Communicate to Inspire

Author: Kevin Murray
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749468157
Format: PDF, ePub
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Inspirational leaders make us want to achieve more. They persuade us to their cause, win our active support, help us to work better together and make us feel proud to be part of the teams they create. In short, how well you perform as a leader depends on how well you communicate. So if we want to be better leaders ourselves, how do we communicate in a way that inspires? Shortlisted for the 2014/15 CMI Management Book of the Year Award, Communicate to Inspire is an essential manual for any aspiring leader, answering these key practical questions. Kevin Murray presents a model that charts the leadership process and draws stories from the years of experience he has had coaching top leaders from a wide range of organizations. He examines and analyzes some of the key successes (and failures) in leadership and provides a unique and successful model for developing your own leadership skills.

The Language of Leaders

Author: Kevin Murray
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749468130
Format: PDF
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Inspiring communication can make the difference between poor performance and exceptional results. This is why CEOs and HR professionals now believe that the ability to understand, motivate and inspire others is the characteristic that is most important when recruiting senior leaders. Many leaders wrongly perceive they have to become inspired orators if they are to inspire others. Wrong. Language is a system of communication, so the issue is: what system should leaders use to inspire brilliant results? This is the question Kevin Murray answers in The Language of Leaders. Based on original interviews with an extraordinary list of more than 70 top leaders from a wide range of business and public sector organizations, this book provides a unique insight into how these leaders have responded to the demands of a transparent world. It reports on what they have learned and creates a lexicon for successful communication. The message from these leaders is resoundingly clear - communication is now one of the most crucial skills of leadership. Filled with actionable lessons and insights from leaders of high-profile organizations, The Language of Leaders is an invaluable book for anybody in a leadership position, or who aspires to lead.

Communicate to Influence How to Inspire Your Audience to Action

Author: Ben Decker
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071839844
Format: PDF, ePub
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"The gold standard for communication training programs." —USA Today Business communication sucks. At each meeting and presentation, we are inundated with information, leaving us thirsting for inspiration. Sure, we will check off an action item because we have to . . . but what if we were actually inspired to do something? What if we were so moved that we wanted to do it? Leaders must earn the license to lead. Not by expertise, authority, or title alone, but by influence. In Communicate to Influence, you will learn the secrets of the Decker Method—a framework that has been perfected over the past 36 years. Ben and Kelly Decker add fresh insights to these proven principles so that you can ignite change and inspire action. Discover: The Five White Lies of Communicating: learn which barriers prevent you from getting better The Communicator's Roadmap: use a tool to visually chart what type of communication experience you create The Behaviors of Trust: align what you say with how you say it to better connect with your audience The Decker Grid: shift your message from self-centered, all about me content to relevant, audience-centered content that drives action You are called to communicate well. Not only on the main stage, under bright lights, but every time you speak with your colleagues, your clients, and other stakeholders. It's time to learn how. Stop informing. Start inspiring. BEN DECKER & KELLY DECKER are the leading experts in the field of business communication. They consult on messaging, cultivate executive presence among the leadership of Fortune 500companies and startups alike, and regularly deliver keynotes to large audiences. Together, they run Decker Communications, a global firm that trains and coaches tens of thousands of executives a year. Ben and Kelly live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they constantly test and refine communication techniques with their most demanding audience, their three boys.

Epic Families Equipping Parents to Inspire Their Children to Know God

Author: Beth Meltzer
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490850090
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Epic Families not only identifies a problem within today's church but presents suggestions that equip parents to raise kids who are passionate for Jesus and offers ways that churches can partner with and empower parents in this mission. Definitely well worth the read!" - Rev. Allen Perdue Lead Pastor, Jersey Life Church Today's children are not raised in a bubble. Daily, they are bombarded with worldly wisdom and are tempted at earlier ages with things that would have stunned parents of previous generations. Epic Families strives to help parents reclaim their God-given mandate to raise their children to know and love Him. Developed through more than a decade of ministry experience as well as one-on-one coaching with parents and church staff, this book identifies ways that the church has taken over a role that was designed for parents. It offers suggestions to parents to help them confidently teach their children about the God who made them, loves them, and wants a relationship with them, while also suggesting ways that churches can partner with parents, while not usurping the parents' role. Epic Families can empower parents to inspire their children to trust God and make wise choices. In the busy and sometimes scary world we live in, parents need to intentionally showcase God's presence to their children and let Him permeate their lives; this book offers them a valuable resource to do that.

Managing to Inspire

Author: Bob Sullo
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595431712
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Managing to Inspire provides both the theory and practical examples managers need to increase their effectiveness." Will Graylin, Chairman of the Board WAY Systems International "Our managers and supervisors value and use the specific advice and guidance in this book. Managing to Inspire is helping us to achieve our goals for satisfied, self-directed, productive employees." Frank Ferguson, President, Curriculum Associates, Inc. 1976-2007 President, BOSE Corporation 1969-1976. Your success as a manager rests on your ability to get the most from those you supervise. The traditional carrot-and-stick approach takes you only so far and never inspires employees to do their best work on a regular basis. To create an environment that fosters productivity, you need to know what motivates your workers to succeed. People work hardest for what matters most to them, and they naturally resist control and coercion. If you create an environment where employees satisfy their basic needs by engaging in quality work, productivity will increase dramatically. This book shows you how to do just that. If you are satisfied with employees who are doing just enough work to get by, this book has nothing to offer you. However, if you want employees who are productive, hardworking, and satisfied as they help the organization thrive, then Managing to Inspire will be an invaluable resource.

Using Peer Assessment to Inspire Reflection and Learning

Author: Keith Topping
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351256866
Format: PDF, Docs
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There is increasingly strong evidence that K-12 learners who assess each other’s work and then engage in related reflections, discussions, and negotiations benefit mutually from the process. In this practical volume, Keith J. Topping provides suggestions for implementing effective peer assessment across many classroom contexts and subjects. Using Peer Assessment to Inspire Reflection and Learning offers pre- and in-service teachers a variety of teaching strategies to best fit their particular students and school environments along with straightforward tools to evaluate peer assessment’s impact on their classrooms.

The Art of Communication

Author: Peter Oliver
ISBN: 9781977015228
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Concise Reads management series gives us some of the important tools in the management tool belt including problem solving, communicating, and building a team. The guides are concise on purpose and should take you no more than an hour or so to read but the principles within them take weeks and months to master. These are essential principles to find success as a manager or leader and therefore it is important that you absorb them and turn them into habits.The Art of Communication:"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others" -- Tony RobbinsTony Robbins, famous author and life coach, makes the point that communicating has to take into account the audience. This seems simple enough, but take a minute and think about how often you considered the other person or people whom you are addressing.The truth is we try but we don't really try. We communicate in a way that we think is obvious and straightforward for us. In this Concise Reads, you'll get exposure to how to structure and deliver your message. You'll read about Steve Jobs and Simon Sinek as well as other anecdotes that include Martin Luther King Jr. and John Kennedy. By the time you are done, you will have a much better appreciation of what it takes to deliver an idea or a message using communication.


Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 8120333012
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Today, the need for communication skills has become more important than ever before. Communication plays a vital role — be it the preparation one has to do to face an interview or deal with diverse business deals, or interacting with colleagues, superiors, and others. The Second Edition of this text, based on the feedback received from the readers, continues to highlight the vital skills one needs for effectively communicating in diverse situations. Divided into five parts, the text shows the power of three V’s of communication — the verbal, the visual and the vocal, examining at the same time the role of formal and informal communication methods, and stressing the significance of grapevine in organizations. It also demonstrates how important listening is, and the basic skill-sets needed by a manager for business dealings. Further, the text gives the nuances of verbal communication and the factors necessary for preparing a presentation besides giving a comprehensive view of non-verbal communication. It highlights the role of written communication, the importance of business writing, the formats of business letters, memos, and report writing, and how flawed thinking impedes written communication. The text concludes by emphasizing the crucial role played by corporate communication in enhancing an organization’s image. What’s New to This Edition : New concepts such as Fog Index/Readability Index, Business Terms, Acronyms, Abbreviations, e-mail Etiquette, Virtual Team Skills, and Social Skills. Many exercises and other inputs. Written in a clear and straightforward style and in a student-friendly fashion, this concise and compact text is intended both for students of management and for young executives and managers.

Fire Them Up

Author: Carmine Gallo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118039274
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Fire Them Up! will give you the astonishing communication skills that will help you enjoy more successful and fulfilling relationships with colleagues, clients, employees, or anyone else in your personal or professional life. It is full of stories and tactics from some of the world’s most influential people. More than two dozen of today’s most inspiring business leaders share their secrets including men and women who run The Ritz-Carlton, Google, Travelocity, Cranium, Cold Stone Creamery, Gymboree, 24-Hour Fitness and many other big-name brands. The book reveals seven simple secrets distilled from the wisdom of leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries from different backgrounds, generations and industries. Together, they possess all the tools you need to transform yourself into an extraordinary, electrifying, and enthusiastic leader who communicates with power, passion, confidence and charisma!