Choosing the Right College 2014 15

Author: John Zmirak
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 148049299X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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“By far the best college guide, for both its honesty and its insights.” —Thomas Sowell Over the past decade, Choosing the Right College has established itself as the indispensable resource for students—and parents—who want the unvarnished truth about America’s top colleges and universities. It is the most in-depth, independently researched college guide on the market, using on-campus sources to turn up the best—and worst—aspects of nearly 150 schools. Just as important, Choosing the Right College covers the intellectual, political, and social conditions that really matter, including: · The integrity and rigor of the curriculum · Which courses and professors to take—and which to avoid · The prevalence of politics in the classroom and the state of free speech—all highlighted with ISI’s unique “traffic light” · Living arrangements, safety, and other keys to student life · How to get a real education at any school Beyond all that, this brand-new edition of Choosing the Right College features a host of innovations, including: “So You’re Looking For...,” top-five lists of colleges for all types of students; a quick list of each school’s strengths and weaknesses; an insider’s look at the pros and cons of online education; and more. This new edition of Choosing the Right College also provides the financial information families need in this age of soaring tuition. What are the most overpriced colleges—and which are relatively good values? What is the average student-debt load? To cap it all off, Choosing the Right College introduces the groundbreaking feature “Blue Collar Ivies”—in-depth reports on the best affordable colleges in all fifty states. Choosing the Right College 2014–15 will completely change the way young people make a life-altering decision.

Preparing Your Teens for College

Author: Alex Chediak
Publisher: Tyndale House Pub
ISBN: 1414383126
Format: PDF
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Will my teens’ faith be strong enough to withstand the tests of college? Will they focus on their studies or squander their free time? Will they form healthy friendships or join the wrong crowd? Dr. Alex Chediak has watched too many college students flounder over these issues and many others. Sadly, 45 percent of those who start off at a four-year college will not complete their degree. At a time when college has never been more expensive, too many of our children are failing. What makes the difference? Character, a strong faith, and a willingness to delay gratification. And where is that learned? Ideally, at home. In this book, Alex will give you everything you need to help your teens not only successfully navigate the college years but also real life. Alex covers all the hot-button issues: dating, premarital sex, roommates, grades, career guidance, God, and much more. You won’t want to be without this essential survival manual for college.

Choosing the Right College

Author: Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780802848017
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Evaluates the academic life, political atmosphere, and social conditions at more than one hundred of the top colleges and universities in the United States.

The National Review College Guide

Author: Charles J. Sykes
Publisher: Fireside
ISBN: 9780671798017
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Provides information on costs, enrollment, and financial aid for more than fifty top colleges from Asbury and Baylor to Union and Wheaton

The Best Book On Elite Admissions Former Stanford Admissions Officer s Plan For Select College Admissions

Author: Erinn Andrews
Publisher: Hyperink Inc
ISBN: 1614645477
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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ABOUT THE BOOK Applying to college is likely the most stressful and important moment in a teenager's academic life. Pressure from friends, family, teachers, and oneself add up to make this an overwhelming process to go through, especially for students applying to the nation's most selective schools. One major reason for this stress is the uncertainty of the application process. Often, the students who apply to top schools are used to feeling in control of their lives and planning their future, but because there are no sure admittances in elite admissions, the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. There are a number of resources available to students who wish to maximize their chances of admission; however, I, as a former admission officer at a selective university, feel that many are misleading. In some cases, the advice given is very specific to one school which isn't useful for the majority of students or it's too vague. And in some other cases, students try to compare their statistics with the statistics of other seemingly similar students to gauge their chances of admission, perhaps the worst resource of all. MEET THE AUTHOR Erinn Andrews is the former Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Stanford University. She read and evaluated thousands of applications from the US, as well as more than 70 countries around the world, and through that, she has developed a unique perspective on what it takes to get into the nation's elite colleges. She completed an M.A. in Education at Stanford University's School of Education in the Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies Program. She also earned a B.A. in History with Honors at Stanford. She now works with students to help them uncover their intellectual and personal interests and present the best version of themselves in the elite admissions process. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK The purpose of the application in selective admissions is to understand the context from which the applicant is coming. In order to decide which students to admit when admit rates are so low ( Once the context has been established, then the admission officer tries to find out if the student has taken advantage of the opportunities available to him and has either: a.) made a lasting impact in his community in some way, or b.) has the potential to make a lasting impact in his future community (college and beyond). Despite popular belief, every application is actually read in its entirety by an admission officer in the selective admissions process.

College Without Student Loans

Author: Dave Smith
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1614486344
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The process of S.A.F.E. ways is a logical, easy to follow road map that any college bound family can implement with effective results. If we were riding a bicycle, the front wheel would be “Selection” and “Acceptance”, giving a strong and meaningful direction/reason for attending college for the student. The back wheel is “Funding” and “Execution” the important components for the parents in this process. Both students and parents have an active role in S.A.F.E. which provides the family with predictable and affordable results for each student.

The College Solution

Author: Lynn O'Shaughnessy
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 0132944693
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This bestseller has been completely updated to provide you with the answers that you need to find wonderful colleges and universities at more affordable prices. The second edition of The College Solution, which contains approximately 90% new material, is aimed at helping parents and teenagers become empowered consumers as they navigate through the college process. Billions of dollars are available to pay for college, but not everybody gets their share. It's not always the families with the brightest students or the parents who are struggling financially who receive the most money. The College Solution shares the secrets of how you can capture some of this money for your own family. The book provides advice on such topics as financial aid, merit scholarships, athletic scholarships, admission hooks, the important differences between colleges and universities, college rankings, the best student loans and the latest online tools to evaluate the generosity of schools. O’Shaughnessy presents an easy-to-use, proven road map for getting past the ratings, and finding the right schools at the right price. No other book offers this much practical guidance on choosing and paying for college now – and no other book will save you as much money!

Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy

Author: Andrew Lohse
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250033675
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Dartmouth fraternity member who blew the whistle on inhumane hazing practices in a Rolling Stone profile presents a true account of sordidness and redemption.

The Anarchist Cookbook

Author: William Powell
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1387589660
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Anarchist Cookbook will shock, it will disturb, it will provoke. It places in historical perspective an era when "Turn on, Burn down, Blow up" are revolutionary slogans of the day. Says the author" "This book... is not written for the members of fringe political groups, such as the Weatherman, or The Minutemen. Those radical groups don't need this book. They already know everything that's in here. If the real people of America, the silent majority, are going to survive, they must educate themselves. That is the purpose of this book." In what the author considers a survival guide, there is explicit information on the uses and effects of drugs, ranging from pot to heroin to peanuts. There i detailed advice concerning electronics, sabotage, and surveillance, with data on everything from bugs to scramblers. There is a comprehensive chapter on natural, non-lethal, and lethal weapons, running the gamut from cattle prods to sub-machine guns to bows and arrows.