Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Primary School

Author: Sue Colverd
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0203833163
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Do you want to promote sociability and positive behaviour in your classroom? Is having an ‘emotionally intelligent classroom’ one of your teaching goals? Are you looking for ways to teach the curriculum more ‘creatively’? Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Primary School is an essential text for supporting children’s emotional preparation for learning in the long term, fostering the development both of self belief and permanent and crucial resilience. This book allows teachers to review their practice and approach to teaching and to re-assess how they view their pupils. Using practical drama frames that the teacher can develop for themselves, it gives a background and framework to build emotional intelligence in a child and generate a culture of openness to learning in the classroom. Areas covered include: Self-esteem, emotional and social intelligence; Independence and self-reliance; Creating an emotionally intelligent learning environment; Emotional literacy based around core curriculum areas including literacy and history; Conflict resolution and anti-bullying strategies; Building emotonal resilience in vulnerable children; Using and integrating positional drama for Emotional Intelligence. With a number of practical techniques and activities to be implemented in the classroom, this introduction to emotional intelligence will be of great interest to all primary school teachers looking to further understanding of pupils social and emotional development through learning.

7 Successful Strategies to Promote Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom

Author: Marziyah Panju
Publisher: Network Continuum
ISBN: 9781855394391
Format: PDF
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Learning is an activity with an emotional dimension and before students can turn their attention to cognitive learning or the prescribed curriculum, they must feel physically safe and emotionally secure. How a student 'feels' about a learning situation determines the amount of time and effort they devote to it. Developing Emotional Intelligence could provide the 'missing link' to achievement in our schools. This book will enable readers to begin to understand and develop their own Emotional Intelligence and that of the students in their care. They will be able to appreciate the role EI plays in promoting academic progress and creating positive, lasting changes that will help learners in both school and non-school settings. IQ, which is a measure of our cognitive intelligence, represents the raw material for our successes, whereas EQ, which signifies Emotional Intelligence, is the set of socio-emotional skills that enables the intellect to turn into action and accomplishment. Without EQ, IQ remains only a potential; this book provides the tools to nurture that potential into reality, using the seven successful strategies that the author outlines in her ELEVATE model.

Developing Advanced Primary Teaching Skills

Author: Denis Hayes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136343903
Format: PDF
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Do you believe that continuous improvement in teaching is essential? Do you wish to enhance your understanding of how children learn? Are you eager to become a well-informed professional? From the author of the hugely respected Foundations of Primary Teaching, this advanced textbook explores the essential elements of teaching and learning and the process of becoming a caring and competent teacher. It introduces a wide range of education issues, challenges and requirements with the intention of promoting advanced classroom practice, both for individuals and within teams. The book offers insights, ideas, hints and thought-provoking education topics for individual reflection and team discussion. With a focus on understanding the teaching and learning processes and the factors that impact upon providing a high quality education for every pupil, this book discusses in detail key learning skills, dilemmas and challenges for primary teachers and themes in continuing professional development. It covers issues in teaching and learning including: The nature/nurture debate Motivation Emotional and moral development Raising boys’ achievement levels Gender and teachers Accelerated learning Reflective practice. Including action points, hints and challenges, this book will be of interest to trainee teachers, postgraduates, experienced qualified teachers, deputy head teachers and head teachers who wish to be more consistently effective and make a positive impact on the lives of children in their primary classroom.

Soziale Intelligenz

Author: Daniel Goleman
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 3426451166
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Daniel Goleman, Autor des Weltbestsellers Emotionale Intelligenz, präsentiert auf Basis der Psychologie und Hirnforschung revolutionäre Erkenntnisse: Unsere „soziale Intelligenz“ ist nicht nur grundlegend für den täglichen Umgang mit Fremden, Freunden, Partnern und Kollegen, sondern sie beeinflusst auch direkt unser persönliches Glück. „Soziale Intelligenz“ ist zunächst unabdingbar für das Funktionieren unserer Gesellschaft. Sie bildet aber auch die Grundlage jeder ausfüllenden zwischenmenschlichen Beziehung – sei es die zwischen Mann und Frau, Eltern und Kind oder zwischen Vorgesetzten und Mitarbeitern. Damit ist sie auch ursächlich verantwortlich für unser ganz persönliches seelisches und körperliches Wohlbefinden. Die gute Nachricht dieses Buches: Wir selbst können die Qualität dieser Beziehungen gestalten, unsere Fähigkeit zur Empathie stärken und somit unsere soziale Kompetenz verbessern.

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent

Author: Catherine Corrie
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1855390698
Format: PDF, Mobi
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At last a book that explains in a simple and practical way what Emotional Intelligence is and how it is an essential intelligence for people who work with people, who want to make a real difference in their communities. This book will support you in your endeavours to:? change behaviour patterns and choose to behave more in line with your own values? change some of the roles you play and choose the ?you? that you really want to be? make the kind of difference you always wanted with your friends, family and pupils? model the above and support children to develop this intelligence for themselves.

Supporting Behaviour by Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Author: Victor Allen
Publisher: Critical Publishing
ISBN: 1912508036
Format: PDF
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The behaviour of students is a common concern and challenge for those working in schools. In addition there is continued government emphasis on behaviour as an important educational issue. This new and fully revised edition of Understanding and Supporting Behaviour through Emotional Intelligence is suitable for all trainees and teachers. It takes a fresh approach to the issues around behaviour with an emphasis on building learners’ resilience and developing emotional intelligence. In particular, the new edition: has been updated with the latest legislation, including Ofsted and SEND guidelines includes new research on the brain and social competence development addresses the continuing decline in social and emotional intelligence of learners emphasises strategies to build resilience includes a new section on the stages of adolescence considers a whole school approach to the issues provides new or revised case studies throughout is relevant for both primary and secondary teachers

Emotional Intelligence

Author: Robert J. Emmerling
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600218569
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book is designed to meet the growing need among researchers, graduate students, and professionals to look into the existing theoretical models as well as developing theories related to emotional intelligence. The primary aim of the book is to help readers get a view of current conceptualisations of emotional intelligence, while providing an opportunity to see how emotional intelligence has been interpreted and applied throughout the world. Psychological processes are expected to vary according to cultural meaning and practices. Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence influences behaviour in a wide range of domains including school, community, and the workplace. At the individual level, it has been said to relate to academic achievement, work performance, our ability to communicate effectively, solve everyday problems, build meaningful interpersonal relationships, and even our ability to make moral decisions. Given that emotional intelligence has the potential to increase our understanding of ho

Therapeutic Storywriting

Author: Trisha Waters
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135397686
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Literacy work can provide a therapeutic context in which to support children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in mainstream schools. This text provides a clear theoretical rationale for therapeutic storywriting.