Business Organizations in a Planning Context

Author: Dwight Drake
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9780314287359
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book is designed for a corporations or business organizations course that introduces fundamental entity concepts in the context of legal planning challenges and through exercises that develop analytical, problem-solving, writing, and communication skills. The book features: 66 mini case study problems Core doctrinal concepts and contemporary issues, such as say-on-pay, latest shareholder proposal trends, director election bylaws, JOBS Act of 2012, advance notice bylaws (round two), and more Comprehensive discussions on a wide range of planning challenges: choice-of entity, buy-sell agreements, employee protections, owner operational deal points, ethical challenges, shareholder debt, securities law exemptions, structuring business sales, director protections, controlling shareholder risks, hostile takeover bids, executive compensation, and more Practical, understandable discussions on financial statements, fundamental financial concepts, business entity taxation, going public realties, bonds, drafting key organizational documents, business valuations, and more Court opinions and statutory materials that eliminate the need for supplementary materials Business literacy discussions A companion website that supports the book ( The book is supported by a teacher's manual that provides answers to the case study problems, recaps court opinions, and explains how the book is used in a large class (90 students) to help develop analytical, writing, teamwork, and communication skills. A companion website provides an optional PowerPoint slide library, sample exam questions, sample chapters and a table of contents.

Business Planning

Author: Therese H. Maynard
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454897562
Format: PDF, ePub
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Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Business and Venture Capital Financing, Third Edition uses a simulated deal format that is drawn from the “deal-files” of real world practicing lawyers. It integrates the teaching of transactional lawyering skills with the presentation of new substantive law that is critical to the success of a junior corporate lawyer practicing in a transactional setting. The book gives students an overview of the range of substantive law that lawyers representing new businesses need to be versed in. To bridge the gap between law school and practice, the authors integrate excerpts from sources authored by experienced practitioners, thus bringing practical and real-world insights to students. Shannon Treviño joins as co-author on the new edition. Key Features: Integrated teaching of transactional lawyering skills with the presentation of substantive law that is critical to the success of a junior corporate lawyer practicing in a transactional setting. Analysis of both the legal issues and the business considerations that must be taken in to account in planning the structure and negotiating the terms of a capital raising transaction for an early stage company. A simulated deal format to provide a real-world appreciation of the “life cycle of a deal,” with a new simulated client whose business is focused on addressing a need in the autonomous vehicle industry, which presents a timely topic for faculty to engage with students on at every juncture of the course. Graded memo assignments that are representative of the work assignments expected of a junior corporate lawyer practicing in a transactional setting and that relate directly to the substantive material that is part of the casebook reading assignments. A thoroughly revised Chapter 4 regarding federal securities laws, incorporating numerous legislative changes that have been adopted or have become effective since the publication of the second edition. Significant additions to Chapter 8, including an updated overview of venture capital and a broader discussion of the capital formation process prior to venture capital financing.

Financial Times Corporate Strategy Casebook

Author: Philip A. Wickham
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273643425
Format: PDF
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This corporate-strategy text provides a range of interesting and exciting case material, ready to use in isolation or in conjunction with the corresponding edition of Richard Lynch's Corporate Strategy.

Managing Strategic Enterprise Systems and E Government Initiatives in Asia

Author: Pan Shan-Ling
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814482404
Format: PDF, Mobi
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' This book presents a socio-technical view of strategic information systems issues such as enterprise systems implementation and management, knowledge management, customer relationship management, and e-government initiatives. It contains eight case studies documenting experiences of utilizing enterprise systems and e-government initiatives in organizations and government agencies from Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia, India, Singapore, and South Korea. The book provides regional (Asia-Pacific) coverage highlighting empirical case studies — involving both private and public organizations — of strategic information systems practices covering both the developed and developing economies. These in-depth, well-written case materials will be helpful to organizations and government agencies planning to implement enterprise systems and e-government initiatives. These cases can also be beneficial to classroom teaching and discussions. Contents:Infosys Technologies Limited, India (R Mayasandra)NCS Private Limited, Singapore (A Ramchand)Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Maintenance and Upgrade Management and Challenges (C S-P Ng)UNI, Singapore (S Sritharan)Singapore Police Force: One-Stop Public Entertainment Licensing Centre (OSPEC) (C M L Chan)The Infocomms Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) (E T K Lim)Supreme Court Registry Office of South Korea (SCRO) (H J Kim et al.)Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) (C W Tan) Readership: Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, researchers and practitioners in innovation, technology, knowledge and information management. Keywords:Enterprise Systems;E-Government Initiatives;Case Study;IT in Asia;Strategic Information SystemsReviews:“The organisations and problems discussed in the cases are undoubtedly worthy and, in general, interesting reading … It is a useful compilation of non-US or European case material. An educator teaching Information Systems at the MBA level might find the book useful to students as a secondary textbook or as supplementary reading material.”Journal of E-Government '