Author: Justine Gubar
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442228938
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Fanaticus: Mischief and Madness in the Modern Sports Fan explores the roots of extreme fanaticism, from organized thuggery to digital hate speech. Outrageous and often shocking incidents are divulged, as are firsthand accounts from both the transgressors and victims.

Sport Communication

Author: Chuka Onwumechili
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351983520
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sport is a global business. Now more than ever, sport communication professionals need to understand sport’s global reach in order to develop their full potential. This is the first textbook to introduce the fundamental principles and practice of sport communication from an international perspective. Combining business strategies with insights into social issues such as gender, disability and national identity, this is an accessible, practical and engaging guide to the essentials of sport communication. Aimed to enhance learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, each chapter contains special features tailored to meet the needs of students and instructors. These include learning objectives, chapter summaries, activities, reflections, discussion questions, recommended resource lists and original cross-cultural case studies that demonstrate sport communication theories put into practice. Its twenty chapters explore communication in sport across all levels, from interpersonal communication and team building to strategic communications, and in all forms of media, from print and broadcast to social media. Sport Communication: An International Approach is an essential text for any course on sport communication, sport business or sport management.

The Arena Inside the Tailgating Ticket Scalping Mascot Racing Dubiously Funded and Possibly Haunted Monuments of American Sport

Author: Rafi Kohan
Publisher: Liveright Publishing
ISBN: 1631491288
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Riotous fan behavior, behind-the-scenes machinations, and madcap histories dominate in this unrivaled exploration of the modern American sports stadium. The American sports stadium, for all its raucous glory, is an overlooked centerpiece—a veritable temple—of our national culture. A hallowed ground for communal worship, this is where history is made on grass, artificial turf, hardwood, and even ice; where nostalgia flows as freely as ten-dollar beers; where everything thrills, from exploding fireworks to grinning cheerleaders. In The Arena, "an altogether new and riveting sports classic" (Josh Wilker), intrepid sportswriter Rafi Kohan crisscrosses the country, journeying from one beloved monument to the next. As he finagles access to the unexpected corners and hidden corridors of our most frequented fields, he discovers just what makes them tick—and what keeps us coming back time and time again. Beginning with the "old-timers," Kohan pays his respects to Chicago’s ivy-laced Wrigley and Green Bay’s lovable Lambeau, which have creakily adjusted to the twenty-first century while maintaining those age-old quirks fans have prized for generations. Juxtaposing these cherished time capsules with mighty new mammoths like Dallas’s shiny AT&T Stadium, Kohan examines the often-punishing realities of how they are built, from architectural ambition to controversial funding and political strong-arming. Meanwhile, just outside the turnstiles of these commercial cathedrals, whole ecosystems flourish, buzzing with charming merch men and cutthroat ticket scalpers. Trips to Cleveland’s Progressive Field and Quicken Loans Arena illuminate such shadow economies, revealing the remarkable impact a team—and even just a single player (yes, we’re looking at you, LeBron James)—can have on an entire city. With infectious enthusiasm and wit, Kohan also explores the behind-the-scenes logistics and deeply ingrained traditions within these bustling facilities, cracking open a secret world of unforgettable characters—groundskeepers, mascots, halftime performers—who work tirelessly to make the live event worth the price of admission. If you’ve ever wondered how they coordinate those fighter jet flyovers with the national anthem, how many hot dogs they serve in a day at Citi Field, how boozy pregame tailgates are kept in line, or what on earth AstroTurf is made of, look no further. As rowdy and rollicking as its subject, The Arena is a must-read for diehard fans, shameless bandwagoners, umpires, broadcasters, groundskeepers, culture junkies, tailgaters, and anyone else who’s ever eagerly headed off to the ballpark to catch a game.

Hethitisches Worterbuch

Author: Johannes Friedrich
Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter
ISBN: 9783825363840
Format: PDF, Mobi
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English summary: As an unabridged dictionary, the "Hittite Dictionary" offers the most important references for each word with extensive context for transliteration and translation, and so it provides a scale of meanings for each word or, in applicable cases, indicates the difficulties in determining a more exact meaning. The included bibliography provides information about the most important secondary literature and restates the history of the research. A quick overview regarding etymology is included at the end of the word-forms section. As an extensive lexicographic representation of the Hittite language, the "Hittite Dictionary" provides researchers studying the Hittites, the ancient Near East, and Indo-Germanic languages an indispensable tool for the work of translation and offers, thanks to its clearly structured presentation of word-forms, a reliable basis for research in linguistics and cultural history. The "Hittite Dictionary" is the second edition of the classic, influential version published 1952-54 (with three additional supplements published 1957-1966) by Johannes Friedrich. The preparation for the second edition was in the hands of the Munich Hittiologist Annelies Kammenhuber, and the first installment appeared in 1975. After Kammenhuber's death in 1995, her student Inge Hoffmann took over the project. Since 2006, an editing committee, composed of an international team of Hittitologists, has been preparing the word-headings. The "Hittite Dictionary" project is located in the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich and is supported by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). German description: Als Grossworterbuch bietet das Hethitische Worterbuch2 (HW2) zu jedem Wort die wichtigsten Belegstellen mit ausfuhrlichem Kontext in Transliteration und Ubersetzung, die die Bedeutungsskala des Wortes (oder die Schwierigkeiten bei der Bedeutungsfestlegung) dokumentieren. Eine Bibliographie fuhrt zur wichtigsten Sekundarliteratur und gibt die Geschichte der Forschung wieder. Im Paradigma finden sich alle belegten Formen des Wortes mit ihren Schreibungen. Ein knapper Uberblick uber die Etymologie steht am Ende der Lemmata. Als umfassende lexikographische Darstellung des Hethitischen liefert das HW2 Hethitologen, Altorientalisten und Indogermanisten gleichermassen ein unverzichtbares Werkzeug fur Ubersetzungsarbeiten und bietet dank seiner klar strukturierten Lemmata eine zuverlassige Basis fur sprachwissenschaftliche und kulturhistorische Untersuchungen. Das HW2 ist die 2. Auflage des klassischen, einflussreichen Hethitischen Worterbuchs (1952-54 mit 3 Erganzungsheften von 1957-66) von Johannes Friedrich, deren Erstellung dieser in die Hande der Munchener Hethitologin Annelies Kammenhuber gelegt hat. Die 1. Lieferung erschien 1975. Nach Kammenhubers Tod 1995 ubernahm ihre Schulerin Inge Hoffmann das Projekt. Seit 2006 leitet ein Herausgebergremium das HW2. Ein internationales Team von Hethitologen verfasst die Stichworter. Das HW2 ist an der LMU Munchen angesiedelt und wird von der DFG gefordert.


Author: Hatto-Franz Fuchs
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642867979
Format: PDF, Docs
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In diesem Band werden alle Teile des Gastrointestinaltraktes durch international anerkannte Spezialisten behandelt und alle modernen bildgebenden Verfahren erfaßt. Neben dem Schwerpunkt der konventionellen Röntgendiagnostik werden die neuen bildgebenden Verfahren wie Ultraschall, Computer- und Kernspintomographie einbezogen. Besonderer Wert wurde auf das Doppelkontrastverfahren des gesamten Gastrointestinaltraktes gelegt. Auch die Belange der modernen Endoskopie, sowie Besonderheiten im Kindesalter werden gewertet. Das hervorragende Bildmaterial erleichtert die Nutzung der Informationen für die tägliche Arbeit der Internisten und Radiologen der Fachgebiete.