Fairytale Shifters

Author: Alexa Riley
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781978358720
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Welcome to the Fairytale Shifter series... where growly alphas find their mates and heroines have babies galore! This bundle includes all of our shifter books with a BRAND NEW STORY in the back! Revisit your old favorites and discover our newest addition to the family. Finn, Flint, and Forest have spent their lives looking for their mate. The three brothers have been through everything together, and seeing the rest of their family pair off has been hard to watch. But one day, deep in the woods, a small bunny crosses their path when the three of them are in wolf form. To their surprise, they finally find what they've been looking for, but it just so happens they all find it at once. Luna Hare lost her family long ago, and she's been traveling to different shifter villages, trying to find one that is the right fit. Secretly she's been hoping to meet another bunny family and possibly find her mate. She never expected that when she'd come to Gray Ridge, she'd not only find a mate, she would find three. Three enormous wolves that look hungry, and not for food. Warning: Bunnies like to make babies, so it's a good thing she's got three wolves lined up and waiting to take a turn. This shifter book is over-the-top sweet, and just as dirty as the rest. Come back to Colorado with us, and let's see how this works out. We have a feeling it's going to be a happily ever after.


Author: Anne Laurie H. Pierre
Publisher: Anne Laurie H. Pierre
Format: PDF
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Rosabelle Foureau, that's who I am, part Wolf-Shifter and part Minder. I have not transformed into a Wolf yet. There is Nate--part Protector and part Vampire-- the boy next door, the one who used to be my best friend, the one I had my first kiss with. It has been a while since I moved to another state, but now that I am back, things have changed between us...I am having feelings for him and I can't stop it. It is dangerous, we are supposed to be natural enemies. I am aware of how this might end, especially if I do transform--triggering both of our instincts...that is not what I want. That is what FRIGHTENS ME.

Shifters And Glyphs

Author: Christina Bauer
Publisher: Monster House Books
ISBN: 1945723122
Format: PDF
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“A fun romp for Twilight Fans” – School Library Journal After being raised by the meanest fairies in the history of ever, Bryar Rose is now free to live her own life. For the first time, she’s attending West Lake Prep, a regular high school. Well, mostly regular. Some students are actually hidden members of the Magicorum. In other words, they’re really wizards, fairies, or shifters. Bry doesn’t mind, though. She’s thrilled to enjoy all the new experiences of being around normal kids her age, from locker pranks to lunchtime mystery meat. Everything is going along great, except for one thing. Bry’s dreams about the pyramids of Egypt have gotten darker and more sinister. Every night, she sees her new man Knox and her best friend Elle in danger. “Exciting and well-conceived” – Kirkus With no other choice, Bry plans to leave school to explore the pyramids on her own. But her new man Knox discovers the scheme and is having none of it. He wants to stay by her side, no matter what. It’s a good thing too, because Bry must solve the mystery of her attraction to the pyramids and soon. Otherwise, it could cost the lives of those she loves most. And that means not only Knox, but also her best friend Elle. “Must-read YA paranormal romance!” - USA Today Perfect for readers who love young adult books, contemporary fantasy, fairy tales, satire/comedy, paranormal romance, fairies, magic users, shapeshifters, and coming of age stories.... FAIRY TALES OF THE MAGICORUM Sleeping Beauty 1 - Wolves And Roses 1.5 - Moonlight and Midtown 2 - Shifters And Glyphs Cinderella 2.5 - Fairies and Frosting 3 - Slippers And Thieves Christina Bauer is the author of the bestselling Angelbound series about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, and the angels, demons, dragons, ghouls and humans that call them home; the Beholder series, about a medieval farm girl turned necromancer who needs to save the realm; the Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, which takes place in version of our modern world where fairies, shifters and wizards are real; and Dimension Drift, where one sassy teenage girl-slash-scientist plots to save the future from its dystopian fate.

Night Shifters

Author: Cheryl Lee
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490794328
Format: PDF, ePub
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Ever stare into the dark and wonder if something was looking back at you? Do you ever think that you saw something so real but later thought that you did not? Maybe your eyes were just playing tricks on you. Perhaps you saw something so scary that you were too afraid to tell anyone in fear that someone would call you crazy or would not believe you. Get ready for a mystery that will come to life and change your world forever. Take a journey into the life of a young teenage boy whose nightmares become clues to missing pieces of a puzzle. He will meet others just like him who also holds the key to unanswered questions about his destiny. Find out what happens as he searches for the truth about his past, present and future to save his family and possibly humanity. Follow him as he continues his quest to end the nightmares and defeat the unknown.

Swan Prince A Gay Fairytale Romance

Author: Devon Cross
Publisher: Devon Cross
Format: PDF, Docs
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Breaking away from his royal escorts during their seasonal migration wasn't Oliver's best idea, especially not when a hunter catches him in their sights and sends the swan prince spiraling toward the ground. Shifting while in flight isn't ideal, but neither is getting stuck in human form hundreds of miles away from home. Depending on the kindness of strangers isn't one of Oliver's strong suits, but with his injuries locking him in human form and stranding him in the middle of nowhere, he doesn't have a choice. Bastion's not much of a people-person. In fact, he prefers the company of his horses over everyone else. That all changes, however, when he comes across a naked man in one of the empty stalls. His clothing's nowhere to be found, and without a wallet or a voice to tell Bastion the stranger's name, he decides to take him in. Mute, injured, and completely naked, there's something about this man Bastion can't explain. Hours away from civilization, it's as though Oliver fell from the sky. But that's impossible... Isn't it? Search Terms: first time gay paranormal romance, gay paranormal mm romance, first time gay romance, mm gay romance, gay paranormal romance, gay shifter romance, ebooks gay romance, gay first time paranormal mm romance, gay paranormal shifter mm romance, gay fairytale romance

Coburn Three Plays Get Up and Tie Your Fingers Safe Devil s Ground

Author: Ann Coburn
Publisher: Oberon Books
ISBN: 1849438218
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Includes the plays Get Up and Tie Your Fingers, Devil's Ground and Safe Get Up and Tie Your Fingers, Ann Coburn’s first play, was premiered at the 1995 Borders Festival and had a successful run at the 1996 Edinburgh Festival. It is the achingly sad and ultimately uplifting story of three women coping with death, dealing with guilt, and learning to let their children go. Safe is a play which taps into the deep, shared roots of childhood in order to explore contemporary parental fears about the safety of their children. Devil's Ground is the story of an historical act of genocide, told through the personal tragedy of one Reiver family.

Red and the Wolf

Author: Vivienne Savage
Publisher: Payne & Taylor
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Read the thrilling second chapter in the saga began in the bestselling romance Beauty and the Beast. May be read as a standalone romance. Sorcha knows every inch of the forest, but a spontaneous visit to her grandmother thrusts her into the middle of a brutal conflict between shifters and an unknown force in the woodlands. As the alpha of Clan TalWolthe, Conall is obligated to protect his fellow wolves at all costs--even if it means his life. After the pack lands in the crosshairs of a huntsman with a grudge, Conall encounters a red-cloaked beauty who may hold the key to defeating an ancient evil menacing their land. Red and the Wolf is a fairy tale retold for an adult audience and improper for anyone below the age of 18. Readers who enjoy strong heroines, caring alphas, detailed world building, and out-of-this-world adventure will be hooked. Perfect for readers of Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Sword and Sorcery, and Shifter Romance.