Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Author: O. Molloy
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461557852
Format: PDF, Docs
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In order to compete in the current commercial environment companies must produce greater product variety, at lower cost, all within a reduced product life cycle. To achieve this, a concurrent engineering philosophy is often adopted. In many cases the main realization of this is Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFM/A). There is a need for in-depth study of the architectures for DFM/A systems in order that the latest software and knowledge-based techniques may be used to deliver the DFM/A systems of tomorrow. This architecture must be based upon complete understanding of the issues involved in integrating the design and manufacturing domains. This book provides a comprehensive view of the capabilities of advanced DFM/A systems based on a common architecture.

Advances in Human Factors Ergonomics and Safety in Manufacturing and Service Industries

Author: Waldemar Karwowski
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439835004
Format: PDF
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This volume is concerned with the human factors, ergonomics, and safety issues related to the design of products, processes, and systems, as well as operation and management of business enterprises in both manufacturing and service sectors of contemporary industry. The book is organized into ten sections that focus on the following subject matters: I: Enterprise Management II: Human Factors in Manufacturing III: Processes and Services IV: Design of Work Systems V. Working Environment VI. Product and System Safety VII. Safety Design Issues VIII. Safety Management IX. Hazard Communication X. Occupational Risk Prevention This book will be of special value to researchers and practitioners involved in the design of products, processes, systems, and services, which are marketed and utilized by a variety of organizations around the world. Seven other titles in the Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics Series are: Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare Advances in Applied Digital Human Modeling Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making Advances in Cognitive Ergonomics Advances in Occupational, Social and Organizational Ergonomics Advances in Ergonomics Modeling & Usability Evaluation Advances in Neuroergonomics and Human Factors of Special Populations

Integrated Design of a Product Family and Its Assembly System

Author: Pierre De Lit
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461504171
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Integrated Design of a Product Family and Its Assembly System presents an integrated approach for the design of a product family and its assembly system, whose main principles consider the product family as a fictitious unique product for which the assembly system is to be devised. It imposes assembly and operation constraints as late as possible in the design process to get liberties in the system design, and adapts the product family at each design stage to integrate the new constraints related to the successive design choices. Integrated Design of a Product Family and Its Assembly System is an important, must-have book for researchers and Ph.D. students in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and Manufacturing, as well as practitioners in the Design, Planning and Production departments in the manufacturing industry. Integrated Design of a Product Family and Its Assembly System is also suitable for use as a textbook in courses such as Computer-Aided Design, Concurrent Engineering, Design for Assembly, Process Planning, and Integrated Design.

Integrierte Produktentwicklung

Author: Klaus Ehrlenspiel
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446455450
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Dieses Buch ist mittlerweile ein Standardwerk für die Entwicklung und Konstruktion als Kern der Integrierten Produkterstellung (IPE). Drei Schwerpunkte stehen dabei im Vordergrund: die integrierende Denkweise, die Methodenanwendung und die empirische Konstruktionslehre. Die sechste Auflage enthält zahlreiche Neuerungen bzw. Überarbeitungen bei folgenden Themen: Qualitätsmanagement, Sicherheitsmanagement, Verhalten in Krisen, Methoden des Variantenmanagements, Baukastenkonstruktion, Richtlinie VDI 2221 (Anpassung 2016), Kreativität, Unsicherheit bei Entscheidungen, Open Innovation, Entwicklung von mechatronischen Produkten, Anforderungsmanagement, Änderungsmanagement u.v.m.

Manufacturing Engineering Handbook Second Edition

Author: Hwaiyu Geng
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 007183978X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The new edition of this professional resource reveals how to optimize all aspects of the global manufacturing process to build the highest quality goods at the lowest price in the shortest possible time. How can one apply technical and business knowledge to develop a strategic plan that delivers increased productivity, quality, sustainability, reliability, agility, resilience, and best practices with rapid time to production and value? The answers are found in the fully updated new edition of Manufacturing Engineering Handbook. The goal of this second edition is to provide the essential knowledge needed to build products with the highest quality at the lowest cost in the least amount of time by optimizing all aspects of the manufacturing process—design, development, tools, processes, quality, speed, output, safety, and sustainability. You will gain access to information on conventional and modern technologies, manufacturing processes, and operations management that will assist you in achieving these goals. The book is written by a team of more than 100 internationally renowned manufacturing engineering experts, and pared down from its original 1200 pages. The new and vastly improved second edition is specifically designed to concisely and succinctly cover traditional manufacturing processes and advanced technologies as well as newer manufacturing software and systems to integrate them into the modern, global manufacturing world. Brand-new chapters on: eco-design and sustainability; nano materials and nano manufacturing; facilities planning; operations research New sections on plastics, composites, and moldmaking; global manufacturing and supply chain management Increased coverage of Design for Six Sigma and adaptive manufacturing Affiliated web site with color illustrations, graphs, charts, discussions on future trends, additional technical papers, and suggestions for further reading

Lernen von Las Vegas

Author: Robert Venturi
Publisher: Birkhauser
ISBN: 9783764363628
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ausgangspunkt fur diese Veroffentlichung, die sich schon lange zu einem Klassiker der Architekturtheorie entwickelt hat, war ein Seminar mit dem Titel -Learning from Las Vegas, or Form Analysis as Design Research- an der Fakultat fur Kunst und Architektur der Yale University 1968."