Counselling Skills for Social Work

Author: Lisa Miller
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446253988
Format: PDF, Docs
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Praise for the first edition: 'The content of the book is excellent.... The strength lies in its detailed application of ideas to practice. The use of the case material to illustrate application is excellent and works well.' - Helen Cosis-Brown, University of Middlesex This new edition of Counselling Skills for Social Work argues that good counselling skills are at the heart of effective social work practice. Building on the success of the first edition, this core textbook brings a range of therapeutic models, with their theoretical underpinnings and skills, directly into a social work context. By looking at how the underlying theory can be applied to professional practice, chapters identify the key skills which can be employed for the most effective social work intervention. Key features of the book include: - a practical skills-based approach; - a focus on service-user experiences and arange of case-studies drawn from a variety of `real-life' settings; - a new chapter dedicated to counselling young people; - chapter content is linked to the most recent NOS and GSCC guidelines structuring training and practice; - end-of-chapter Reflective Questions and Tips for Practice summarising the key theoretical concepts and their applications. Written in a lively and engaging style this updated new edition will be an invaluable text for undergraduate students in social work. It will also be useful for qualified practitioners to enhance understanding of communication and the process of change through the medium of counselling skills.

Counselling Skills In Social Work Practice

Author: Seden, Janet
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335216498
Format: PDF, ePub
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· In what ways is counselling relevant to contemporary social work? · How do counselling skills integrate with social work roles and responsibilities? This book examines these skills and their applicability, drawing from social work and counselling theories and methods using clear, practical examples. Skills are discussed with reference to social work knowledge and values illustrating how, when used competently, contextually and sensitively they can appropriately underpin good social work practice. Questions and activities for self development are linked to the practices discussed. This new edition ofCounselling Skills in Social Work Practicehas been thoroughly revised to reflect the National Occupational Standards for social work which identify the importance of communication skills and a developmental understanding of people in their social contexts. The chapters are linked to the six key roles for social work practice. This book builds on the strengths of the first edition, as well as addressing the challenges of practice in relevant legislative and policy contexts. The book includes: · Evidence of how the competencies which underpin counselling practice are directly transferable to effective social work practice · Practical advice on communication skills · Examples of how to build effective working relationships; a whole chapter is now devoted to the specific skills required for working within inter-agency and multi-disciplinary teams This book is key reading on the subject of ethical and effective social work for those teaching, studying or practising in the field.

Using Counselling Skills in Social Work

Author: Sally Riggall
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 0857256300
Format: PDF, ePub
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This practical book enables students to develop key counselling skills that can help to enhance their practice and help to place the service-user at the centre of the decision making process. Relationship building will be a key area of the text and relevant counselling skills for achieving this in social work settings such as empathic responding will be illustrated in detail together with examples of dialogue and analysis of interventions. The role and importance of self-awareness will be discussed together with various exercises to develop the readers' own knowledge of themselves.

Counselling Skills for Social Workers

Author: Hilda Loughran
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781138504202
Format: PDF
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Counselling skills are very powerful. Being really listened to and receiving compassionate empathy without being judged is a core part of social work practice with service users. This book provides a theoretically informed understanding of the core skills required to provide counselling interventions that work. It provides detailed discussion of three core skills which are identified as: Talking and responding, listening and observing and thinking. Over eleven chapters these core skills are described in terms of what they mean, how they can be learned and developed, how they can be used and misused, and most importantly, how specific skills can be employed in a coherent and evidence-informed counselling approach. Loughran also looks in detail at the skills required to deliver interventions consistent with three approaches; Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Work and Groupwork. Illustrative case examples and exercises offer further opportunities for reflection and exploration of self-awareness as well as for practicing and enhancing skills development, thus making the book required reading for all social work students, professionals looking to develop their counselling skills, and those working in the helping professions more generally.

Introduction to Counselling Skills

Author: Richard Nelson-Jones
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446271773
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From leading skills expert Richard Nelson-Jones, this bestselling book is the ideal companion for any trainer or trainee wanting to acquire and develop the counselling skills key to effective therapeutic relationships. Using an easy to follow, three-stage model, this fourth edition provides the answers to those all important questions: - what are counselling skills and why are they important? - how can I become more skilled and put the skills I have learnt into practice? - what skills will help me manage crises and work effectively with diversity, ethical issues and dilemmas? - how can I help my client to develop their own self-helping skills and maintain change after the counselling relationship has terminated? Accessible, practical and concise, this new edition is packed full of up-to-date case examples, more material on self-care and diversity, as well as a brand new chapter on "Using Technology in Counselling". This is the ideal text for introductory courses in counselling skills, counselling and other professional areas including health care, management, education and social work. Richard Nelson-Jones has many years' experience as a counsellor, trainer and psychotherapist. His books have helped train thousands of counsellors and helpers worldwide. He is a Fellow of the British and Australian Psychological Societies and of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Generalist Social Work Practice Intervention Methods

Author: Joseph Walsh
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 053464130X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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GENERALIST SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE: INTERVENTION METHODS provides students with the introductory knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. Walsh's text targets undergraduate students with its brevity and experiential/applied approach, although its focus on concrete skills development will appeal to selected masters level programs. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Skills for Social Work Practice

Author: Keith Davies
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137390271
Format: PDF
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Skills lie at the heart of all actions of a social worker, and inform all aspects of practice – from drawing on vital theoretical and ethical frameworks to applying the law and research findings to particular situations. This user-friendly and logically organised book brings together the key skills needed for practice in one place. It reflects current practice frameworks and addresses a wide range of skills including communication and relationship building, professional writing, ethical practice, assessment and reflection. Each chapter incorporates a number of features to help with learning and practical application, including: • Case studies to demonstrate how particular concepts apply to social work practice • Reflective exercises to help readers relate concepts and situations to their own experiences on placement and in the classroom • Progress checks to help students make connections between the Professional Capability Framework, the Standards of Proficiency and the wider skills they need to acquire • Chapter summaries to draw out key themes This engaging and practical book is essential for students studying social work or health and social care. It is also a critical tool for practitioners looking to enhance their skills in social work practice.

Counselling Skill

Author: John McLeod
Publisher: McGraw-Hill International
ISBN: 0335218091
Format: PDF, Docs
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"Many books have been written on 'counselling skills' to complement a counselling skills training course. The difference between this book and those based on counselling skills is that it provides a less daunting, more user-friendly approach to talking and listening to people...Counselling Skillis a refreshing read that has aided my continuing professional development through a process of self-reflection. It has also influenced my approach as a nurse now that I have applied counselling skill concepts during social interactions with patients"Nursing Standard Does your job involve working with people? Do you know what to do when your clients or colleagues want to talk to you about difficult issues in their lives? Would you like to improve your ability to listen and help others? This book is written for practitioners such as teachers, doctors, community workers, nurses and social workers, whose counselling role is embedded within other work functions. A framework is introduced, that allows the reader to draw on knowledge and competencies from their own personal and professional experience, as well as from a range of approaches to counselling, that will help them to help others. The majority of people who seek help for personal issues do not consult specialist counsellors or psychotherapists, but instead look for support from people who are close to hand. In many instances, the counselling conversations that they have may last for no more than a few minutes. This book equips readers with methods and strategies for working effectively in such circumstances. Counselling Skilloutlines the abilities needed for counselling others – listening carefully, self-awareness, instillation of hope, being reliable and trustworthy, a capacity to engage with emotion – and suggests how these everyday skills may be used to help others to help themselves. In order to help those new to the ideas in the book, each chapter is supported by examples, as well as evidence from research studies. This book is key reading for people working in helping, managing or supervisory roles: it provides efficient and ethical strategies that will improve their ability to assist or advise others. It is also of use to counsellors and counselling students who wish to develop a better understanding of their craft.

Counselling Skills for Working with Shame

Author: Christiane Sanderson
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1784500011
Format: PDF, Docs
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Counselling Skills for Working with Shame helps professionals to understand and identify shame and to build shame resilience in both the client and themselves. Shame is ubiquitous in counselling where there is an increased vulnerability and risk of exposure to shame. While many clients experience feelings of shame, it is often overlooked in the therapeutic process and as a result can be left untreated. It is particularly pertinent when working with clients who have experienced trauma, domestic or complex abuse, or who struggle with addiction, compulsion and sexual behaviours. Written in an accessible style, this is a hands-on, skills-based guide which helps practitioners to identify what elicits, evokes or triggers shame. It gives a general introduction to the nature of shame in both client and counsellor and how these become entwined in the therapeutic relationship. It focuses on increasing awareness of shame and how to release it in order to build shame resilience. With points for reflection, helpful exercises, top tips, reminders and suggestions for how to work with clients, this is a highly practical guide for counsellors, therapists, mental health practitioners, nurses, social workers, educators, human resources, trainee counsellors and students.

Developing Skills for Social Work Practice

Author: Michaela Rogers
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1473987164
Format: PDF
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Are your students struggling to get to grips with what social work actually looks like in real-life practice? Are they wanting to know more about how they can develop the right skills and implement the right theory in many different practice situations? Then you have come to the right place! This book will provide your students with everything they need to know and more, helping them develop and hone their skills and make the best start in their practice placements. To get the most out of this book and access more materials to support them through their social work degree, visit the companion website at to read journal articles, access ‘how to..’ guides and helpful links, as well as hear first-hand from frontline social workers, services users, carers and more.