Author: Harshi Syal Gill
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477253556
Format: PDF, Docs
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The poems in this collection have been written over a span of several years, and reflect the poet’s responses to experiences and observations of a deep and personal nature; experiences which are sometimes real, sometimes imaginary. They not only explore the intensity of human emotions triggered by spontaneous moments of realization, they also trace the poet’s journey through different realms of exploration of the Self as her growth continues in different continents. The thoughts evoked give voice to the emotions of many who can relate to similar stirrings of the heart. Several of these poems were aired, in the early years, over the Voice of Kenya. Kitheka Mutui, producer of a program “Books and Bookmen”, talked about the ‘echoing void’ expressed in much of the poetry, which ‘demands of us a concerted re-discovery of ourselves and our purpose in life.’

Bring Me Flesh I ll Bring Hell

Author: Martin Rose
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 1940456150
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Vitus Adamson is falling apart. As a pre-deceased private investigator, he takes the prescription Atroxipine hourly to keep his undead body upright and functioning. Whenever he is injured, he seeks Niko, a bombshell mortician with bedroom eyes and a way with corpses, to piece him back together. Decomposition, however, is the least of his worries when two clients posing his most dangerous job yet appear at his door looking for their lost son. Vitus is horrified to discover the photo of the couple's missing son is a picture-perfect reproduction of his long dead son. This leads him to question the events of his tormented past; he must face the possibility that the wife and child he believed he murdered ten years ago in a zombie-fugue have somehow survived . . . or is it just wishful thinking designed to pull him into an elaborate trap? Unfolding like a classic film noir mixed with elements of a B-movie, Bring Me Flesh, I'll Bring Hell is an imaginative spin on the hard-boiled detective genre and a new twist on the zombie novel. In Vitus Adamson, you will find a protagonist you can care about and invest in as he takes you through his emotional journey of betrayal and quest for redemption. Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction (space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near-future dystopia), fantasy (grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history), and horror (zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural), and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award-winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.

Carry Me Back

Author: Laura Watt
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466882786
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the tradition of Jack Finney's Time and Again, Laura Watt's debut novel Carry Me Back follows one man back in time, this time to revisit the glory days of country music and take a few hard-earned lessons with the King himself--Hank Williams.

Autobiography of Sam J Pigno

Author: Sam J. Pigno
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781465352125
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Twenty plus years ago, four powerful revengeful groups took out after me to totally destroy everything I had built our school system to stand for; thirty-five brand new and renovated schools, excellent achievement standing that was tops in our state and above the national average and free from the court order that we had been under since 1965! Today, education has now completely ceased in this school system, schools are falling apart again, they changed the name of our school system to wash away everything I had stood for, did away with my excellent teaching plan that caused us so much success, took my picture off the wall that had stood for eight years, gave away some schools after I had spent millions on, to make them among the best, re-violated the Standing court order that I had completely satisfied and finally, they had me sent to prison for one year for a made up charge that was not true! All this destroyed learning altogether in a school system that had become one of the best in the nation during my leadership as superintendent from 1982-90."

Bring Me Fire

Author: Emily Stone
Publisher: Emily Stone
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When Sky Sanders is unceremoniously fired from her dream job in an art gallery she is worried. It's hard enough for new graduates to get a paying job in the art world. So when the opportunity arises to work with a world-class private collection she jumps at the chance. Her new boss is the famously reclusive ex-teen movie heartthrob Joshua Davis. While Sky is open and enthusiastic, Josh is private and intense. In fact, Sky thinks that sometimes he seems to enjoy making her feel uncomfortable. But he does have an art collection the equal of any gallery she has ever been in, plus there is something else that stirs her curiosity. A secret room. A locked room that she absolutely must not enter no matter how crazy it makes her... SNEAK PEEK! "Do you realize that had I not cleared my throat to get your attention, I could still be standing here, watching you, and you would have no idea?" "Um," Sky shifted, unsure of what to say. What, exactly, was he trying to tell her? "I didn’t realize you’d been watching me." He rolled his eyes. "I wasn’t. But I could have been. And you would’ve been off in lala land, thinking about Miriam Deschamps. I guess I’m just trying to give you a little advice." "What, sleep with one eye open?" Sky asked jokingly. "I’m not talking about sleeping," he replied, not even a hint of a smile appearing on his face. You’re kind of a jerk, she thought, realizing, all of a sudden, that her boss most likely fell into the category of exceedingly good-looking but ultimately a gigantic asshole. "So let me get this straight," she said. "You’re telling me that even if there’s something I find very interesting, something that I get excited about, I should not let myself get too excited because some guy might come into the room without me realizing and start watching me?" "If you want to take what I’m saying to you in the absolute most literal sense, then, yes. But what I’m really trying to tell you is that you should try to be aware, regardless of how excited, as you put it, about something you might get. Self-control and self-awareness are two things you should never underestimate." "Okay, great," Sky said. "Thanks for the advice." She picked the camera back up. "I should probably get back to work. But not before I tell you that I’m very aware of you standing there. Better?" Now a slightly amused smile did touch the corners of his mouth. Stop being so damn good-looking! She wanted to scream at him. Instead, she turned away. "You’re sassy, you know. And you’re also young. I’m just trying to offer you a little advice, is all. Things I wish that people had shared with me when I’d been your age." "Well, thanks, but I’m actually okay with doing things how I do them." He nodded. "Fair enough. I’ll leave you to it, then." And then he turned and was gone. Sky stood there for a moment, camera in hand, wondering what had just happened. Was he trying to tell her he wasn’t happy with the way she was doing things? That would be impossible, wouldn’t it? He had barely been in the room long enough to see anything, except that she was totally engrossed in what she was doing, which, she thought, would be a good quality for an employee to have. She felt a funny swirling sensation in her stomach. That awkward interaction with him, plus his secret room, suddenly had her wondering if this really was such a dream job after all... new adult, contemporary romance, art romance

If God Can Bring Me To It He Can Bring Me Through It

Author: Antoinette Patterson
ISBN: 1304263681
Format: PDF
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This memoir is about me growing up, going through the changes that life offers, but I believe that when you keep your faith in God, things will turn out for the best as long as you stay strong. My inspiration can be anothers struggle turning into an inspiration for them.

Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs

Author: Rodge Glass
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1906994870
Format: PDF
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Mark Wilson's whole life has been about the moment when he steps on to Old Trafford to make his first appearance for Man Utd. But when a wayward pass from Ryan Giggs leads to THE WORST DEBUT EVER, Mark's schoolboy obsession with him develops into something more dangerous. Fifteen years later, after a career interrupted by drinking, injury, gambling, RESTRAINING ORDERS and burglary, Mark is now sober, gainfully-employed and looking forward to watching United at their CHAMPIONS LEAGUE-WINNING BEST. Most importantly for Mark, he is reconciled with the mother of his son, little Ryan. But as the old urges continue to struggle for voice in his head, can he keep his eye on the goal?

Bring Me to Life

Author: Emma Weylin
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1622101537
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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They say love can conquer all ... but Vincent’s been dead for two hundred years, and Bryna is the one who killed him! Ominous warnings, time travel, love, revenge, vampires, demons, and so much more ... Emma Weylin presents Bring Me to Life, Book 1 of her amazing new paranormal romance series, Time Walkers. Being dead sucks, or so Vincent Asher believes. He’s spent the last two hundred years of his death battling vampires because his boss won’t let him kill demons. Known as a force called the Wraith, Vincent has become bored with preventing the apocalypse. When he hopes his boss will give him a more exciting assignment, he gets the shock of his afterlife. He must protect the woman who killed him. Bryna Wildrose accidently killed the only man she ever loved. In a self-imposed death sentence, she’s spent the last ten years of her life trying to get herself killed. She never meant to kill Vincent, and the guilt is eating her alive. A vampire gives her a dire warning. The Wraith is coming for her. She can run, or she can let death take her. Given no choice, Vincent goes back in time to find the one woman he loved more than life itself, but when he expected to torment her for causing his death, he learns nothing is what he believed it to be. Real love never dies, but Vincent’s power might not be enough to keep Bryna alive. Content Notes: Spicy, Non Sexual Graphic Violence, Paranormal, Vampires, Time Travel, Spirits, Demons, Fantasy, Suspense