Economy Environment and Technology A Socioeconomic Approach

Author: Beat Burgenmeier
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315483270
Format: PDF
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A study of local government and politics in China, exploring when and why local government officials comply with policy directives from above. The author draws on interviews with government officials in various municipalities and a review of county records and other government documents.

Decoding the Socio Economic Approach to Management

Author: John Conbere
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1681232537
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In May 2014, the French research laboratory ISEOR (Socio?Economic Institute for Firms and Organizations) and the University of St. Thomas co?sponsored a second conference on the application of the Socio?Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) paradigm and methodology in the United States. SEAM is a scientific approach to consultancy that focuses on uncovering the dysfunctions and hidden costs that exist in organizations, “hidden” in the sense that they are not captured by traditional accounting methods and financial analyses. Through intervention that encompasses the entire organization – what the ISEOR team refers to as the HORIVERT approach (combining horizontal and vertical intervention) – the underlying goal is to enhance organizational performance by attacking the “TFW virus,” a vestige of the early work by Frederick Taylor, Henri Fayol, and Max Weber that has sufficiently infiltrated our thinking about management and organization to the point where are falling well short of our own potential. The resultant dysfunctions this virus unleashes creates hidden costs that readily destroy a firm’s value?added possibilities. The volume captures the ideas, applications, and exchanges of that meeting, attempting to bring the reader into the conference itself. Chapters include the contributors’ presentations (“Chapter Prologue: Conference Remarks”), revised conference papers, and the question and answer dialogue for the session.

The SocioEconomic Approach to Management Revisited

Author: Anthony F. Buono
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1681231638
Format: PDF
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This volume is part of the ongoing collaboration between the RMC series and the SocioEconomic Institute for Firms and Organizations (ISEOR), a French interventionresearch think tank codirected by Henri Savall and Véronique Zardet. Building on an earlier collaboration on the ISEOR approach – SocioEconomic Intervention in Organizations: The IntervenerResearcher and the SEAM Approach to Organizational Analysis (IAP, 2007) – Buono and Savall bring together over 30 talented intervenerresearchers to explore and examine the ongoing evolution of the SocioEconomic Approach to Management (SEAM). This volume revisits the application of SEAM in the context of intervention challenges in the wake of the recent economic crisis and the disruptive change that has taken hold across the world. The basic foundation of SEAM – built on the idea of strategic patience, the need to undertake holistic intervention in organizations, and the challenge to get organizational members to listen to themselves (through what they refer to as the mirror effect) – has remained the same. In response to economic and organizational pressures in the current environment, however, there has been a concomitant emphasis on helping client organizations achieve shortterm results while still maintaining focus on the long term. Many ideas that have become part of the current discourse within ISEOR today were not as explicitly addressed in the initial volume – from the destructive effect of the TaylorismFayolismWeberism (TFW) virus, to the need to focus on ways to ensure the sustainability of a SEAM intervention, the growing importance of collaborative interactions between external and internal consultants, and the growing importance of cocreating knowledge with client firms and organizations.

Socio Economic Environment and Human Psychology

Author: Ay,se K. Üskül
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190492910
Format: PDF, ePub
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Edited by Ay,se K. Üskül and Shigehiro Oishi, Socio-Economic Environment and Human Psychology focuses on the social and economic conditions that impact on every aspect of an individual's life cycle. This edited collection showcases a variety of approaches to the study of the role of the social and economic environment in human psychological processes, such as: judgment and decision-making, trust, the self, and happiness. Further, it brings together state-of-the-art research from the fields of psychology, anthropology, economics, epidemiology, and evolutionary science. Illuminating how individuals think, feel, and behave in response to the social and economic conditions and settings that shape our daily lives, contributors to this volume explore the role played by economic conditions (wealth, scarcity, disasters); economic change (urbanization, socio-economic mobility); and the type of economic activity or structure (farming, herding, market economy) in the shaping of different psychological processes. As a result, the findings presented in this volume provide readers with important policy implications that have the potential to help to improve the psychological health of citizens at large.