Medical Laboratory Science Review

Author: Robert R Harr
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803637969
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Use this comprehensive resource to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to be prepared for classroom tests and certification and licensure examinations.

Clinical Laboratory Science Review

Author: Robert R. Harr
Publisher: F A Davis Company
ISBN: 9780803613737
Format: PDF, ePub
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Examination review with multiple-choice questions and answers, photomicrographs, and color plates. The major divisions of the certification examinations are covered, including hematology, hemostasis, immunology, immunohematology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, body fulids, and education and management. Includes a 100 question sample exam, and a computerized mock exam on the enclosed diskette with over 850 new questions.

Techniques of Television Production

Author: Kanai L. Mukherjee
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 0070076642
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Celebrating a vast readership among clinical laboratory personnel for over two decades,Medical Laboratory Technology, in its revised, enlarged and updated edition, brings togetherall relevant medical laboratory technologies-new and existing ones-in three volumes.Particularly tailored to the needs of laboratories with limited facilities in developingcountries, the book: Describes all tests in a step-by-step manner with guidelines to avoid errors and hazards Details the care and use of laboratory equipment and preparation of reagents Highlights the clinical significance of laboratory findings Provides diagrams for easy comprehension Introduces methods and procedures for producing reliable laboratory findings Volume I: Introduction, Haematology and Coagulation, Immunohaematology (or Blood Banking) Volume II: Microbiology, Serology, Clinical Pathology Volume III: Clinical Biochemistry, Histology and Cytology, Miscellaneous Information This book serves as an invaluable reference for students as well as practicingprofessionals in medical diagnostic laboratories.

Clinical Immunology and Serology

Author: Chrstine Dorresteyn Stevens
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803658567
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The perfect balance of theory and practice! Here’s the must-have information you need to understand the essential principles of immunology and to master the serology techniques most commonly used in the laboratory. Easy-to-read, student-friendly coverage focuses on the direct application of theory to clinical laboratory practice, preparing you for the real world in which you will practice. The 4th Edition of this popular text has been completely updated and revised throughout to reflect the latest advances in the field. A brand-new full-color layout makes the content easier to understand than ever before.

Differential Diagnosis by Laboratory Medicine

Author: Vincent Marks
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642556000
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This extensive handbook helps clinicians and physicians make a precise diagnosis as well as the right decisions for patient treatment. Up-to-date and comprehensive information for differential diagnosis is presented in a well-structured manner. The different sections describe more than 1950 conditions and around 1200 drugs. It also includes a comprehensive section on international reference values of clinical-biochemical and laboratory parameters. The detailed parameter index and an extensive list of frequently used synonyms and abbreviations enable the reader to quickly locate the information they are looking for.

Clinical Hematology and Fundamentals of Hemostasis

Author: Denise Harmening
Publisher: F. A. Davis Company
ISBN: 9780803601352
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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-- Complete coverage of red blood cells, white blood cells, hemostasis, and thrombosis -- Chapters on flow cytometry and molecular diagnosis -- Thorough and up-to-date discussion of anemias -- More case histories to illuminate the links between test and patient and to foster critical thinking -- The laboratory procedures chapter has been expanded into a complete book section, with an entirely new chapter on molecular diagnosis, and includes coverage of automated cell-counting equipment and procedures -- Four-color pages throughout -- Over 500 illustrations that include over 240 full-color microphotographs -- Chapter outline and educational objectives at the beginning of each chapter -- Study questions and answers for each chapter, with cross-references to the relevant text pages -- Table of normal hematologic values on the inside covers