Computer Misuse

Author: Stefan Fafinski
Publisher: Willan
ISBN: 1134027796
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is concerned with the nature of computer misuse and the legal and extra-legal responses to it. It explores what is meant by the term 'computer misuse' and charts its emergence as a problem as well as its expansion in parallel with the continued progression in computing power, networking, reach and accessibility. This book will be of interest to students of IT law as well as to sociologists and criminologists, and those who have a professional concern with preventing computer misuse and fraud.

Information Technology Law

Author: Andrew Murray
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198732465
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Information Technology Law is the ideal companion for a course of study on IT law and the ways in which it is evolving in response to rapid technological and social change. The third edition of this ground-breaking textbook develops its unique examination of the legal processes and their relationship to the modern "information society". Charting the development of the rapid digitization of society and its impact on established legal principles, Murray examines thechallenges faced with enthusiasm and clarity. Following a clearly-defined part structure, the text begins by defining the information society and discussing how it may be regulated, before moving on to explore issues of internet governance, privacy and surveillance, intellectual property and rights,and commerce within the digital sphere. Comprehensive and engaging, Information Technology Law takes an original and thought-provoking approach to examining this fast-moving area of law in context. Online Resource Centre: The third edition is supported by a range of online resources, including:* Additional chapters on the Digital Sphere and Virtual Environments* Audio podcasts suitable for revision* Updates to the law post-publication* A flashcard glossary of key terms and concepts* Outline answers to end of chapter questions* A link to the author's blog, The IT Lawyer* Web links

Cybercrime in the Greater China Region

Author: Yao-Chung Chang
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 0857936689
Format: PDF, Mobi
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ÔProfessor ChangÕs very thoughtful and impressively researched study of cybercrime in the greater China region is an invaluable contribution to the information and analyses available in this area. It not only provides important, and heretofore unavailable data, about the incidence and nature of cybercrime in this region, it also offers insightful suggestions into how this problem can most effectively be controlled. It belongs in the library of anyone interested in this area.Õ Ð Susan Brenner, University of Dayton, US ÔEast Asia is a heartland of the variegated scams of the cybercrime problem. Yao Chung ChangÕs book is an innovative application of routine activity theory and regulatory theory to cybercrime prevention across the cybergulf between China and Taiwan. The long march through the scams and across the Taiwan Strait is fascinating. Chang leads us to ponder a wiki cybercrime prevention strategy that might work in such treacherous waters.Õ Ð John Braithwaite, Australian National University ÔCybercriminals exploit weaknesses in cross-border crime cooperation and this is aptly illustrated in the context of relations between Taiwan and the PeopleÕs Republic of China. ChangÕs book shows that even in the climate of mistrust that prevails basic forms of cross-border police cooperation can be achieved. Pragmatism and professional interest in what helps to track elusive computer hackers who have driven a massive surge in the application of malware as ÒcrimewareÓ make good grounds for common cause. This book provides a valuable example of what can be achieved even in the most unpromising of mutual legal assistance situations and opens up for readers the problems and issues confronted by Chinese cyber-police.Õ Ð Roderic Broadhurst, Australian National University ÔVery rarely do you read books that impress these days, but for me Cybercrime in the Greater China Region was one of them. Dr Chang is one of a number of young and exciting international academics who are exploring previously unchartered territory in their quest for new understandings about cybercrime. In his book, Dr Chang manages to locate a global policing problem within the sometimes tense political and cultural constraints of regional policing. For me, Professor Grabosky neatly sums up the strengths of the book in his foreword, I can only endorse them.Õ Ð David S. Wall, University College, Durham University, UK ÔLennonÕs research is an important contribution to the current limited understanding of the cybercrimes and related laws/regulations and incident reporting issues across the straits between the two major economies in the Asia region. A well researched book, and highly informative with practical suggestions for enhancing visibility and cooperation to improve the overall state of cybersecurity in the region, especially between the two economies.Õ Ð Meng-Chow Kang, Cisco Systems, China Cybercrime is a worldwide problem of rapidly increasingly magnitude and, of the countries in the Asia Pacific region, Taiwan and China are suffering most. This timely book discusses the extent and nature of cybercrime in and between Taiwan and China, focussing especially on the prevalence of botnets (collections of computers that have been compromised and used for malicious purposes). The book uses routine activity theory to analyse Chinese and Taiwanese legal responses to cybercrime, and reviews mutual assistance between the two countries as well as discussing third party cooperation. To prevent the spread of cybercrime, the book argues the case for a ÔwikiÕ approach to cybercrime and a feasible pre-warning system. Learning from lessons in infectious disease prevention and from aviation safety reporting, Cybercrime in the Greater China Region proposes a feasible information security incident reporting and response system. Academics, government agency workers, policymakers and those in the information security or legal compliance divisions in public and private sectors will find much to interest them in this timely study.

Legal Principles for Combatting Cyberlaundering

Author: Daniel Adeoyé Leslie
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319064169
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume deals with the very novel issue of cyber laundering. The book investigates the problem of cyber laundering legally and sets out why it is of a grave legal concern locally and internationally. The book looks at the current state of laws and how they do not fully come to grips with the problem. As a growing practice in these modern times, and manifesting through technological innovations, cyber laundering is the birth child of money laundering and cybercrime. It concerns how the internet is used for 'washing' illicit proceeds of crime. In addition to exploring the meaning and ambits of the problem with concrete real-life examples, more importantly, a substantial part of the work innovates ways in which the dilemma can be curbed legally. This volume delves into a very grey area of law, daring a yet unthreaded territory and scouring undiscovered paths where money laundering, cybercrime, information technology and international law converge. In addition to unearthing such complexity, the hallmark of this book is in the innovative solutions and dynamic remedies it postulates.

Handbook of Internet Crime

Author: Yvonne Jewkes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134030592
Format: PDF, ePub
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An essential reference for scholars and others whose work brings them into contact with managing, policing and regulating online behaviour, the Handbook of Internet Crime emerges at a time of rapid social and technological change. Amidst much debate about the dangers presented by the Internet and intensive negotiation over its legitimate uses and regulation, this is the most comprehensive and ambitious book on cybercrime to date. The Handbook of Internet Crime gathers together the leading scholars in the field to explore issues and debates surrounding internet-related crime, deviance, policing, law and regulation in the 21st century. The Handbook reflects the range and depth of cybercrime research and scholarship, combining contributions from many of those who have established and developed cyber research over the past 25 years and who continue to shape it in its current phase, with more recent entrants to the field who are building on this tradition and breaking new ground. Contributions reflect both the global nature of cybercrime problems, and the international span of scholarship addressing its challenges.

Handbook of Legal Procedures of Computer and Network Misuse in EU Countries

Format: PDF, Mobi
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In 2003 the European Commission supported RAND Europe in the development of a Handbook that provided an easy-to-use guide matching technical descriptions of incidents to the legal framework of the country in question and details procedures for working with law enforcement to respond to incidents. This handbook was tailored to the user requirements of Europe2s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) community. RAND Europe and Lawfort, a Belgian law firm, compiled the 2005 edition of the CSIRT Legal Handbook. This edition represents a significant update, taking into account recent developments in national legal frameworks and extending its scope to cover the 10 new EU member states that joined in 2004. The project to update the Handbook revisited the incident taxonomy, reviewed and analysed standard enquires and reporting needs, surveyed national legal frameworks and relevant industrial initiatives and finally provided an electronic easy-to-use online and CD-ROM-based application for modifying and updating the information, available at The 2005 CSIRT Legal Handbook is globally unique in the field of information security as it provides access to a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of information on rules, regulations and laws concerning computer misuse. In addition, it also details collection and reporting of computer evidence currently in force in all 25 EU countries, together with guidelines as to when and how law enforcement must be informed of incidents.

Rethinking Rights and Regulations

Author: Lorrie Faith Cranor
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262262163
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The contributors to this volume examine issues raised by the intersection of new communications technologies and public policy in this post-boom, post-bust era. Originally presented at the 30th Research Conference on Communication, Information, and Internet Policy (TPRC 2002)--traditionally a showcase for the best academic research on this topic--their work combines hard data and deep analysis to explore the dynamic interplay between technological development and society.The chapters in the first section consider the ways society conceptualizes new information technologies and their implications for law and policy, examining the common metaphor of "cyberspace as place," alternative definitions of the Internet, the concept of a namespace, and measures of diffusion. The chapters in the second section discuss how technological change may force the rethinking of legal rights; topics considered include spectrum rights, intellectual property, copyright and "paracopyright," and the abridgement of constitutional rights by commercial rights in ISP rules. Chapters in the third and final section examine the constant adjustment and reinterpretation of regulations in response to technological change, considering, among other subjects, liability regimes for common carriers and the 1996 detariffing rule, privacy and enhanced 911, and the residual effect of state ownership on privatized telecommunication carriers. The policy implications of Rethinking Rights and Regulations are clear: major institutional changes may be the necessary response to major advances in telecommunications technology.

Criminal Law Statutes 2011 2012

Author: Jonathan Herring
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135877920
Format: PDF, Mobi
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‘Focused content, layout and price - Routledge competes and wins in relation to all of these factors’ - Craig Lind, University of Sussex, UK ‘The best value and best format books on the market.’ - Ed Bates, Southampton University, UK Routledge Student Statutes present all the legislation students need in one easy-to-use volume. Developed in response to feedback from lecturers and students, this book offer a fully up-to-date, comprehensive, and clearly presented collection of legislation - ideal for LLB and GDL course and exam use. Routledge Student Statutes are: Exam Friendly: un-annotated and conforming to exam regulations Tailored to fit your course: 80% of lecturers we surveyed agree that Routledge Student Statutes match their course and cover the relevant legislation Trustworthy: Routledge Student Statutes are compiled by subject experts, updated annually and have been developed to meet student needs through extensive market research Easy to use: a clear text design, comprehensive table of contents, multiple indexes and highlighted amendments to the law make these books the most student-friendly Statutes on the market Competitively Priced: Routledge Student Statutes offer content and usability rated as good or better than our major competitor, but at a more competitive price Supported by a Companion Website: presenting scenario questions for interpreting Statutes, annotated web links, and multiple-choice questions, these resources are designed to help students to be confident and prepared.

Nursing Practice

Author: Ian Peate
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118496795
Format: PDF, Docs
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Nursing Practice is the essential, textbook to supportyou throughout your entire nursing degree, from your first yearonwards. It explores all the clinical and professional issues thatyou need to know in one complete volume. Written in the context of the latest Nursing and MidwiferyCouncil Standards for Pre-Registration Nursing Education andthe Essential Skills Clusters, this book covers all fieldsof nursing: Adult, Child, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities andalso Maternity care, in both acute and community settings. Withfull colour illustrations, and plenty of activities anduser-friendly features throughout, this evidence-based textencompasses essential nursing theory and practice, providingstudents with information to support their success. Learning features in the book include: Hear it from the experts- tips and advice from real lifenurses, patients and their carers, and student nurses Red Flags- alerting the student to potential dangers Primary Care Considerations- informs students about care issuesin the community setting Fields boxes- giving further insight into other fields ofnursing, making the book relevant to all fields of nursingpractice Medicines Management boxes provide key information aboutmedicines Self-assessment and activities throughout A companion website to this title is available at ahref="" Here you’ll find a range of resources for both the studentand the lecturer, including: Over 350 interactive multiple choice questions Flashcards Glossary Links to references and further reading Illustrations from the book Worksheets