Espa a campus de excelencia internacional Spain campus of international excellence

Author: Campos Calvo-Sotelo, Pablo
Publisher: Ministerio de Educación
ISBN: 8436948645
Format: PDF, Docs
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Las universidades europeas han experimentado un cambio trascendental debido a la implantación del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) y el compromiso de impulsar desde las universidades el Espacio Europeo de Investigación. El Programa "Campus de Excelencia Internacional. (CEI), promovido por la Secretaría General de Universidades del Ministerio de Educación, es uno de los ejes estructurales de modernización de las Universidades en España. En este contexto este obra pretende alcanzar tres metas: Permanecer como testigo editorial de la inédita movilización positiva hacia una reestructuración de las Universidades españolas en 2009, instar a la continuidad del Programa ministerial, y difundir internacionalmente el patrimonio urbanístico y arquitectónico de las Universidades españolas. El autor aporta una lectura completa y comprometidamente transversal de la Universidad española, interpretándola subjetivamente bajo la mirada del arquitecto que en dos décadas ha analizado tanto la dimensión tipológica de los recintos académicos, como la planificación de espacios educativos de nueva planta, generando conceptos originales, como el "Campus Didáctico".

Science Policies and Twentieth Century Dictatorships

Author: Amparo Gómez
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317058968
Format: PDF
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Making a fresh contribution to the political history of science, this book explores the connections between the science policies of three countries that each experienced considerable political upheaval in the twentieth century: Spain, Italy and Argentina. By focussing on these three countries, the contributors are able to present case studies that highlight the characteristics and specificities of the democratic and dictatorial political processes involved in the production of science and technology. The focus on dictatorship presents the opportunity to expand our knowledge -beyond the more extensive literature about science in Nazi Germany and Stalinist USSR -about the level of political involvement of scientists in non-democratic contexts and to what extent they act as politicians in different contexts. Key topics covered include the new forms of organization and institutionalization of science in the twentieth century; the involvement of scientific communities in the governance of science and its institutions; the role of ideology in scientific development; the scientific practices adopted by scientific communities in different contexts; and the characteristics of science and technology produced in these contexts.

Gramtica Para La Composicin

Author: M. Stanley Whitley
ISBN: 9781626162747
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The website access key gives students 18 months' of access to the companion website for Gramatica para la composicion, tercera edicion, the latest edition of the best-selling textbook. The card includes a code that allows you to access the site at http: //, once you have created an account. The fully redesigned companion website includes: - Homework activities--two-thirds more than the previous edition- An instructor's workstation, allowing teachers to track student progress through the course- Grading options, allowing teachers to monitor assignments, respond to student work, and set a rubric About Gramatica para la composicion, tercera edicionIntegrating grammar and composition, this new edition of the best-selling textbook, guides the advanced student through progressively more complex types of writing by organizing the grammar lessons on a functionalist basis around the needs of composition. This innovative approach to teaching Spanish grammar and composition promotes systemic language development and enables students to strengthen their expressive and editing skills in the language in order to write more effectively and confidently. Site requirementsOS: PC - Microsoft Windows Vista, 7,8; Mac - OS XCPU: 233 MHz, PentiumRAM: 128MBDisplay: 1024x768, colorBrowser: PC - Internet Explorer 9.x (or higher), Firefox 3.x (or higher), Google Chrome; Mac - Firefox 3.x (or higher), Safari 3.x (or higher), Google ChromeConnection speed: 256Kbps recommendedSoftware: The latest version of Flash must be installed.

Advances in E Learning Experiences and Methodologies

Author: García-Peñalvo, Francisco José
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 9781599047584
Format: PDF, ePub
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Web-based training, known as e-learning, has experienced a great evolution and growth in recent years, as the capacity for education is no longer limited by physical and time constraints. The emergence of such a prized learning tool mandates a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and implications of e-learning. Advances in E-Learning: Experiences and Methodologies explores the technical, pedagogical, methodological, tutorial, legal, and emotional aspects of e-learning, considering and analyzing its different application contexts, and providing researchers and practitioners with an innovative view of e-learning as a lifelong learning tool for scholars in both academic and professional spheres.

Interrogating Trauma

Author: Mick Broderick
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317986679
Format: PDF
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Throughout the past century, traumatic experiences have been re-enacted frequently by evolving media and art forms. Now there is a significant body of theory across academic disciplines focused on the representation of cataclysmic European and US historical events. However, less critical attention has been devoted to the representation of havoc outside the West, even though depictions of Third-World disasters saturate contemporary media and art around the globe. This book considers traumatic histories internationally in a broad range of creative arts and visual media representations. Deploying diverse applications of the conventional theories of trauma, it examines the theoretical limitations at the same time as considering alternative methodologies. Interrogating Trauma is concerned with the examination of the concept of trauma, and how it is (often unproblematically) used to theorise the cultural representation of disaster and atrocity. It offers a theorisation of trauma, in order to reappraise the relationship between cultural representation and the socio-historical processes which are marked by violence, conflict and suffering. This book was published as a special issue of Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies.