Bridging UX and Web Development

Author: Jack Moffett
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 0128007877
Format: PDF
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The divide between UX and Web development can be stifling. Bridging UX and Web Development prepares you to break down those walls by teaching you how to integrate with your team’s developers. You examine the process from their perspective, discovering tools and coding principles that will help you bridge the gap between design and implementation. With these tried and true approaches, you’ll be able to capitalize on a more productive work environment. Whether you’re a novice UX professional finding your place in the software industry and looking to nail down your technical skills, or a seasoned UI designer looking for practical information on how to integrate your team with development, this is the must-have resource for your UX library. Establish a collaboration lifecycle, mapping design activities to counterparts in the software development process Learn about software tools that will improve productivity and collaboration Work through step-by-step exercises that teach font-end coding principles to improve your prototyping and implementation activities Discover practical, usable HTML and CSS examples Uncover tips for working with various developer personas

User Experience Management

Author: Arnie Lund
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780123854971
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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User Experience Management: Essential Skills for Leading Effective UX Teams deals with specific issues associated with managing diverse user experience (UX) skills, often in corporations with a largely engineering culture. Part memoir and part handbook, it explains what it means to lead a UX team and examines the management issues of hiring, inheriting, terminating, layoffs, interviewing and candidacy, and downsizing. The book offers guidance on building and creating a UX team, as well as equipping and focusing the team. It also considers ways of nurturing the team, from coaching and performance reviews to conflict management and creating work-life balance. Furthermore, it discusses the essential skills needed in leading an effective team and developing a communication plan. This book will be valuable to new managers and leaders, more experienced managers, and anyone who is leading or managing UX groups or who is interested in assuming a leadership role in the future. *Gives a UX leadership boot-camp from putting together a winning team, to giving them a driving focus, to acting as their spokesman, to handling difficult situations *Full of practical advice and experiences for managers and leaders in virtually any area of the user experience field *Contains best practices, real-world stories, and insights from UX leaders at IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and many more!

Effective UI

Author: Jonathan Anderson
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781449388720
Format: PDF
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People expect effortless, engaging interaction with desktop and web applications, but producing software that generates enjoyable user experiences is much harder than many companies anticipate. With Effective UI, you'll learn proven user-experience strategies that will satisfy your clients and customers, drive business value, and increase brand strength. This book shows you how to capture the collaborative and cooperative spirit among designers, engineers, and management required for building engaging software. You'll also learn valuable methods for maintaining focus throughout the process -- whether you're a product manager who needs a clear roadmap, a developer or designer looking for guidance and advocacy, or a businessperson who wants to understand and manage user-experience software initiatives. Learn how to build software that will: Generate engaging and interactive experiences between consumers and businesses, or between businesspeople and their information systems Account for how people work with, think about, and consume information Establish a richer means of collaboration and communication Reduce frustration by streamlining complex tasks and creating processes that are more intuitive Distinguish products, services, and brands to create a competitive advantage Create scalable systems that adapt to changing user needs and behaviors

UX Design for Enterprise Apps

Author: Saumen Das
Publisher: Synechron Inc
ISBN: 173215290X
Format: PDF
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For years, User Experience (UX) has not been a primary focus area for businesses and organizations. Established brands have garnered significant success on the power of their brand name and the credibility that came with it. The “you buy what I make” thought has dominated the “I will make what you want” approach which has led to UX designers battling between designing strategies for end-user or for the business heads. The digital revolution vows to change this approach as enhanced customer experience is directly proportional to profits and growth. Organizations that are not adaptable to this change will lose ground, resulting in poorer performance and business loss. Enhanced customer experiences is an extension of how well you understand your customers and their needs. It often boils down to simplicity and ease of interactions across conventional as well as digital channels. A well-defined UX strategy will result in overall cost reduction, speed to market, sales productivity, and a larger pool of loyal customers. This book highlights the importance of UX in today’s day and age while establishing the business benefits of this approach for the new-age enterprise. It takes you through key process elements that span multiple disciplines, including user research, market research, information architecture, content strategy, wireframes & prototyping, interaction design, maturity models & checklist, visual design and usability testing. It also compares the traditional and modern approach with trending innovative models that combine the latest technology, design thinking and user experience.

Building Integrated Websites with IBM Digital Experience

Author: Bernd Beilke
Publisher: IBM Redbooks
ISBN: 0738441341
Format: PDF, Docs
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A digital experience is a personalized experience that provides employees, customers, business partners, and citizens with a single point of interaction with people, content, and applications anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The IBM® Digital Experience is a platform that is used to build powerful contextual websites. The strengths of the platform include the ability to mix applications and web content into a coherent user experience. Developers can build upon a prescriptive standard to build reusable building bricks, which can be used by line-of-business (LOB) users in a flexible way. LOB users can assemble pages from these building bricks and from rich web content. The page creation is performed inline by easy drag-and-drop operations without requiring sophisticated IT skills. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes how a team can build a website starting from a new installation of Digital Experience. The book provides examples of the basic tasks that are needed to get started with building a proof-of-concept (PoC) website example. The resulting example website illustrates the value and key capabilities of the Digital Experience suite, featuring IBM WebSphere® Portal and IBM Web Content Management. The target audiences for this book include the following groups: Decision makers and solution architects considering Digital Experience as a platform for their internal or external facing website. Developers who are tasked to implement a PoC and must be enabled to start quickly and efficiently, which includes the integration of existing back-end systems. A wide range of IBM services and sales professionals who are involved in selling IBM software and designing client solutions that include Digital Experience.

UX Strategy

Author: Jaime Levy
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1449373011
Format: PDF
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User experience (UX) strategy requires a careful blend of business strategy and UX design, but until now, there hasn’t been an easy-to-apply framework for executing it. This hands-on guide introduces lightweight strategy tools and techniques to help you and your team craft innovative multi-device products that people want to use. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, UX/UI designer, product manager, or part of an intrapreneurial team, this book teaches simple-to-advanced strategies that you can use in your work right away. Along with business cases, historical context, and real-world examples throughout, you’ll also gain different perspectives on the subject through interviews with top strategists. Define and validate your target users through provisional personas and customer discovery techniques Conduct competitive research and analysis to explore a crowded marketplace or an opportunity to create unique value Focus your team on the primary utility and business model of your product by running structured experiments using prototypes Devise UX funnels that increase customer engagement by mapping desired user actions to meaningful metrics

User Story Mapping

Author: Jeff Patton
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1491904887
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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User story mapping is a valuable tool for software development, once you understand why and how to use it. This insightful book examines how this often misunderstood technique can help your team stay focused on users and their needs without getting lost in the enthusiasm for individual product features. Author Jeff Patton shows you how changeable story maps enable your team to hold better conversations about the project throughout the development process. Your team will learn to come away with a shared understanding of what you’re attempting to build and why. Get a high-level view of story mapping, with an exercise to learn key concepts quickly Understand how stories really work, and how they come to life in Agile and Lean projects Dive into a story’s lifecycle, starting with opportunities and moving deeper into discovery Prepare your stories, pay attention while they’re built, and learn from those you convert to working software

The UX Book

Author: Rex Hartson
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0123852420
Format: PDF, ePub
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The UX Book: Process and Guidelines for Ensuring a Quality User Experience aims to help readers learn how to create and refine interaction designs that ensure a quality user experience (UX). The book seeks to expand the concept of traditional usability to a broader notion of user experience; to provide a hands-on, practical guide to best practices and established principles in a UX lifecycle; and to describe a pragmatic process for managing the overall development effort. The book provides an iterative and evaluation-centered UX lifecycle template, called the Wheel, for interaction design. Key concepts discussed include contextual inquiry and analysis; extracting interaction design requirements; constructing design-informing models; design production; UX goals, metrics, and targets; prototyping; UX evaluation; the interaction cycle and the user action framework; and UX design guidelines. This book will be useful to anyone interested in learning more about creating interaction designs to ensure a quality user experience. These include interaction designers, graphic designers, usability analysts, software engineers, programmers, systems analysts, software quality-assurance specialists, human factors engineers, cognitive psychologists, cosmic psychics, trainers, technical writers, documentation specialists, marketing personnel, and project managers. A very broad approach to user experience through its components—usability, usefulness, and emotional impact with special attention to lightweight methods such as rapid UX evaluation techniques and an agile UX development process Universal applicability of processes, principles, and guidelines—not just for GUIs and the Web, but for all kinds of interaction and devices: embodied interaction, mobile devices, ATMs, refrigerators, and elevator controls, and even highway signage Extensive design guidelines applied in the context of the various kinds of affordances necessary to support all aspects of interaction Real-world stories and contributions from accomplished UX practitioners A practical guide to best practices and established principles in UX A lifecycle template that can be instantiated and tailored to a given project, for a given type of system development, on a given budget

Org Design for Design Orgs

Author: Peter Merholz
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1491938358
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Design has become the key link between users and today’s complex and rapidly evolving digital experiences, and designers are starting to be included in strategic conversations about the products and services that enterprises ultimately deliver. This has led to companies building in-house digital/experience design teams at unprecedented rates, but many of them don’t understand how to get the most out of their investment. This practical guide provides guidelines for creating and leading design teams within your organization, and explores ways to use design as part of broader strategic planning. You’ll discover: Why design’s role has evolved in the digital age How to infuse design into every product and service experience The 12 qualities of effective design organizations How to structure your design team through a Centralized Partnership Design team roles and evolution The process of recruiting and hiring designers How to manage your design team and promote professional growth

Experience Design

Author: Patrick Newbery
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118728394
Format: PDF
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Bridge the gap between business and design to improve the customer experience Businesses thrive when they can engage customers. And, while many companies understand that design is a powerful tool for engagement, they do not have the vocabulary, tools, and processes that are required to enable design to make a difference. Experience Design bridges the gap between business and design, explaining how the quality of customer experience is the key to unlocking greater engagement and higher customer lifetime value. The book teaches businesses how to think about design as a process, and how this process can be used to create a better quality of experience across the entire customer journey. Experience Design also serves as a reference tool for both designers and business leaders to help teams collaborate more effectively and to help keep focus on the quality of the experiences that are put in front of customers. Explains how to use experience-centric design for better customer engagement Offers a framework for thinking and talking about "experience design," from a company and customer perspective Authors Patrick Newbery and Kevin Farnham are the Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of Method respectively, an experience design company that solves business challenges through design to create integrated brand, product, and service experiences Improve the quality of the experiences customers have with your company and watch engagement soar.