Charles Dickens Eine Geschichte aus zwei St dten A Tale of Two Cities

Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: eClassica
ISBN: 3955169502
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Charles Dickens: Eine Geschichte aus zwei Städten (A Tale of Two Cities) • In verbesserter Übersetzung und behutsam modernisierter Rechtschreibung, Voll verlinkt, mit eBook-Inhaltsverzeichnis und verlinkten Fußnoten • Mit 15 zeitgenössischen Illustrationen von Halbot Knight Browne (»Phiz«) Unter den Top Ten der meistverkauften Bücher aller Zeiten Als der Franzose Charles Darnay in Paris von den Revolutionären zum Tod verurteilt wird, rettet ihm der junge englische Anwalt Sydney Carton das Leben, indem er freiwillig das Schafott besteigt. Er opfert sich aus Liebe – zu der für ihn unerreichbaren Lucie Manette, der Verlobten des Verurteilten. Anstelle von Lucies künftigem Gatten lässt also er sich zur Guillotine führen. und geht für ihn in den Tod. Um diesen einfachen, aber hochdramatischen Handlungskern herum schildert Dickens in gleichsam tolstoischer Könnerschaft die blutige Dekade ab 1785, in der die französische Revolution ihren Höhepunkt erreicht. ›A Tale of Two Cities‹ (Originaltitel) ist Dickens erfolgreichstes Werk: Mit über 200 Millionen verkauften Ausgaben liegt es unter den Top Ten der meistgedruckten Bücher aller Zeiten, und ist bis heute das bei weitem meistverkaufte englischsprachige Buch der gesamten Literatur.

Ordinary Cities

Author: Jennifer Robinson
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415304887
Format: PDF, Docs
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With the urbanization of the world's population proceeding apace and the equally rapid urbanization of poverty, urban theory has an urgent challenge to meet if it is to remain relevant to the majority of cities and their populations, many of which are outside the West. This groundbreaking book establishes a new framework for urban development. It makes the argument that all cities are best understood as 'ordinary', and crosses the longstanding divide in urban scholarship and urban policy between Western and other cities (especially those labelled 'Third World'). It considers the two framing axes of urban modernity and development, and argues that if cities are to be imagined in equitable and creative ways, urban theory must overcome these axes with their Western bias and that resources must become at least as cosmopolitan as cities themselves. Tracking paths across previously separate literatures and debates, this innovative book - a postcolonial critique of urban studies - traces the outlines of a cosmopolitan approach to cities, drawing on evidence from Rio, Johannesburg, Lusaka and Kuala Lumpur. Key urban scholars and debates, from Simmel, Benjamin and the Chicago School to Global and World Cities theories are explored, together with anthropological and developmentalist accounts of poorer cities. Offering an alternative approach, Ordinary Cities skilfully brings together theories of urban development for students and researchers of urban studies, geography and development.


Author: John Reader
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802142733
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In a sweeping treatment that covers a span from ancient Sumeria to the present, the author plumbs the mysteries of the city, explaining how they work and why they sometimes fail, discussing agriculture, engineering, public works, religion, and much more. Reprint.

Cities for People

Author: Jan Gehl
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781597269841
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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For more than forty years Jan Gehl has helped to transform urban environments around the world based on his research into the ways people actually use—or could use—the spaces where they live and work. In this revolutionary book, Gehl presents his latest work creating (or recreating) cityscapes on a human scale. He clearly explains the methods and tools he uses to reconfigure unworkable cityscapes into the landscapes he believes they should be: cities for people. Taking into account changing demographics and changing lifestyles, Gehl emphasizes four human issues that he sees as essential to successful city planning. He explains how to develop cities that are Lively, Safe, Sustainable, and Healthy. Focusing on these issues leads Gehl to think of even the largest city on a very small scale. For Gehl, the urban landscape must be considered through the five human senses and experienced at the speed of walking rather than at the speed of riding in a car or bus or train. This small-scale view, he argues, is too frequently neglected in contemporary projects. In a final chapter, Gehl makes a plea for city planning on a human scale in the fast- growing cities of developing countries. A “Toolbox,” presenting key principles, overviews of methods, and keyword lists, concludes the book. The book is extensively illustrated with over 700 photos and drawings of examples from Gehl’s work around the globe.

The Vulnerability of Cities

Author: Mark Pelling
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136551476
Format: PDF, ePub
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This introductory user's guide to systems analysis and systems design focuses on building sustainable information systems to meet tomorrow's needs. It shows how practitioners can apply multiple participatory perspectives in development, so as to avoid future problems. As a practical guide, it is presented to be readily comprehensible and is organized to enable users to concentrate on their goals efficiently, and with minimum theoretical elaboration. The chapters follow the sequence involved in planning an information system, explaining key words, the time involved in each step, ending with a tutorial or exercises.

In the Nature of Cities

Author: Nikolas C. Heynen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415368285
Format: PDF, ePub
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The social and material production of urban nature has recently emerged as an important area in urban studies, human/environmental interactions and social studies. This has been prompted by the recognition that the material conditions that comprise urban environments are not independent from social, political, and economic processes, or from the cultural construction of what constitutes the 'urban' or the 'natural'. Through both theoretical and empirical analysis, this groundbreaking collection offers an integrated and relational approach to untangling the interconnected processes involved in forming urban landscapes. The essays in this book attest that the re-entry of the ecological agenda into urban theory is vital both in terms of understanding contemporary urbanization processes, and of engaging in a meaningful environmental politics. They debate the central themes of whose nature is, or becomes, urbanized, and the uneven power relations through which this socio-metabolic transformation takes place. Including urban case studies, international research and contributions from prominent urban scholars, this volume will enable students, scholars and researchers of geographical, environmental and urban studies to better understand how interrelated, everyday economic, political and cultural processes form and transform urban environments.

Sustainability and Cities

Author: Peter Newman
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 9781559636605
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Sustainability and Cities examines the urban aspect of sustainability issues, arguing that cities are a necessary focus for that global agenda. The authors make the case that the essential character of a city's land use results from how it manages its transportation, and that only by reducing our automobile dependence will we be able to successfully accommodate all elements of the sustainability agenda. The book begins with chapters that set forth the notion of sustainability and how it applies to cities and automobile dependence. The authors consider the changing urban economy in the information age, and describe the extent of automobile dependence worldwide. They provide an updated survey of global cities that examines a range of sustainability factors and indicators, and, using a series of case studies, demonstrate how cities around the world are overcoming the problem of automobile dependence. They also examine the connections among transportation and other issues—including water use and cycling, waste management, and greening the urban landscape—and explain how all elements of sustainability can be managed simultaneously. The authors end with a consideration of how professional planners can promote the sustainability agenda, and the ethical base needed to ensure that this critical set of issues is taken seriously in the world's cities. Sustainability and Cities will serve as a source of both learning and inspiration for those seeking to create more sustainable cities, and is an important book for practitioners, researchers, and students in the fields of planning, geography, and public policy.

Cities and Climate Change

Author: Harriet Bulkeley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135130116
Format: PDF
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Climate change is one of the most significant global challenges facing the world today. It is also a critical issue for the world’s cities. Now home to over half the world’s population, urban areas are significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions and are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Responding to climate change is a profound challenge. A variety of actors are involved in urban climate governance, with municipal governments, international organisations, and funding bodies pointing to cities as key arenas for response. This book provides the first critical introduction to these challenges, giving an overview of the science and policy of climate change at the global level and the emergence of climate change as an urban policy issue. It considers the challenges of governing climate change in the city in the context of the changing nature of urban politics, economics, society and infrastructures. It looks at how responses for mitigation and adaptation have emerged within the city, and the implications of climate change for social and environmental justice. Drawing on examples from cities in the north and south, and richly illustrated with detailed case-studies, this book will enable students to understand the potential and limits of addressing climate change at the urban level and to explore the consequences for our future cities. It will be essential reading for undergraduate students across the disciplines of geography, politics, sociology, urban studies, planning and science and technology studies.