Dream Big why Not

Author: Julie Moriva
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781979769815
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Would you love a different career? Is there a hobby or interest you're passionate about but have yet to pursue? Do you have a goal you want to achieve but have no idea where to start? So did Julie Moriva. She launched into action without much thought or planning on her journey to becoming a professional songwriter. But one serendipitous act turned out to be the key to allowing the author to look back and connect the dots allowing her to see the steps and the process that propelled her towards realizing her dream. Julie Moriva shares her story based on her situation - a wife, mother and educator living in a tiny northern Wisconsin town pursuing a career as a songwriter. The beauty of this process is it can be applied to whatever it is one desires to achieve. Moriva's path culminates when she signs a publishing deal with one of the most successful record labels in the music industry and with her song being performed on the finale of NBC's The Voice. Whatever your aspirations there is wisdom in Moriva's advice to those contemplating turning a dream into reality, "There are no size limits on dreams and success in contingent only on our ability to Dream Big...Why Not?!"

My American Dream

Author: Dr. Maria Miller
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781452077000
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Born in a farming village in rural Spain, a young girl is faced with the harsh realities of life at an early age. Forced to be separated from her parents continents away she is raised by her grandparents as if one of their own. After years of being exiled from her family she is suddenly ripped away from the only life she had ever known. Called upon to rejoin her mother and father in South America she begins a journey of discovery that will shape what will eventually become her American Dream. Along the way she will face obstacles that may seem familiar to some, as well as some that are so unique that are unimaginable to most. As a teenager she was diagnosed with a chronic disease, which she was informed would lead to her eventual paralysis. As a young mother she was faced with a decision of where to raise a family away from the growing violence of her adopted homeland, and as a young professional she was ostracized by her peers for her accent and the physical toll her disease had begun to take on her appearance. This book takes you on one woman's journey of self discovery that spans from that small farming village in Spain to the big city lights of Miami and New York City all the while witnessing the internal battles that eventually shape her and allow her to be able to live Her American Dream.

Dig Your Heels In

Author: Joan Kuhl
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1523098368
Format: PDF
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Joan Kuhl helps women create a clear vision of what their career path deserves to be and make a convincing business case for equality to their managers and senior leadership. You'll learn strategies for overcoming sexist cultural attitudes about gender and leadership, as well as for dealing with self-limiting behaviors like Imposter's Syndrome (the feeling that you're never good enough despite a track record of success) and the Myth of Meritocracy (the idea that just doing good work is the only way to advance). Because relationships are absolutely crucial, Kuhl describes how to build support networks before you even need them and explains how to get actionable feedback that will help you get to the next level—the kind women rarely are afforded. Case studies, practical exercises, and inspiring stories from Kuhl's work with clients at companies such as Eli Lilly and Company, Goldman Sachs, U.S. Soccer, BlackRock, South Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association and top business schools make this a truly comprehensive guide. It's an indispensable resource for women seeking to build the confidence and conviction to secure the seat at the table they've earned and create a welcoming workplace for everyone.

The Richest Man in Town

Author: Randall Jones
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 044655068X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Secretly, if not overtly, almost everyone in America desires to become rich: to make it big, to enjoy the fruits of the most successful life imaginable. But unfortunately, most of us don't have a clue how to reach these all too elusive goals. Quite simply, there's no definitive road map for getting there, no proven plan, and certainly very little access to those who have become "the richest man in town." But now W. Randall Jones, the founder of Worth magazine, is about to change all that. He's traveled to one hundred different towns and cities across the country and interviewed the wealthiest resident in each. No, these are not those folks who inherited their wealth, or happen to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Rather, these are the self-made types who, through hard work and ingenuity, found their own individual paths to financial success. Remarkably, during his research, Jones found that these successful people were not so different from one another. They all shared many of the same traits and followed what the author calls the Twelve Commandments of Wealth: stay hungry (even when you're successful) . . . you really do learn more from failing than you may think . . . absolutely be your own boss, the sooner the better . . . understand that selling is the key to success . . . where you live doesn't matter . . . never retire, and other, more surprising revelations. Practical, unique, and inspiring, this book lets you peek inside the living rooms of dozens of America's most successful people-and shows how you, too, can become THE RICHEST MAN IN TOWN.

A Still Place

Author: Nancy Lankston
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595377572
Format: PDF, Kindle
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To anyone else this little plot of land probably looks like a dull Kansas hillside: A grass covered hill, a mossy pond, a grove of tangled, old Osage Orange trees, and a small meadow full of weeds. But the land called to me like an old friend with a delectable secret to share. I was meant to live here even if it was a totally illogical purchase Thus begins a lyrical journey to a neglected piece of land in northeastern Kansas. A Still Place is filled with hauntingly poetic descriptions of the plants and creatures inhabiting one hill that changed author Nancy Lankston's life. Lankston observes and explores the land, sharing how it shifts and changes with each passing season. She describes her own growing sense of joy at living with wildflowers and weeds instead of the perfect garden and manicured lawn. Lankston shares her sense of wonder at the sight of butterflies making trees dance and stars stretching across the night sky, blanketing the hill in dark mystery. She revels in her son's adventures as "king" of one little hill. Lankston's essays touch that still place in us all that responds to the magic of the natural world.

Success Was My Only Option

Author: Shelley Howe
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449037143
Format: PDF
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Here is a diary of one woman's journey from job loss in tough economic times to a heart that knows she has nothing to worry about because her success is in her hands. If she says she has golden hands then she does. Within three days of being notified of the job loss she quickly moved from anxiety to total confidence. She found that success was as easy as looking inside of herself and decided to start writing it down in the form of this book. The self-realization was so gratifying and pleasurable that she wanted to share the experience in hopes of helping others find their way to success or simply to enjoy her story. Written in a very conversational style this book is easy to read and chock full of believable ways to change up your life in a very positive, self affirming way. This is a fun, upbeat book which makes moving yourself on the road to success seem very do-able. Who wouldn't want to find a way to be and feel victorious on their own terms (of success)? Shelley Howe believes in herself as she believes in you. She takes you on a tour of her life for three months while she moves from unexpectedly unemployed to self employed and loves every minute of it. She makes the expression of one door closing and another bigger more beautiful opening a reality and shows you the way. Go for the gusto and get it! It is yours for the taking and Shelley both shares her story of how she got it and gives you some tools so that you can get it too. Enjoy!

Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman

Author: Vickie L. Milazzo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118162699
Format: PDF, ePub
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We're all just one step away from achieving what we want andgetting what we deserve out of life. To seize control of her own life and career, Vickie Milazzo,internationally known women's mentor, New York Timesbestselling author, Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur and self-mademillionaire, was willing to take a whacking from a Buddhist monk,jump out of an airplane and step out of a comfortable job into theunknown. In Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, Vickieshares every success secret she used to grow her career into a$16-million business. Vickie shows you how to get real about achieving wicked success.Not witches and flying broomsticks wicked—but exaggeratedwicked. Reading this book, you'll feel like you're sitting with agood friend who inspires you, encourages you and pushes you tothink in a more exaggerated and uncommon way. This is a buck-upbook with a buck-up plan for any woman ready to take back controlof her life and career and unleash the wicked success inside everywoman.

Miss Jessie s

Author: Miko Branch
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062329200
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Miss Jessie's is a memoir and business guide rich with inspirational life lessons and unique business advice from Miko Branch, the Chief Executive Officer of the dynamic Miss Jessie’s — the company that revolutionized the hair care industry. When Miko and her sister, Titi, were children, their grandmother, Miss Jessie, taught them independence and showed them the value of being “do it yourself” women, all while whipping up homemade hair concoctions at her kitchen table. As co-founders of Miss Jessie's, Miko reveals how she and Titi applied those lessons to create a successful business from scratch. A family memoir with a wealth of practical business advice and handy hair tips, told in Miko's funny and relatable voice, Miss Jessie’s is her remarkable story — from her childhood learning independence as a latchkey kid in Jamaica, Queens, to building a highly regarded company with her sister in their shared home salon in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Miko reflects on her hard-won insights working for her autocratic, iron-fisted father, and how the self-sufficiency she learned in childhood helped her blossom as a single mother with bills to pay, a child to raise, and a dream to pursue. She speaks honestly of her mistakes and successes, and of her role as an industry leader, negotiating multi-million dollar deals while at the same time restoring the self-esteem of natural and curly haired women. Charming and enlightening, chock full of entertaining stories and invaluable instruction that can be applied to any business, and illustrated with 16 pages of photos, Miss Jessie's confirms that with effort the American Dream is possible.

My Dreams Are Not for Sale

Author: Swati Save
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479737453
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book is my humble contribution to the world, a naive attempt to transpire my own experiences of what it took of me to stand for aspirations so big, that it took me awhile just to understand that I need to" give up nothing" in order to achieve them. This book is for everyone who loves to live life to its fullest. It is about embracing your fears of exploring life, love, breakthroughs, breakdowns and choices. It's about knowing what it takes to stand for your own dreams. This book has made an attempt to touch, move and inspire all those, particularly young leaders who stand for their aspirations in the face of no possibility. In process of writing this book in past 8 years I got that: I'm here for the results and the opportunity of living in pure & honest intentions. I'm the possibility of being a river of dreams and miracles through commitment. I am here to have my life be on the hot seat..., to be willing to go through breakdowns or whatever else happens to get to the breakthroughs that give me my life. I'm here to invent new ways of being-based on nothing to show up in my life and in the world. I am here because in my intuitive heart I know that my life on earth revolves around bringing the new modes of conversations into the world, especially with researchers and for world peace. I'm here to give my love to others, because I can and because it is the same love that they have for me." The book " My Dreams Are Not For Sale" is a literary masterpiece, an humble contribution to the world. The author tries to share her profound experiences in order to achieve her goals in life! An eye-opening, non-fiction, motivational genre book, allows one to understand the virtues behing living the life to its fullest. The book discusses different facets of life vis-a-vis authors insights on breakthroughs, breakdowns, love, making the right choices, and commitment! The book empowers and inspires you, as it takes you through the journey of life's miracles that are awaiting for you to own them! A profoundly honest, and captivating work, this book is a literary beacon of hope!

Beyond My Yesterdays

Author: Jeannie Keneley
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1600374077
Format: PDF
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Writing on the subject of divorce and healing through adversity, Keneley gives insight into the extremely private world of despair and devastation. Gleaning from the biblical story of the Woman at the Well, the author paints a story of two women separated by time, but woven together by one shared experience.