Eating Characteristics and Temperament

Author: Albert Mehrabian
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461387221
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Temperament and Eating Characteristics: General Measures and Interrelationships provides a comprehensive description of the various ways people eat, and how these individual eating styles relate to personality. Dr. Mehrabian introduces a new approach to the study of eating and presents innovative measures of eating and personal temperament. Based on large samples from normal populations, the research calls attention to the complex interrelationship between aspects of the personality and eating. General measures of temperament provide a basis for comparing the results of this important effort with past research on arousal, temperament, and emotions.


Author: Reinhard J. Boerner
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642395058
Format: PDF, ePub
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Geschrieben für Psychologen, Psychiater, Psychotherapeuten, Pädagogen, Kultur- und Geschichtswissenschaftler Für den Leser wird die Lektüre zu einer spannenden Forschungsreise in die einzelnen Verzweigungen der internationalen psychologischen wie psychiatrischen Temperamentsforschung. Unter Hinzuziehung seltener Quellentexte und zahlreicher Originalzitate entsteht ein plastischer Eindruck der einzigartigen Kontinuität des Temperaments als wissenschaftlichen Begriff von der Antike bis heute. Erste deutschsprachige Monographie zum Temperament Das Temperament ist neben der Persönlichkeit für ein grundlegendes Verständnis psychischer Prozesse essentiell. Seine Evidenz wird durch inhaltliche Übereinstimmungen aktueller Temperamentstheorien unterstrichen. Die umfangreiche empirische Forschung zeigt zudem seine eminente Bedeutung für die Diagnose und Therapie psychischer Störungen. Auf diesem Wissenshintergrund ist die Kenntnis der Temperamentsforschung für die heutige Psychologie, Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie in Wissenschaft, Klinik und Praxis unentbehrlich. Macht den State of the Art der Temperamentstheorien zugänglich

Emotion Oriented Systems

Author: Catherine Pelachaud
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111860332X
Format: PDF
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The Affective Computing domain, term coined by Rosalind Picard in1997, gathers several scientific areas such as computer science,cognitive science, psychology, design and art. The humane-machineinteraction systems are no longer solely fast and efficient. Theyaim to offer to users affective experiences: user’s affectivestate is detected and considered within the interaction; the systemdisplays affective state; it can reason about their implication toachieve a task or resolve a problem. In this book, we have chosento cover various domains of research in emotion-oriented systems.Our aim is also to highlight the importance to base thecomputational model on theoretical foundations and on natural data.

Sociologies of Food and Nutrition

Author: Wm. Alex McIntosh
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1489913858
Format: PDF
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Here, Wm. Alex McIntosh analyzes the relationship between food and nutrition and social factors, using a wide array of sociological theories. The author applies theories of social organization, culture, social stratification, social change, rural sociology, the sociology of the body, and social problems to empirical problems in food and nutrition. By doing so, he sheds light on issues such as the rise of the state; population growth; famine; obesity; eating disorders; the maldistribution of food across class, gender, and ethnic boundaries; and the changing nature of the food industry.

Gender issues and consumer behavior

Author: Janeen Arnold Costa
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"This book . . . fills a gap left by the current offerings in the market research literature and would be a welcome addition to a marketing doctoral seminar or a master of business administration class in which gender is a covered topic. . . . [This volume] provides an excellent array of different types of research." --Journal of Marketing Research "This volume is an excellent introduction to a wide range of gender and consumption topics. Furthermore, the chapters are stimulating and certain to provoke discussion and research. They collectively touch upon a variety of important gender issues in consumer socialization, advertising and branding, consumption rituals, money, food, and sports, as well as include attention to historical, cultural, and critical perspectives. The authors draw on a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives and provide a wealth of ideas for further empirical and theoretical research. All the chapters cover a tremendous amount of ground and provide the reader with a good sense of what is important in gender and consumption. Each piece leaves the reader hungry for more and pondering issues not previously contemplated. Gender Issues and Consumer Behavior offers an excellent foundation for future work in the area of gender and consumption from a variety of social science perspectives." --Russell W. Belk, The University of Utah Why, how, and to what extent does gender influence consumer behavior? Drawing together major contributions from recent conferences on gender and consumer behavior, this thought-provoking collection explores these questions and others. Beginning with a general introduction to gender and consumer behavior, Gender Issues and Consumer Behavior addresses a wide range of topics including gender as a cultural construct, comparison of self to advertising models, gender socializations, and changing gender roles. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the current issues and literature in either psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, among others, then proceeds to a presentation of current research on the interaction among gender, consumer behavior, and marketing. Gender Issues and Consumer Behavior provides an important foundation for students, scholars, and researchers in the fields of consumer behavior, marketing, and gender studies.