Chicano Sketches

Author: Mario Suárez
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816534969
Format: PDF
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Mario Suárez will tell you: Garza’s Barber Shop is more than razors, scissors, and hair. It is where men, disgruntled at the vice of the rest of the world, come to get things off their chests. The lawbreakers come in to rub elbows with the sheriff’s deputies. And when zoot-suiters come in for a trim, Garza puts on a bit of zoot talk and "hep-cats with the zootiest of them." A key figure in the foundation of Chicano literature, Mario Suárez (1923–1998) was among the first writers to focus not only on Chicano characters but also on the multicultural space in which they live, whether a Tucson barbershop or a Manhattan boxing ring. Many of his stories have received wide acclaim through publication in periodicals and anthologies; this book presents those eleven previously published stories along with eight others from the archive of his unpublished work. It also includes a biographical introduction and a critical analysis of the stories that will broaden readers’ appreciation for his place in Chicano literature. In most of his stories, Suárez sought to portray people he knew from Tucson’s El Hoyo barrio, a place usually thought of as urban wasteland when it is thought of at all. Suárez set out to fictionalize this place of ignored men and women because he believed their human stories were worth telling, and he hoped that through his depictions American literature would recognize their existence. By seeking to record the so-called underside of America, Suárez was inspired to pay close attention to people’s mannerisms, language, and aspirations. And by focusing on these barrio characters he also crafted a unique, mild-mannered realism overflowing with humor and pathos. Along with Fray Angélico Chávez, Suárez stands as arguably the mid-twentieth century’s most important short story writer of Mexican descent. Chicano Sketches reclaims Suárez as a major figure of the genre and offers lovers of fine fiction a chance to rediscover this major talent.

Painted Worlds

Author: Jim Warren
Publisher: Collins & Brown
ISBN: 9781843400479
Format: PDF, Docs
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Sensual, spiritual, and evocative, Jim Warren’s art ranges from dreamy images of wild horses leaping to representations of fiery goddesses rising from exploding volcanoes. He not only illustrated book covers, but won a Grammy for Best Album Package for Bob Seger’s Against the Wind. “Many of his covers exhibit an impish humor that is most engaging. A painting of Hitchcock concealing a puckish yawn as birds fly out of his exploding skull is almost worth the price of the book.”—SFRA Review.

Recovering The U S Hispanic Literary Heritage Volume VI

Author: Antonia Castañeda
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
ISBN: 9781611922677
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Fifteen years of archival and critical work have been conducted under the auspices of the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project at the University of Houston. This ongoing and comprehensive program seeks to locate, identify, preserve, and disseminate the written culture of U.S. Latinos from the Spanish Colonial Period to contemporary times. In the sixth volume of the series, the authors explore key issues and challenges in this project, such as the issues of "place" or region in Hispanic intellectual production, nationalism and transnationalism, race and ethnicity, as well as methodological approaches to recovering the documentary heritage. Included are essays on religious writing, the construction of identity and nation, translation and the movement of books across borders, and women writers and revolutionary struggle.

A Stroke of Dumb Luck

Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429926848
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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When a teenaged girl goes missing, her mother calls Kit Colbana, scion of an ancient line of warriors -- unfortunately, Kit's heritage doesn't impress the local wererats much. They're determined to make the girl one of their own, and Kit is going to need a big sword, a bright flashlight, and a helpful vampire to get her back. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Leaving Tulsa

Author: Jennifer Elise Foerster
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816522367
Format: PDF
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Leaving Tulsa, a book of road elegies and laments, travels from Oklahoma to the edges of the American continent through landscapes at once stark and lush, ancient and apocalyptic. Each poem gives the collection a rich lyrical-dramatic texture. Ultimately, these brave and luminous poems engage and shatter the boundaries of time, self, and continent.

History and Mythology of the Aztecs

Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 9780816518869
Format: PDF, Mobi
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One of the great documents of colonial Mexico, the Codex Chimalpopoca chronicles the rise of Aztec civilization and preserves the mythology on which it was based. Its two complementary texts, Annals of Cuauhtitlan and Legend of the Suns, record the pre-CortŽsian history of the Valley of Mexico together with firsthand versions of that region's myths. Of particular interest are the stories of the hero-god Quetzalcoatl, for which the Chimalpopoca is the premier source. John Bierhorst's work is the first major scholarship on the Codex Chimalpopoca in more than forty years. His is the first edition in English and the first in any language to include the complete text of the Legend of the Suns. The precise, readable translation not only contributes to the study of Aztec history and literature but also makes the codex an indispensable reference for Aztec cultural topics, including land tenure, statecraft, the role of women, the tribute system, warfare, and human sacrifice.

Sleepover Stakeout

Author: Kim Harrington
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN: 9780545389655
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When a babysitter classmate overhears through a baby monitor that someone may be in trouble, Norah and Darcy, assisted by junior detective agency newcomer Fiona, follow a series of clues before making a shocking discovery. By the author of Clarity. Original.

When Tears Ran Dry

Author: Vivian Waring
ISBN: 9781922086150
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the mid-sixties Therrie receives a letter from an unknown soldier serving overseas. Falling hopelessly in love, she is catapulted on a course of love and adventure, unprepared for heartache and pain long after the Vietnam War is over.Plagued by heartbreaking memories, Therrie travels to South-East Asia where she is confronted with the past she is trying to flee.Accompanied by Veterans who are battling their own demons, Therrie ventures into the steamy jungles of Vietnam that hold dark secrets of battle in the aftermath of war.When Therrie learns of the heartbreaking betrayal that altered her life, she flees into war-torn Cambodia where she finds peace amongst the young survivors and learns to love again. About the AuthorVivian was born in Egypt in 1945. Her parents were part of the large community of British/European settlers who lived in the country before the outbreak of World War Two. Vivian's father served in the RAF. After the war, the family migrated to Australia and settled in the western suburbs of Melbourne.Shortly after Vivian finished College, her older sister forged her name to a letter and addressed it to the overseas forces in Malaya. That letter was handed to Pte. Lyndon 'Blue' Waring who came from the Riverina district of N.S.W. Vivian and Blue continued to correspond during the remainder of his service in Malaya and later Vietnam.Blue was awarded the Military Medal for his bravery in Vietnam.Vivian and Blue married shortly after his return to Australia. They were married for ten years and had four daughters. After Blue left the Armed Forces he joined the Victoria Police Force. He rose to the rank of Detective/Senior Constable. Blue was killed when his unmarked police vehicle was involved in an accident.Vivian now has six grandchildren. She accompanied one of the first groups of Veterans to return to Vietnam. She travelled frequently to Cambodia to work in the slums outside of Phnom Penh. While she was there, she turned her apartment into a half-way house for impoverished students.


Author: Jovita González
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 9780890967003
Format: PDF
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Jovita Gonzalez and Eve Raleigh's Caballero: A Historical Novel, a milestone in Mexican-American and Texas literature written during the 1930s and 1940s, centers on a mid-nineteenth-century Mexican landowner and his family living in the heart of southern Texas during a time of tumultuous change. After covering the American military occupation of South Texas, the story involves the reader in romances between two young lovers from opposing sides during the military conflict of the U.S.-Mexico War. Caballero's young protagonists fall in love but face struggles with race, class, gender and sexual contradictions. An introduction by Jose E. Limon, epilogue by Maria Cotera, and foreword by Thomas H. Kreneck offer a clear picture of the importance of the work to the study of Mexican-American and Texas history and to the feminist critique of culture. This work, long lost in a collection of private papers and unavailable until now, serves as a literary ethnography of South Texas-Mexican folklore customs and traditions.