European Cities Planning Systems and Property Markets

Author: J.N. Berry
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135824975
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A common theme running through both the market economies of Western Europe and the old command economies of Eastern Europe is the desire to combine local economic development objectives with those of the international investor. It is in this context that the interaction between planning systems and property markets is of paramount importance.

Religion and Law in Spain

Author: Javier Martínez-Torrón
Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.
ISBN: 9403500441
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this convenient resource provides systematic information on how Spain deals with the role religion plays or can play in society, the legal status of religious communities and institutions, and the legal interaction among religion, culture, education, and media. After a general introduction describing the social and historical background, the book goes on to explain the legal framework in which religion is approached. Coverage proceeds from the principle of religious freedom through the rights and contractual obligations of religious communities; international, transnational, and regional law effects; and the legal parameters affecting the influence of religion in politics and public life. Also covered are legal positions on religion in such specific fields as church financing, labour and employment, and matrimonial and family law. A clear and comprehensive overview of relevant legislation and legal doctrine make the book an invaluable reference source and very useful guide. Succinct and practical, this book will prove to be of great value to practitioners in the myriad instances where a law-related religious interest arises in Spain. Academics and researchers will appreciate its value as a thorough but concise treatment of the legal aspects of diversity and multiculturalism in which religion plays such an important part.

Innovaci n en el mbito del buen gobierno regulatorio ciencias del comportamiento transparencia y prevenci n de la corrupci n

Author: Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez
Publisher: INAP
ISBN: 8473515722
Format: PDF, ePub
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Coordinadores: Juli Ponce Solé / Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez Autores: Irene Araguàs Galcerà / Oscar Capdeferro Villagrasa / Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez / María De Benedetto / Genny Lucidi / Tomás Ramón Fernández / Paula Ortí Ferrer / Juli Ponce Solé / Sofia Ranchordas / Marcos Vaquer Caballería. Tal y como hoy en día se pone de relieve de forma cada vez más creciente, el Derecho, y concretamente la regulación adecuada y de calidad, puede ser un elemento que permita e incentive la innovación en la sociedad o, por el contrario, la dificulte y la desincentive. La innovación es clave para la competitividad y el crecimiento económico de los países, tanto en los niveles micro como macro. Se trata de un complejo concepto, que puede referirse tanto a iniciativas sociales, a la denominada economía colaborativa o a nuevas tecnologías, para tomar nuevas ideas y traducirlas en resultados sociales o económicos que mejoren el bienestar de los consumidores Contenido: Reseña biográfica de los autores. Capítulo I. Introducción: innovación, buena regulación y prevención de la corrupción (Juli Ponce Solé y Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez). Capítulo II. El control judicial del poder discrecional y el derecho a una buena administración (Tomás-Ramón Fernández). Capítulo III. Regulation or Reputation? Innovation-Friendly Rules for the Sharing Economy (Sofia Ranchordas). Capítulo IV. La ciencia cognitiva en el sector de la regulación energética. El caso de la AEEGSI italiana (Genny Lucidi). Capítulo V. La comprensión y la prevención de la corrupción:un enfoque regulatorio* (María De Benedetto). Capítulo VI. Innovación para la calidad normativa al servicio del buen gobierno y la buena administración (Juli Ponce Solé). Capítulo VII. Una visión de la evaluación ex post de las normas jurídicas: el ejemplo de la Ley catalana 19/2014, de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Buen Gobierno (Agustí Cerrillo i Martínez). Capítulo VIII. Auge y problemas de la metarregulación: la iniciativa legislativa y la potestad reglamentaria en la Ley de Procedimiento Administrativo Común (Marcos Vaquer Caballería). Capítulo IX. Nuevas tendencias de futuro en la calidad regulatoria. La participación ciudadana en la elaboración de disposiciones generales ( Irene Araguàs Galcerà). Capítulo X. Reforma del procedimiento normativo e implantación de instrumentos para una buena regulación: el caso de Cataluña (Paula Ortí Ferrer). Capítulo XI. La lucha contra la corrupción mediante la modificación regulatoria de las medidas cautelares en la jurisdicción contencioso-administrativa (Oscar Capdeferro Villagrasa).


Author: Arturo Soria y Puig
Publisher: Gingko Pr Inc
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Spanish civil engineer, Ildefonso Cerda, invented the term 'urbanization' in 1860-61. His theory was the first in modern times to focus methodically on the city as a construction, its evolution and the workings and interaction of its constituent parts. This book is split into 5 sections: The Technical, Administrative, Legal, Economic and Political Bases of Urbanization. It is the first time Cerda's work has been published in English.

Modern urban history research in Europe USA and Japan

Author: Christian Engeli
Publisher: Berg Publishers
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An excellent survey of research on urban history offering an introduction to the development and methods used in various countries with a list of resources and facilities available to urban historians.

National urban policies in the European Union

Author: Leo van den Berg
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
ISBN: 9781840143607
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Cities develop policy measures aimed at improving their position in Europe. At the same time national governments also pursue policies that affect the functioning of cities. EURICUR has investigated the 'state of the art' concerning national urban policy in the European Union. Experts from each member state have contributed to the comprehensive international comparative research. The resulting investigation is a truly unique volume that comprises a well structured overview of the experiences of each member state as well as an analysis of the major trends in national urban policy today.