Construction Management

Author: Jason G Smith
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439858489
Format: PDF
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A single mistake, whether made during the bidding process or when executing a construction project, can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. Of course, the sooner mistakes are caught, the less costly they become. Based on the authors’ combined experience working on projects large and small, Construction Management: Subcontractor Scopes of Work delineates how project teams can avoid mistakes and run projects more intelligently, effectively, and efficiently. This book’s concentration on the nuts and bolts of a construction project, rather than on basic philosophies and concepts, sets it apart. It focuses not on the mechanics of writing subcontract scopes of work, but on why they are written the way they are. Designed by contractors for contractors, this is not a book of simple checklists describing how to address various issues, but a compilation of practical examples and lessons learned to form a knowledge base that can be applied to any project. This knowledge can be used to prepare bid documents that clearly define the roles of the various subcontractors, ensuring the full scope of the project is covered without redundancy or duplication. Provides invaluable training while minimizing lost productivity! Auxiliary multiple choice tests and answer keys are available for download from the CRC website. Using this feature, executives will spend less time preparing and presenting in-house seminars, employees can study when they want and take the tests at opportune times. With this book and downloadable tests, the productivity lost due to training is reduced tremendously. Disagreements over the scope of work required of a general contractor and/or trade subcontractors that ultimately end in construction disputes plague the construction industry. This book elucidates problematic aspects of construction projects while also providing insight into the different perspectives of the various project team members. It delivers helpful information that prevents gaps in subcontract coverage and scope disagreements and reduces potential construction disputes.

Residential Construction Management

Author: Joseph A. Griffin
Publisher: J. Ross Publishing
ISBN: 1604270225
Format: PDF, ePub
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Residential Construction Management will provide construction managers a concise and practical guide to managing residential construction projects. One of the fundamental reasons residential contractors fail to prosper is that they are poor managers. By presenting project management tools in their appropriate context of the project lifecycle—initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing, readers will more clearly understand the iterative nature of construction management, which is a key to successfully managing a construction project. You can't afford to be without this indispensible working tool and its step-by-step instructions, project management templates, and real-world case studies. Residential Construction Management provides construction managers a concise and practical guide to managing residential construction projects. One of the fundamental reasons residential contractors fail to prosper is that they are poor managers. By presenting project management tools in their appropriate context of the project lifecycle — initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing — you will more clearly understand the true nature of construction management, which is a key to successfully managing a construction project. You can't afford to be without this indispensible working tool and its step-by-step instructions, project management templates, and real world case studies.Key Features ¦ Walks you through the entire project management lifecycle resulting in a better understanding of the iterative processes of construction management ¦ Offers the information and real world tools needed to successfully apply to a planned or current project ¦ Shows how various knowledge areas and project management tools interact when doing a project providing you with the knowledge to create your own project plan ¦ Offers a downloadable building specification form, change order authorization form, construction schedule, sample budget, construction flowchart, a guide to working with bankers for spec home loans, and much more — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at

Contractors Guide to Green Building Construction

Author: Thomas E. Glavinich
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470056215
Format: PDF
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Written for contractors and endorsed by the Associated General Contractors of America Written specifically for contractors, this "how-to" book enables you to meet the challenges of green building construction. You'll discover how constructing environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings influences project management, delivery, documentation, and risk. Moreover, the book guides you through these important considerations at all phases of a green construction project, including: Bidding and contracting Managing green design when the contractor works as a design builder Subcontracting Procurement Construction management Project commissioning and closeout This book is endorsed by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and was written with the assistance and advice of a specially assembled AGC task force. With a focus on the green building process from the contractor's viewpoint, the book avoids endorsing any one green building rating system in favor of presenting the business fundamentals common to them all. Throughout the presentation, flowcharts and other features offer working tools for successfully managing green construction projects. Plus, real-world case studies developed through discussions with the actual contractors involved help you understand exactly what to expect and how to best manage constructing a green building. In short, this is one book that you need to have on hand to be a part of the rapidly growing green building movement.

Understanding and Negotiating Construction Contracts

Author: Kit Werremeyer
Publisher: RSMeans
ISBN: 9780876298220
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Construction is a complex business. Each project has its own unique physical and commercial considerations. Since there’s no such thing as a “standard” or “typical” construction project, construction contracts should also not be considered standard. The contractor must carefully manage both in order to have a successful outcome and protect the company’s interests and assets. This book will help you manage all these elements of the contract: Scope of work and schedule Terms of payment and cash flow Assurances of performance Insurance, bonding, indemnity, and warranties Changes to the contract Disputes and their resolution Damages Termination and suspension Force majeure International contracting

Successful RFPs in construction

Author: Richard T. Fria
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The negotiated contract method for RFPs is a rapidly growing trend in construction. Traditionally, RFPs have gone through a competitive bid method – meaning that 100% of the design work is done without the input of contractors and with very little real cost information. With the negotiated contract method, only about 10% of the design work is done before a contractor is brought to the table, which means less paperwork and lower up-front costs. There are several advantages to the negotiated contract method:• Because only a small part of the design work is done up-front (before a contractor is brought on board), no extensive re-design work has to be done when budget/schedule issues with the design become a factor.• A complete team – architect/designer and contractor – is assembled earlier, making for a much more efficient process and outcome.• The RFP process becomes a collaborative effort, rather than a competitive one.There is no other book on the shelf that either focuses specifically on RFPs in the construction industry, or features a step-by-step method for implementing the negotiated contract method.This is a step-by-step guide for managing the RFP process in a way that saves time, money, enhances team collaboration, and assures quality in construction. Focusing on the negotiated contract method (as opposed to the competitive bid method), the book takes readers from articulating the needs/wish list for a construction project, to the analysis of responses and interviews, through negotiations and finalization of the deal. This is a roadmap for:• Preparing, understanding, and assessing the quality of information in an RFP.• Gathering critical, project-specific information from free and up-to-date local databases.• Adding value to the process by assisting consultants in marketing and project management capabilities.• Selecting and working with a team early in the process to stay on-schedule and on-budget.• Improving the materials selection process and the end-result overall quality of construction.• Example and template forms make it easy to create a successful RFP process.

Management of Construction Projects

Author: John E. Schaufelberger
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315529084
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Unlike the majority of construction project management textbooks out there, Management of Construction Projects takes a distinctive approach by setting itself in the context of a single and real-world construction project throughout and also by looking at construction project management from the constructor’s perspective. This project-based learning approach emphasizes the skills, knowledge, and techniques students require to become successful project managers. This second edition uses a brand new, larger, and more challenging case study to take students through key stages of the process, including: contracts and subcontracting; estimating, scheduling, and planning; supply chain and materials management; cost control, quality, and safety; project leadership and ethics; and claims, disputes, and project close-outs. Also new to this edition is coverage of emergent industry trends such as LEAN, LEED, and BIM. The book contains essential features such as review questions, exercises, and chapter summaries, while example plans, schedules, contracts, and other documents are stored on a companion website. Written in straightforward language from a constructor’s perspective, this textbook gives a realistic overview and review of the roles of project managers and everything they need to know in order to see a successful project through from start to finish.

The resident engineer

Author: J. K. Ballantyne
Publisher: Thomas Telford Services Ltd
ISBN: 9780727703552
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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- introduction - Ppeparation of the contract documents - Duties of the Resident Engineer - Records - Tendering procedure - First tasks - Compliance with the specification - Communications with the contractor - Payment to the contractor - Keeping to programme - Health and safety requirements - Contract completion - Checklist of duties of the Engineer under the contract - Bibliography

Book of ELM

Author: Ron Pestone
Publisher: Llumina Press
ISBN: 1625500629
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“I know 20 people who should read this book and live by it but some of them are my competition and I hope they never read it. The vendor relationship spoken about in this book is imperative, some contractors think they can burn or abuse vendors and it always comes back to haunt them. This is a necessary and important book.” Garry Boyce Jr., President, Boyce Excavating Co. Inc. Major excavating contractor in upper New York State. “Mr. Pestone has hit the nail on the head with this book. It’s a must read for anyone in the industry. He writes to the construction person who is working his way up the ranks or worked up through the ranks, in a language that is right from the job site. He makes a very interesting read on a subject that could be very difficult.” Ed Dillon, Estimator, TDX Construction Corp. Managed the construction of projects for more than three billion dollars and is ranked as one of the ten largest CM firms in the region. “If you are going into this crazy business or have been in it for a lifetime…read this book…you will learn something from a honest…tell it like it is guy who has been on both sides of the table. Wish he wrote it 25 years ago…” Thomas Iannelli, President, Iannelli Construction Corp. CMAA Metro New York/New Jersey Award of Excellence, NY Construction News Top Contractor of the Year, Subcontractors Trade Association, Builder of the Year. “The writer has shared an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry that few get the experience to obtain. A work life as a contractor, a Vice President for a major subcontractor and an executive for an owner with a billion dollar per year construction program, all in the New York City market has given Ron the perspective of the building environment from both sides of the table. Ron’s experience has produced a book that should be a part of everyone’s tool kit [including all] who lecture, teach, or work on construction management and contracting methods and procedures.” Robert Landrigan, Sr. Director, Construction Services NYC School Construction Authority, Ret. “The Book of ELM, Common Sense Subcontracting with ELM Job costing by Ron Pestone is the result of 50 plus years as a veteran of the subcontracting community. Ron provides a treasury of knowledge of the construction business and a toolkit for job costing that requires a minimum of data input without the need to utilize the traditional tedious cost coding. The author is passionate about this business and provides tremendous insight into how to survive in the subcontractor’s world.” Chuck Marino, President, AMCC Construction Corp. Rated 7th in 2101 in Design Buildings and 9th as New York Top Educational Facilities Contractor. “It was great reading about what the construction industry, all know. Without question, this book should be used to teach a primary course in Construction Management. I am thinking about purchasing copies of this book to present to some of my clients I wish would follow its advice. The comments are witty and I felt as though I was listening to a conversation at an onsite construction meeting. Vincent G. Riverso, Principal, Riverso Associates, Inc. An organization of Construction, Scheduling, Engineering and Architectural Professionals providing Construction Management, Owners Representative Services, Construction Claim support, Construction Accounting, CPM Scheduling, Consulting Estimating, Value Engineering and Design Build Services. “Ron Pestone has hit the nail on the head with ELM Job Costing. Even with a bad estimate, by applying Ron’s approach to project control & accounting you can usually mitigate your losses or maybe even make some ‘lemonade’ with the ‘lemon.’ Ron addresses these topics directly and in no uncertain terms. Also Ron’s book gave me another outlook on some topics, which will hopefully help me in the future. Ron knows his topics very well; he has spent a lot of time in the ‘trenches.’ Therefore, it is highly recommended that you carefully read his book and implement its guidelines on each category. I believe that you’ll enjoy it as it’s not only a quick and easy read but also as very informative and as a quick reference guide.” John Stacom, Principal, R. Stacom Consultants Inc. Former Senior Vice President, WDF Inc. A major mechanical contractor in NYC.