Die Zumutbarkeit im Denkmalrecht

Author: Dieter J. Martin
Publisher: Kohlhammer Verlag
ISBN: 9783170233324
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Das Werk stellt ubersichtlich und fundiert den Stand der Rechtsentwicklung zur wirtschaftlichen Zumutbarkeit in allen Bereichen des Denkmalrechts dar. Zahlreiche verwaltungsgerichtliche Entscheidungen, die nach dem fur das Denkmalrecht grundlegenden Beschluss des Bundesverfassungsgerichts von 1999 ergangen sind, werden fur den Rechtsanwender anschaulich erlautert und in die praktischen Zusammenhange gestellt. Verfassungsrechtliche Hintergrunde stehen ebenso im Fokus wie die im Gesetzesvollzug erforderliche Ausei-nandersetzung mit Berechnungsbeispielen und den gangigen Argumentationen im Verwaltungsverfahren. Ein umfangreicher Anhang mit Auszugen aus allen wichtigen gerichtlichen Entscheidungen, Checklisten und Formulierungshilfen rundet das Werk ab.

Before Eminent Domain

Author: Susan Reynolds
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807833533
Format: PDF
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In this concise history of expropriation of land for the common good in Europe and North America from medieval times to 1800, Susan Reynolds contextualizes the history of an important legal doctrine regarding the relationship between government and the in

Strange Bird

Author: Michele K. Troy
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300228074
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first book about the Albatross Press, a Penguin precursor that entered into an uneasy relationship with the Nazi regime to keep Anglo-American literature alive under fascism The Albatross Press was, from its beginnings in 1932, a “strange bird”: a cultural outsider to the Third Reich but an economic insider. It was funded by British-Jewish interests. Its director was rumored to work for British intelligence. A precursor to Penguin, it distributed both middlebrow fiction and works by edgier modernist authors such as D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway to eager continental readers. Yet Albatross printed and sold its paperbacks in English from the heart of Hitler’s Reich. In her original and skillfully researched history, Michele K. Troy reveals how the Nazi regime tolerated Albatross—for both economic and propaganda gains—and how Albatross exploited its insider position to keep Anglo-American books alive under fascism. In so doing, Troy exposes the contradictions in Nazi censorship while offering an engaging detective story, a history, a nuanced analysis of men and motives, and a cautionary tale.

Visualizing Human Geography At Home in a Diverse World 2nd Edition

Author: Alyson Greiner
Publisher: Wiley Global Education
ISBN: 1118803876
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Visualizing Human Geography is a comprehensive, modern book for today's human geography course. With current examples, thorough coverage of geographers' tools and technology, and a visual design that is accessible without sacrificing content, it is a title that will appeal to today's student.

Esposito Javet de Aedibus

Author: Heinz Wirz
Publisher: Quart Architektur
ISBN: 9783037611449
Format: PDF, Docs
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Since 2003, the Lausanne architectural couple Alfonso Esposito and Anne-Catherine has been working persistently on a respectable oeuvre of public buildings and housing. With great respect for the relevant location and the functional requirements of the building task, they find fitting figures and inspired materials that ultimately lead to an appropriate, poetic expression.


Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub
ISBN: 9783775721950
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Since the mid-1980s, Austrian wine production has been explosive--garnering stellar reviews, awards and record export revenues. Contemporary architects have found the country ripe with opportunity for further experimentation in the field of wine architecture, which emerged in Napa Valley in the 1990s and became renowned with the 2001 Pritzker Prize-winning, Herzog and de Meuron-designed Dominus Winery (deemed "a combination of sensorial and intellectual pleasure" by Pritzker judge Jorge Silvetti). This publication presents a selection of nearly 70 projects in Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria, and discusses how the combination of ground-breaking architecture--like the striking silver facade of Steven Holl-designed Loisium winery in Langenlois--and emerging wineries have been changing the face of the Austrian countryside for the past two decades. As Martin Rauchbauer, Deputy Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, has observed, "The quality of wine architecture in Austria is seen as more than a transitory phenomenon. A new architectural language has developed, which cautiously takes into account traditional forms of building and at the same time presents self-confident interpretations of the requirements of contemporary winemaking."