Discover Your Hidden Memory Find the Real You

Author: Dr. Menis Yousry
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1848506694
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From before each of us was born, and up to a young age, our experiences of the world and of our parents shaped us in ways we do not even realise. Our brains were not developed enough to make sense of our early lives and so these experiences become unresolved, unconscious memories. Our responses to situations and events are often unconscious reflexes we devise to protect ourselves. As adults, this can lead us to repeat unwanted patterns that prevent us achieving what we really want. This book reveals the powerful, invisible waves of influence that inform our actions, bind us to the past and hold us back in our present. Simple but effective exercises provide the tools to identify exactly how our actions today are connected to our early childhood experiences and our relationships with our parents, as well as to past generations, history and culture. It also shows us what we can do about it now!

Discover Your Hidden Memory Find the Real You

Author: Menis Yousry
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781848504295
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From before each of us was born, and up to a young age, our experiences of the world and of our parents shaped us in ways we do not even realise. This book reveals the invisible waves of influence that inform our actions, bind us to the past and hold us back in our present.


Author: Barbara Oakley
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101982853
Format: PDF
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In an age when we are constantly being asked to retrain and reinvent ourselves, to adapt to new technologies and changing industries, this book assuages our fears and inspires us with a sense of possibility. Our passions and talents may actually surprise us. In Mindshift, Barbara Oakley tells the stories of people who have overcome learning "handicaps" of all kinds-such as Imposter's Syndrome and advancing age-and shows how we can turn perceived weaknesses into strengths. For example, people may feel like they're at a disadvantage if they pursue a new field later in life; yet those who change careers can be fertile cross-pollinators-they bring valuable insights from one discipline to another. The power of simple persistence in building talent is also often underestimated. Dr. Oakley reveals the latest neuroscientific insights into how our brains change when we learn something new. She shares strategies for learning that are backed by brain science, including practical exercises to apply in our own lives. Praise for A Mind for Numbers


Author: Kevin Hall
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061986968
Format: PDF
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“This masterfully written book will help you understand that words have an inherent power, a force capable of lighting one’s paths and horizons.” —Stephen R. Covey Aspire! by Kevin Hall is your path to “Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words.” Through stories and linguistics, Aspire! explores eleven words that, when fully understood and put into practice, can help anyone achieve their best and highest self—in goals, relationships, and business. Spencer Johnson, M.D., the New York Times bestselling author of Who Moved My Cheese?, praises Aspire! for providing “tools we can use to shape new thoughts and beliefs to help us change, and create something better for ourselves and our planet,” while Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box, says, “Aspire! has the power to help individuals and teams focus on their true purpose and reach their best and highest aspirations.”

Memory Power

Author: Scott Hagwood
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743272684
Format: PDF
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A four-time National Memory Champion traces his rise from an average student to the subject of a Wake Forest Medical Center scientific study, sharing step-by-step instructions and memory-bolstering exercises that he used to overcome memory problems and combat the memory-loss side effects of radiation therapy. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.


Author: Mark Batterson
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 1601420390
Format: PDF
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The author of "In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day" delivers a fresh and eye-opening journey of self-discovery, drawing on theology, psychology, and neurology to encourage readers in their 20s and 30s to discover and cherish their unique personal identity.

Practical Memory

Author: I. C. Robledo
Publisher: I. C. Robledo
ISBN: 8827501215
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Simple, Practical, “Common Sense” Tips to Remember More & Forget Less You are here because your memory is not as good as you would like. Why might this be? Well, the internet has all the facts we need at our fingertips. Then cameras store our pictures, and smartphones contain the phone numbers of everyone we know. With so much information being recorded for us, the brain has little that it actually needs to remember. This may be good for productivity, but is bad for our memories. The problem is when we apply our memories less and less, our ability to remember can also get worse and worse…. The solution here is simple. We must practice and exercise our memories. Thankfully, in Practical Memory you will discover simple systems and exercises anyone can use to improve their memory. This way, you can see progress immediately, without needing to spend precious time learning difficult techniques (as with many other memory books). Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo has examined “ordinary” people with powerful memories. Studying such people is useful because they tend to use simple, practical “common sense” systemsthat we could all benefit from. Now, those tips are all compiled here into one convenient resource. Inside, you will discover: - How to recall even the most difficult memories (e.g., on the tip of your tongue) - Why intending or planning to remember is a key step to building memories - How to stop forgetting your purse/wallet, phone, camera, etc. - Why too much routine can be bad for your ability to remember - How to remember where you parked the car - Special tips for how to remember new locations when traveling (and stop getting lost) Start building a more powerful memory today with Practical Memory. Pick up your copy today by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking BUY NOW.

Genetic Memory of the Cazadores

Author: J. W. Reed
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
ISBN: 1948858207
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The cutting edge of human brain research is exploring how to download our own individual memory for digital storage and later shared access. In the near future, the brilliant neuro-scientist Steven Marshall collaborates with his devious post-doc student to discover access to “Genetic Memory” residing in us all. Identify your own fleeting ability to access your own inherited memory as déjà vu, mystical or religious visions, certain types of creative thought, vivid repeating dreams, infatuation with the past and genealogy, artistic inspiration, child prodigies, or even the monster within. This science fiction novel, The Genetic Memory of the Cazadores, elaborates upon the plausible science of translating the locked codes of genetic memory to re-create a compelling story of human experience. Join a typical middle-aged man, Robert Walker, as he undertakes his dangerous journey of the mind and uncovers a past available to us all—hidden deep in the abyss of human history. You are invited to discover your own ancestral ‘genetic memory’!

Reincarnation and Your Past Life Memories

Author: Gloria Chadwick
Publisher: Gramercy
ISBN: 9780517204962
Format: PDF
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Presents a step-by-step guide to the world of past-life regression that explains how to use such techniques as a path to self-discovery, describes three types of soulmates, and demonstrates how regression holds the key to current mannerisms, preferences, dreams, and memories.

Hidden Memories

Author: Robert A. Baker
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Alien abductions, satanic kidnappings, the channeling of spirits, the recall of past lives and other similar bizarre experiences are reported almost daily in the media. Is there a rational explanation for these events? According to Robert A. Baker, such irregular or supernatural experiences are manifestations of hidden memories, a phenomenon in which experiences that originally make little conscious impression are filed away in the brain and later are suddenly remembered in an altered form. In Hidden Memories, the most recent scientific evidence on memory is used to dispel many supernatural beliefs and to show how the boundaries of human behavior are often misperceived by therapists, especially those who adhere to fringe beliefs. He shows how delusions and illusions affect behavior and discusses the role hypnosis, imagination, and suggestion play in the creation of other worldly experiences. Finally, Baker looks at the media's role in aiding and abetting paranormal belief in addition to promoting the growth of superstitions and popular myths.