Author: Daryl Banner
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781977996145
Format: PDF, Docs
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Stefan Baker, who used to be my best friend and bro, is a totally cocky bastard. And he knows it too. With his backwards cap, lopsided grin, and ripped bod gifted from the gods, he struts around town like he owns it. But I won't let him own me, no matter how hot he's gotten over the past eight years since he went off to become a pro baseball player in the major leagues - and since we had our brutal falling out and everything fell apart. And I definitely won't stare at him no matter how many times he parades in front of me wearing next to nothing. What a cock tease. But when a hard night lands him at my front doorstep - desperately in need of a place to stay - I get one look into those rich blue eyes of his ... and realize our story is far from over. My former "bro" and I are about to define a whole new term for the steamy, beautiful mess that's about to happen between the two of us. * This is a stand-alone, angsty, slow-burn M/M romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating.

Reading the Bromance

Author: Michael DeAngelis
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 0814338992
Format: PDF, ePub
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In the middle of this century’s first decade, “bromance” emerged as a term denoting an emotionally intense bond between straight men. Yet bromance requires an expression of intimacy that always toys with being coded as something other than “straight” male behavior, even as it insists that such intimacy must never be misinterpreted. In Reading the Bromance: Homosocial Relationships in Film and Television, editor Michael DeAngelis has compiled a diverse group of essays that address the rise of this tricky phenomenon and explore the social and cultural functions it serves. Contributors consider selected contemporary film and television texts, as well as the genres that historically inspired them, in order to explore what needs bromance attempts to fulfill in relationships between men—straight or otherwise. Essays analyze films ranging from I Love You, Man to Superbad, Humpday, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The Hangover, and the Jackass films, and include studies of representative examples in international cinema such as Y tu mama tambien and classic and contemporary films of the Bollywood genre. The volume also examines the increasingly prevalent appearance of the bromance phenomenon in television narratives, from the “male bonding” rituals of Friends and Seinfeld to more recent manifestations in House, The Wire, and the MTV reality series Bromance. From historical analysis to discourse analysis, sociological analysis, and queer theory, this volume provides a broad range of methodological and theoretical approaches to the phenomenon in the first booklength study of the bromance genre. Film and television scholars as well as readers interested in pop culture and queer studies will enjoy the insights of Reading the Bromance.

Gender in a Transitional Era

Author: Amanda R. Martinez
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739188445
Format: PDF
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Gender in a Transitional Era is an important addition to communication research through its wide range of methodological and theoretical approaches, intersectional topics, and clearly expressed challenges to the constraining gender binary system that remains the foremost project of feminist scholarship and activism.

Cable Guys

Author: Amanda D. Lotz
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1479800740
Format: PDF, Docs
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From the meth-dealing but devoted family man Walter White of AMC’s Breaking Bad, to the part-time basketball coach, part-time gigolo Ray Drecker of HBO’s Hung, depictions of male characters perplexed by societal expectations of men and anxious about changing American masculinity have become standard across the television landscape. Engaging with a wide variety of shows, including The League, Dexter, and Nip/Tuck, among many others, Amanda D. Lotz identifies the gradual incorporation of second-wave feminism into prevailing gender norms as the catalyst for the contested masculinities on display in contemporary cable dramas. Examining the emergence of “male-centered serials” such as The Shield, Rescue Me, and Sons of Anarchy and the challenges these characters face in negotiating modern masculinities, Lotz analyzes how these shows combine feminist approaches to fatherhood and marriage with more traditional constructions of masculine identity that emphasize men’s role as providers. She explores the dynamics of close male friendships both in groups, as in Entourage and Men of a Certain Age, wherein characters test the boundaries between the homosocial and homosexual in their relationships with each other, and in the dyadic intimacy depicted in Boston Legal and Scrubs. Cable Guys provides a much needed look into the under-considered subject of how constructions of masculinity continue to evolve on television.

The Book of Minor Perverts

Author: Benjamin Kahan
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022660800X
Format: PDF
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Statue-fondlers, wanderlusters, sex magicians, and nymphomaniacs: the story of these forgotten sexualities—what Michel Foucault deemed “minor perverts”—has never before been told. In The Book of Minor Perverts, Benjamin Kahan sets out to chart the proliferation of sexual classification that arose with the advent of nineteenth-century sexology. The book narrates the shift from Foucault’s “thousand aberrant sexualities” to one: homosexuality. The focus here is less on the effects of queer identity and more on the lines of causation behind a surprising array of minor perverts who refuse to fit neatly into our familiar sexual frameworks. The result stands at the intersection of history, queer studies, and the medical humanities to offer us a new way of feeling our way into the past.


Author: Daniel Maurer
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061981877
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Bro-cab-u-lary (n.): A revolutionary new lexicon for bonding with your bros Put down your BlackBerry, you PDA-hole, and step into the testosterzone with Brocabulary. Wax fandiloquent about your favorite team or have a fargone-versation at the bar. Brocabulary leaves the vagibberish to the chicks and shows you how to: Define your stripping point (the precise number of Jäger shots it takes to make a woman want to get naked with you). Conceal a bangover after a night of excessive sex. Elect yourself the next Abraham Drinkin' and make an Inebriation Proclamation ("Four whores and seven beers ago . . ."). Stop brocrastinating! It's time to become everyone's guydol by leaving your mark on dudescussions for generations to come.

Der Bro Code

Author: Barney Stinson
Publisher: Riva Verlag
ISBN: 3864130018
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Barney Stinson, Kultfigur der TV-Sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", ist das neue Männervorbild unseres Jahrzehnts und der beste Bro ("Brother") aller Zeiten. Ein Bro ist ein Kumpel, mit dem man durch dick und dünn geht, dem man alles anvertrauen kann und der immer zu einem hält. Für Barney sind seine Bros wichtiger als die große Liebe. Er macht für sie mit nervigen Freundinnen Schluss und klettert auch mal morgens um 4 Uhr verrostete Feuerleitern hinauf, wenn das Mädchen, mit dem sein Bro gerade nach Hause gegangen ist, keine Kondome da hat.

Ben s Bromance the Complete Collection

Author: Jessie Parker
ISBN: 9781520364667
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ben is the All-American college boy: good-looking, athletic, friendly, open-minded and always curious. He comfortably considers himself "heteroflexible," and enjoys the occasional playful horsing around or just cuddling with other dudes. But on one late summer night when Jeremy, one of his best college buddies, convinces Ben to sneak into the apartment swimming pool with him, he discovers how flexible his heteroflexibility can be. Ben's tryst with Jeremy gave him confidence to pursue his true love: his best friend back home, Danny. In each short story, Ben experiments and explores this new side of his sexuality. Each story takes him to new arousing heights, through acts he never thought he'd ever do, and through feelings he never knew he was capable of having. Book 1 - A Late Night Swim: Ben experiences his first homoerotic tryst when he goes down under on a fraternity brother at the apartment's pool. Book 2 - Romping in the Hay: Ben confronts his best friend Danny and demands to know why he's been so distant over the last few years. After a heart to heart talk, they both discover that they had deep, unexplored feelings that manifest into a night of drunken frolicking in the barn. Book 3 - Backseat Bromance: Ben and Jeremy find that the only way they can play discreetly together is to take a road trip: here, in the back seat of the car, is where Ben and Jeremy finally go all the way and seal their bromance. Book 4 - While He is Sleeping: When Jeremy tells Ben that one of his fantasies was to be taken advantage of in his sleep, it was perfect. The only problem is that Jeremy has a straight roommate. Book 5 - Pitching Jeremy's Tent: Not being able to fall asleep due to his tent-mate's snoring, Ben decides to sneak into Jeremy and Morgan's tent: much his surprise, he enters a darker world of Jeremy's kink and humiliation. Will Ben and Morgan team up to satisfy all of Jeremy's submissive needs? Book 6 - A Bromantic Dinner with Danny: It's Thanksgiving night, and Ben and Danny continue their new bromosexual experimentation, only to discover that they may be falling in love ... and finally make love. Book 7 - The Bromantic Morning After: The morning after a night of hot sex is often awkward for two dudes. But not for Ben and Danny. Despite Ben needing to go back to college to finish up the semester, they both have trouble literally letting each other go. Book 8 - My Snow Blower: Watching Danny flirting with a girl at the bar conjures up confusing feelings that Ben never knew he had: envy, insecurity, and a longing for something deeper. To collect his thoughts, Ben leaves them at the bar and treks home alone through the snow storm. When Danny catches up with him, it becomes a night of wild stormy passion, the kind that will burn through the entire winter. Book 9 - Between 2 Bros: Waking up, seeing Danny still sleeping right next to him, Ben had to make sure this wasn't just another good sex dream. But when Jeremy texts Ben to let him know that he missed his bus to the airport and wanted company, Ben is at a crossroads: he told Jeremy of his more-than-just-friends relationship with Danny, but he never told Danny about his hyper-sexual rendezvous with Jeremy. And when Danny and Jeremy meet, it would be a collision of his two separate worlds, sucking Ben right into their sexually charged chaos, resulting in a beautiful explosion of masculine lust that only three horny young guys can achieve.

Zero at the Bone Eiskalt bis ins Mark

Author: Jane Seville
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1632163225
Format: PDF
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Nachdem er Augenzeuge eines Mafia-Mordes geworden ist, wird Chirurg Jack Francisco ins Zeugenschutzprogramm aufgenommen und an einen sicheren Ort gebracht, bis es Zeit für ihn sein wird, vor Gericht auszusagen. Ein Profikiller, nur als D bekannt , wird durch Erpressung dazu gezwungen, Jack aufzuspüren und zu töten. Doch ein letzter Rest von Gewissen verbietet es D, einen unschuldigen Mann zu ermorden. Stattdessen geschieht das Unwahrscheinliche: Jack und D werden zu Verbündeten und sind bald schon gemeinsam auf der Flucht vor geheimnisvollen Feinden. Um zu überleben, müssen die beiden Männer zusammenarbeiten. Aus diesem Zwang heraus formt sich zwischen ihnen eine emotionale Bindung, die bald schon zu einer unerwarteten Leidenschaft heranreift. Jack sieht die verwundete Seele unter Ds kaltem, emotionslosem Äußeren, und D erkennt in Jack den einen Menschen, der ihm helfen kann, wieder zu dem Mann zu werden, der er einst war. Je näher sie dem Tag von Jacks Aussage vor Gericht kommen, desto klarer erkennen Jack und D, dass sie nicht nur um ihr Leben kämpfen, sondern auch um ihre Zukunft... ihre gemeinsame Zukunft.