of honest, heartfelt messages reaches down into the valleys of a woman's loneliness, travels with her through her mental labyrinths, and sheds light in the dark tunnels where answers seem nonexistent. It provides the emotional and spiritual strength to help a woman sort through her confusion. While winding her way through the maze of her emotions, she will realize there is hope as she hangs on to God and trusts him for the outcome. Broken Heart on Hold is a book she will return to again and again.

Broken By Love 1

Author: Lexy Timms
Publisher: BrixBaxter Publishing
Format: PDF, ePub
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It’s the perfect setup for a guy like me. A male escort to help heal a poor girl’s broken heart? F*ck yes. Count me in. I’ve had my own heart stomped, so I know how it feels. As a single dad, only one female has my heart–my little girl. So this is the perfect gig. Heal heartbroken ladies who need to be reminded they’re beautiful. I’m all about it. I’ll make them see stars and cause their hearts to heal in no time. Hands on, heart off. Until she shows up. I can’t get her out of my mind, and I don't want her out of my bed, but I don’t fall in love. No. Not me. I’m cut out for this job. I’ll be a Romeo for a brokenhearted Juliet. She can have all of me, everything but my heart.

Shatters of My Broken Heart

Author: YaRonnica Harris-Wright
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1463467907
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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INTRODUCTION The following literature was derived from when I was younger and making attempts to be in love only to grow older and realize that all along, I was only in love with a thought. I was in love with the idea of being in love, just imagining the cozy comforting feelings of all the elements that love possesses within one's heart shared with another. Desires to fulfill the urges inside of M3 that wanted so vulnerably to care for a young lady demonstrating the actions of a gentleman, being that I am a girl, I call myself a Gentlewoman. I live to provide for special ladies in my life. The affectionate compassion of my hearts' mentality is only to show that there is good in relationships, there is love in hearts, there are truths in words and there is trust in promises. Though my intentions were miraculous, I've been taking for granted, branded and broken down, but stand strong to this day; you'll be Auhmazed to hear through it all, what I've found. With the Shatters of My Broken heart, I present to you, My Music Book of Poetry. This is my music book of poetry emotions that hung pain over M3, speak of my exes, they ain't over M3. How I made it, that's how it's posed to be. I only dared to let certain ones get close to M3. They played my love, say I broke their hearts, scarred my emotions, blamed M3 that we're apart, and still is in denial that I loved em from the start. But my angel fell from the stars at the time I stopped looking for love. I thank the lord, now I can't be without her, I can't give her up. This is my music book of poetry, loves that really tried to lower M3. My ex females live by no loyalty, all I wanted was love and in return I would spoil thee. Instead they left M3 with crazy stories that dropped my heart from a building of endless stories. I can chuck up the deuces counting my few exes that weren't worthy. Oh yea, in God I trust I had no worries. All my focus now is to get this money and provide for my family, cuz at the end of the day I know I only have God, My Love, them and M3. Enjoy this Journey as you explore My mind.