Enchanted Islands

Author: Allison Amend
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 038553907X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Inspired by the midcentury memoirs of Frances Conway, Enchanted Islands is the dazzling story of an independent American woman whose path takes her far from her native Minnesota when she and her husband, an undercover intelligence officer, are sent to the Galápagos Islands at the brink of World War II. Born in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1882 to immigrant parents, Frances Frankowski covets the life of her best friend, Rosalie Mendel, who has everything Fanny could wish for—money, parents who value education, and an effervescent and winning personality. When, at age fifteen, Rosalie decides they should run away to Chicago, Fanny jumps at the chance to escape her unexceptional life. But, within a year, Rosalie commits an unforgivable betrayal, inciting Frances to strike out on her own. Decades later, the women reconnect in San Francisco and realize how widely their lives have diverged. While Rosalie is a housewife and mother, Frances works as a secretary for the Office of Naval Intelligence. There she is introduced to Ainslie Conway, an intelligence operator ten years her junior. When it’s arranged for Frances and Ainslie to marry and carry out a mission on the Galápagos Islands, the couple’s identities—already hidden from each other—are further buried under their new cover stories. No longer a lonely spinster, Frances is about to begin the most fascinating and intrigue-filled years of her life. Amid active volcanoes, forbidding wildlife and flora, and unfriendly neighbors, Ainslie and Frances carve out a life for themselves. But the secrets they harbor from their enemies and from each other may be their undoing. Drawing on the rich history of the early twentieth century and set against a large, colorful canvas, Enchanted Islands boldly examines the complexity of female friendship, the universal pursuit of a place to call home, and the reverberations of secrets we keep from others and from ourselves. From the Hardcover edition.

The Enchanted Islands

Author: John Hickman
ISBN: 9780904614428
Format: PDF
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The history of the Galapagos Islands from Inca times, which presents a cast of conquistadors, buccaneers, pirates, Robinson Crusoes and Swiss Family Robinsons; as well as eccentric explorers, hopeful colonists and naturalists, including the most famous of all - Charles Darwin.

Die Unamerikanischen

Author: Molly Antopol
Publisher: Hanser Berlin
ISBN: 3446248587
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Unverhofft findet Howard in Sveta, einer jungen Frau aus der Ukraine, seine späte große Liebe. Doch noch am ersten Tag ihrer Hochzeitsreise nach Kiew stellt sich das Glück als Irrtum heraus: Die Gefühle, die Sveta in New York für ihn empfand, zerfallen in ihrer Heimat zu Staub. Nie hat Howard sich so einsam gefühlt wie jetzt, in dieser fremden Stadt, die sein Großvater einst für ein Leben in Amerika zurückgelassen hatte. Molly Antopols Geschichten sind kleine Wunderwerke. Drei Generationen und Kontinente passen in eine einzige ihrer mit verblüffender Leichtigkeit geschriebenen Erzählungen über die unverdrossene Suche nach Liebe und Glück, nach Halt in dieser den seismischen Kräften der Geschichte ausgesetzten Welt.

Tales of Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

Author: Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1312184981
Format: PDF, Docs
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A mix of history, legends, myths and seafaring lore from many ages and cultures about mysterious islands in the Atlantic. The Story of Atlantis, Taliessin of the Radiant Brow, The Swan-Children of Lir, Usheen in the Island of Youth, Bran the Blessed, The Castle of the Active Door, Merlin the Enchanter, Sir Lancelot of the Lake, The Half-Man, King Arthur at Avalon, Maelduin's Voyage, The Voyage of St. Brandan, Kirwan's Search for Hy-Brasail, The Isle of Satan's Hand, Antillia - the Island of the Seven Cities, Harald the Viking, The Search for Norumbega, The Guardians of the St. Lawrence, The Island of Demons, Bimini and the Fountain of Youth.


Author: Robert Harris
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 364110811X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Die größte Verschwörung der Moderne – der neue große Politthriller des Bestsellerautors Am 22. Dezember 1894 wird der französische Hauptmann Alfred Dreyfus wegen Landesverrat zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt und verbannt. Ein Justizirrtum, wie er beteuert und wovon auch der neue Geheimdienstchef Picquart zunehmend überzeugt ist. In den Wirren der Dreyfus-Affäre, die ganz Europa erschüttert, rollt er den Fall neu auf. Weshalb er bald selbst zwischen die Mühlräder der Macht gerät und das Ziel dunkler Machenschaften wird ... Der elsässische Offizier Alfred Dreyfus, einziger Jude im französischen Generalstab, soll Militärgeheimnisse verraten haben. Von einem geheimen Militärgericht wird er zu Unrecht verurteilt, und die Degradierung wird mit viel Pomp und Getöse öffentlich zelebriert. Nur wenige wittern den Skandal, während die Massen von der Presse aufgehetzt werden. Krawalle, Intrigen, Fälschungen, Ministerstürze, Attentate, versuchte Staatsstreiche sind die Folgen. Die Französische Republik stürzt in eine tiefe Krise. Der offene Antisemitismus bricht sich Bahn. Zu den wenigen, die von Dreyfus’ Unschuld überzeugt sind, gehört der neue Geheimdienstchef Picquart. Mit dem Kampf für die Rehabilitierung von Dreyfus setzt er allerdings das eigene Leben aufs Spiel. Es wäre kein Roman von Robert Harris, ginge er nicht sehr aktuellen Fragen nach: Was passiert, wenn Geheimdienste außer Kontrolle geraten, wenn der Staat geheime Gerichte zulässt, wenn Minderheiten zum Sündenbock gemacht werden, wenn Politiker ihre Verbrechen zu vertuschen suchen?

Enchanted Islands

Author: Mary D. Sheriff
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022648324X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Enchanted Islands, renowned art historian Mary D. Sheriff explores the legendary, fictional, and real islands that filled the French imagination during the ancien regime as they appeared in royal ballets and festivals, epic literature, paintings, engravings, book illustrations, and other objects. Some of the islands were mythical and found in the most popular literary texts of the day—islands featured prominently, for instance, in Ariosto’s Orlando furioso,Tasso’s Gerusalemme liberata, and Fénelon’s, Telemachus. Other islands—real ones, such as Tahiti and St. Domingue—the French learned about from the writings of travelers and colonists. All of them were imagined to be the home of enchantresses who used magic to conquer heroes by promising sensual and sexual pleasure. As Sheriff shows, the theme of the enchanted island was put to many uses. Kings deployed enchanted-island mythology to strengthen monarchical authority, as Louis XIV did in his famous Versailles festival Les Plaisirs de l’île enchantée. Writers such as Fénelon used it to tell morality tales that taught virtue, duty, and the need for male strength to triumph over female weakness and seduction. Yet at the same time, artists like Boucher painted enchanted islands to portray art’s purpose as the giving of pleasure. In all these ways and more, Sheriff demonstrates for the first time the centrality of enchanted islands to ancient regime culture in a book that will enchant all readers interested in the art, literature, and history of the time.

Gal pagos the Enchanted Islands

Author: Richard Alexander Hough
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Format: PDF, Docs
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Discusses the origin, characteristics, and habits of some of the unique animals of the Galapagos Islands and the need to protect them from destruction."


Author: Anon E. Mouse
Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 8827500448
Format: PDF
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These tales have been gathered for more than a thousand years about the islands of the North Atlantic. In all ages and with all sea-going races there has always been something especially fascinating about an island amid the ocean. Its very existence has for all explorers an air of magic. To seafarers an island offers safety after the danger of the open sea. The 20 tales about these enchanted islands of the North Atlantic are: The Story of Atlantis Taliessin of the Radiant Brow The Swan-Children of Lir Usheen in the Island of Youth Bran the Blessed The Castle of the Active Door Merlin the Enchanter Sir Lancelot of the Lake The Half-Man King Arthur at Avalon Maelduin's Voyage The Voyage of St. Brandan Kirwan's Search for Hy-Brasail The Isle of Satan's Hand Antillia, the Island of the Seven Cities Harald the Viking The Search for Norumbega The Guardians of the St. Lawrence The Island of Demons Bimini and the Fountain of Youth Once you set foot on such an island and you can begin to understand the legends of enchantment which the ages have collected around such spots. Climb to the heights of Glastonbury Tor and gaze westwards, and you look out over the Bristol Channel, you can imagine yourself to be at the masthead of some lonely vessel, kept forever at sea. You feel as if no one but yourself has ever landed there; and yet, perhaps, even there, looking straight downward, you can imagine you see below you in some crevice of the rock, a mast or spar of some wrecked vessel, encrusted with all manner of shells and barnacles. So, we invite you to curl up with these ancient legends not seen in print for many-a-year; and immerse yourself in the tales and fables of yesteryear. YEATERDAY'S BOOKS for TODAY'S CHARITIES ---------------------------- TAGS: fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, children’s stories, children’s stories, bygone era, fairydom, fairy land, classic stories, children’s bedtime stories, fables, Story of Atlantis, Taliessin, Radiant Brow, Swan-Children, Lir, Usheen, Oisin, Island of Youth, Bran the Blessed, Castle, Active Door, Merlin, Enchanter, Enchanted, North, Atlantic, Sir Lancelot, Lake, Half-Man, King Arthur, Avalon, Glastonbury tor, Maelduin's Voyage, St. Brandan, St. Brendan, Kirwan's Search, Hy-Brasail, Isle, Satan's Hand, Antillia, Island of Seven Cities, Harald, Viking, Norumbega, Guardians, St. Lawrence, Island of Demons, Bimini, Fountain of Youth