Conflict Resolution Smarts

Author: Matt Doeden
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
ISBN: 076137020X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Examines teen conflict resolution and interpersonal relations and provides tips and information about improving them.

Conflict Resolution

Author: Robert Wandberg
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 9780736888363
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Discusses various types of conflict, offers exercises to assess individual responses to conflict, and offers advice for developing healthy, mature conflict resolution skills.

50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

Author: Jonamay Lambert
Publisher: Human Resource Development
ISBN: 1599965100
Format: PDF
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This collection of activities, self-assessments, and exercises is especially useful as a resource to introduce the issue of conflict and its resolution as a part of workshops on management, leadership, communication, negotiation and diversity. The book is fully reproducible and flexibly organized in two sections. Part One includes twenty-five interactive group learning activities to explore conflict and provide practice in skills that help to resolve it. Part Two consists of twenty-five individualized exercises and assessments that are ideal for pre-work prior to group training sessions, or they can be distributed to participants for their own self-development. All of the activities and assessments are reproducible and include participant materials and notes for the instructor Selected Contents Part One: Group Workshop Activities: Two Responses to Conflict: Fight or Flight; How Can We Both Win? A Quick Demonstration; Individual Conflict Styles: A Zoological Approach; Approaches to Conflict: Role Play Demonstration; When Conflict Creates Stress, Don't Just Stand There...; Introduction to Listening: A Self Inventory; Red Flags; Benefits and Barriers: Exploring Third Party Intervention; Mismatched? Are You Reading the Non-Verbal Cues?; Constructive or Destructive Conflict: Lessons to be Learned; Gaining a Different Perspective; Assumptions: Who Needs 'Em?; Portrait of a Peacemaker; What Kind of Question is That?; Third-Party Mediation; Formulating Clear Agreements Part Two: Individualized Exercises and Assessments: Self-Assessment in Dealing with Differences; Analyzing A Conflict: Is It Worth Getting Into?; In the Heat of the Moment; How to Deal with Hot Buttons; Resolving a Conflict through Planning; Mediation: Test Your Knowledge; First Thoughts About Others: Perception IQ Quiz; Uncovering the Hidden Agenda; Your Turn: A Non-Judgmental Exercise; Supportive Listening: What's Your Score?; Escalate vs. Acknowledge: The Choice is Yours; Eight Different Points of View

Preventing and Managing Conflict in Schools

Author: Neil H. Katz
Publisher: Corwin
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The authors of this book, leading authorities on the topic of conflict resolution, introduce tested and effective strategies for preventing and managing conflict in both interpersonal and group settings and offer some additional strategies for managing conflict as a third party. This helpful book will greatly enhance the school administrator's ability to ensure that human interaction over differences is both constructive and productive.

We Can Work it Out

Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Publisher: PuddleDancer Press
ISBN: 1892005123
Format: PDF
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The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action. Training in NVC can help facilitate communication and prevent conflict by helping everyone get their needs met.