Cooking in High Cotton

Author: Inc The Junior League of Monroe
Publisher: Junior League of Monroe
ISBN: 9780960236428
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Junior League of Monroe encourages you to begin Cooking In High Cotton with their third cookbook filled with 221 recipes. This cookbook not only features southern recipes for all occasions, but also great food tips and side notes to help individualize dishes to your own palate.

The Cotton Country Collection

Author: Junior League of Monroe
Publisher: Junior League of Monroe
ISBN: 9780960236404
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of recipes including recipes for: hors d'oeuvres; soups; eggs and cheese; breads; jellies; salads; vegetables; meats; poultry; seafood; game; cakes; pies; cookies; and candy.

High Cotton Cookin

Author: Marvell Academy Mother's Association
ISBN: 9780918544148
Format: PDF, ePub
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High Cotton Cookin' is packed full with old & new southern treats. Included are such chapters as Wild Game (for hunters & their wives), an excellent Bread section with 64 recipes, ranging from quick breads to yeast & sourdoughs, a Preserving chapter with old-fashioned recipes for such delights as Chow-Chow, Squash Relish, & Virginia Sweet Pickle Chunks.

Tales of Texas Cooking

Author: Frances Brannen Vick
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 1574416189
Format: PDF
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According to Renaissance woman and Pepper Lady Jean Andrews, although food is eaten as a response to hunger, it is much more than filling one's stomach. It also provides emotional fulfillment. This is borne out by the joy many of us feel as a family when we get in the kitchen and cook together and then share in our labors at the dinner table. Food is comfort, yet it is also political and contested because we often are what we eat--meaning what is available and familiar and allowed. Texas is fortunate in having a bountiful supply of ethnic groups influencing its foodways, and Texas food is the perfect metaphor for the blending of diverse cultures and native resources. Food is a symbol of our success and our communion, and whenever possible, Texans tend to do food in a big way. This latest publication from the Texas Folklore Society contains stories and more than 120 recipes, from long ago and just yesterday, organized by the 10 vegetation regions of the state. Herein you'll find Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s Family Cake, memories of beef jerky and sassafras tea from John Erickson of Hank the Cowdog fame, Sam Houston's barbecue sauce, and stories and recipes from Roy Bedichek, Bob Compton, J. Frank Dobie, Bob Flynn, Jean Flynn, Leon Hale, Elmer Kelton, Gary Lavergne, James Ward Lee, Jane Monday, Joyce Roach, Ellen Temple, Walter Prescott Webb, and Jane Roberts Wood. There is something for the cook as well as for the Texan with a raft of takeaway menus on their refrigerator.

High Cotton

Author: Debby Mayne
Publisher: Gilead Publishing
ISBN: 1683701313
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Some families are filled with so much love they can’t help but drive each other crazy Shay Henke has mixed feelings about going to her family’s next reunion. On the one hand, she’ll get to see everyone in her mama's family—folks she loves unconditionally. On the other hand, she knows there’ll be more drama than you can shake a stick at. The days leading up to the event bring one surprise after another. First Shay must deal with her sister-in-law’s deep, dark secret. Then she has to contend with the childish ways of her business-mogul twin cousins. And when her high school crush wants to be her date to the reunion . . . well, it may have been a dream come true for Shay’s teen self, but the woman she’s become doesn’t know what to make of this. Shay’s contentment is challenged, and she’s determined to shake things up a bit. But will she find the excitement she’s looking for, or will Shay realize she prefers her quiet and predictable life? One thing is certain: Life in the Bucklin family is never boring.


Author: Michael Chiarello
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452100322
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Michael Chiarello's fans have watched him on Top Chef Masters, the Food Network, and PBS. He's an Emmy Award winner and award-winning author, with combined cookbook sales of over 400,000 copies. Chiarello returns to the kitchen with a cookbook inspired by the soulful Southern Italian-style menu at his new Napa Valley restaurant, Bottega. It's rich with more than 120 photographs that convey the Bottega experience and 100 amazing recipes for Southern Italian specialties, which, with signature Chiarello style, are designed for the home cook to have as much easy joy cooking as eating. Bottega is Michael Chiarello at his best.