Fixer Upper

Author: Cara Malone
ISBN: 9781521962657
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Some things can be fixed with a little duct tape... but a broken heart ain't one of 'em.Avery Blake has spent years getting by all on her own in a big house on the countryside. As a contractor, there's not much room for emotion in her male-dominated profession, and she's perfectly content to keep people out of her private life, too. After watching her elderly neighbor, Nora, be torn away from her long-time lover by heartless relatives, Avery has seen what it's like to love and to lose, and she'd rather skip the whole thing and focus on work (and the occasional meaningless fling) instead.Some relationships can be fixed with a little breathing room... and some are too far gone.Hannah Grayson has nothing but room to breathe when she finds out her Great-Aunt Nora has passed and left her a house in rural Indiana. Fleeing a dysfunctional and controlling relationship in New York, she moves into the house because she's got nowhere else to go.Disasters start piling up almost as soon as the plane touches down - the house is in disrepair, Nora's grandchildren are trying to evict her, and the gorgeous but chilly woman across the street seems to have a problem with Hannah's presence.When a pipe bursts on her first night in the house, Hannah has no choice but to run across the street and beg for help from Avery. The rest, as they say, is history...

Dog Days A Sweet Steamy Lesbian Romance

Author: Edie Bryant
Publisher: Edie Bryant
ISBN: 1386863408
Format: PDF, Docs
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When Natalie, a small-town cop, finds a senile old man living in filth with his puppy Bailey, she has to step in to get both the man and the dog the care that they need. But she gets a little more than she bargained for when she seeks out Christine, the old man's young daughter. Christine is a young author who has been out of touch with her father for many years. But when she hears about the conditions he's living in, she steps up to help. That includes taking care of his dog, Bailey. But by the time Christine arrives, Bailey is already quite attached to the pretty police officer whose been taking care of her. And although Christine knows Natalie is straight, she finds her starting to get attached as well. But will this seemingly complicated relationship be Christine's saving grace in this awful situation? Edie Bryant's latest novel brings readers a touching story about the ups and downs that come in love and life.

Peach Tree Love Gay Romance

Author: Trina Solet
Publisher: Trina Solet
ISBN: 8829558923
Format: PDF, Mobi
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When his job prospects fall through, Mitch, a gruff handyman with a big heart, ends up in the small town of Peach Tree. He doesn't plan to stay, and he definitely doesn't plan to fall for a guy, not after thinking all his life that he was straight. But plans change. A quick stop at the local cafÈ turns into a job offer to fix up an old house. That's a lucky break to a guy desperate for work who has a little daughter to take care of. Now he and his daughter, Sammy, have a place to live for as long as the job lasts. But one major complication comes with working there. Helping Mitch with the renovation is a hot and outgoing young guy named Rico. Rico isn't supposed to stay in town either, and he knows better than to fall for a straight guy. Too bad he isn't into following the rules. His heart yearns for what it shouldn't, and he just can't stay away from a hunk like Mitch. Even if they have nothing in common, the heat between them is undeniable, and they can't resist each other. As the two men work side by side and grow closer, a break-in disturbs their daily life. Will a secret hidden in the house bring danger to Rico, Mitch and his little girl?

Romance Fiction

Author: Kristin Ramsdell
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 159158177X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Presents a comprehensive guide for librarians and readers' advisors, provides a brief history of the romance novel, and offers reading lists and subgenre definitions.

Baked in Love A Sweet Steamy Gay Romance

Author: Hayden Hunt
Publisher: Hayden Hunt
ISBN: 1386073970
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This isn't what I imagined my life would be. I care about Chelsea, I do, she's been my best (and only) friend since we were teenagers. I love her, but I don't feel that passionate love that people always talk about. Who knows? Maybe that kind of romanticized love only exists in books and movies. That's what I have always told myself, at least. But after I meet Aidan, I know that's not true. For the first time, I've met someone who makes me feel passionate love. And I can't deny my feelings any longer, even if it turns my entire life upside down. I've got my bakery, I've got my friends, life is good. But I suppose it would be nice to have a romantic interest in my life. In this conservative town, I've dated just about every gay man I can find. And while some have been nice enough, nobody has really clicked for me. I know I should probably move out of this town to open up my options, but I've got my bakery here and I can't imagine giving up my business. It's in my bakery that I meet Miles. He and his fiancee, Chelsea, are looking to design their wedding cake. Only he doesn't seem that interested in the cake... or her, for that matter. But I do keep catching him staring at me... This standalone gay-for-you novel comes complete with HEA ending!

Travels in a gay nation

Author: Philip Gambone
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Pr
ISBN: 9780299236847
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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For two years, Philip Gambone traveled the length and breadth of the United States, talking candidly with LGBTQ people about their lives. In addition to interviews from David Sedaris, George Takei, Barney Frank, and Tammy Baldwin, Travels in a Gay Nation brings us lesser-known voices—a retired Naval officer, a transgender scholar and “drag king,” a Princeton philosopher, two opera sopranos who happen to be lovers, an indie rock musician, the founder of a gay frat house, and a pair of Vermont garden designers. In this age when contemporary gay America is still coming under attack, Gambone captures the humanity of each individual. For some, their identity as a sexual minority is crucial to their life’s work; for others, it has been less so, perhaps even irrelevant. But, whether splashy or quiet, center-stage or behind the scenes, Gambone’s subjects have managed—despite facing ignorance, fear, hatred, intolerance, injustice, violence, ridicule, or just plain indifference—to construct passionate, inspiring lives. Finalist, Foreword Magazine’s Anthology of the Year Outstanding Book in the High School Category, selected by the American Association of School Libraries Best Book in Special Interest Category, selected by the Public Library Association


Author: Damon Suede
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 161372814X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Wo Rauch ist, da ist auch Feuer... Seit den Anschlägen vom 11. September, schlägt sich Feuerwehrmann Griff Muir nun schon mit seinen verbotenen Gefühlen für seinen besten Freund und Partner bei der Ladder 181 herum. Dante Anastagio. Unglücklicherweise ist Dante ausschließlich an Frauen interessiert und das FDNY nicht gerade schwulenfreundlich. Zehn Jahre lang hat Griff nun schon sein Herz hinter einem halbgaren Leben aus öffentlichen Heldentaten und privaten Seelenqualen versteckt. Griffs Umsicht und Dantes Großspurigkeit machen sie zu einem unschlagbaren Team. Es gibt nichts, das Griff nicht täte, um seinen Kumpel zu beschützen... bis ein vor dem finanziellen Ruin stehender Dante ihm den schlimmstmöglichen Lösungsvorschlag macht: Eine Website mit Schwulenpornos, auf der uniformierte Muskelmänner hemmungslos zur Sache kommen. Und Dante möchte, dass sie dort ihren Auftritt haben – gemeinsam. Griff würde sein Herz schützen müssen, könnte aber seine dunkelsten Fantasien vor der Kamera ausleben. Kann er den Mann, den er liebt retten, ohne ihre Karrieren, ihre Familien oder ihre Freundschaft dabei zu zerstören?

Queen on Heels

Author: Nina MacKay
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 3958180582
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Mariella, Baroness von Württemberg, steht eine traumhafte Ehe mit dem unverheirateten Kronprinzen von Preußen bevor – zumindest glaubt das ihre Mutter, als sie ihre widerwillige Tochter zur Brautschau schickt. Mariellas kleine Zwillingsschwestern haben auch noch ein Wörtchen mitzureden und mischen den gesamten preußischen Königshof ordentlich auf. Während die Baroness am liebsten mehr Zeit mit dem gut aussehenden Stalljungen Alex verbringt, entspinnt sich langsam ein Familiengeheimnis, von dem nur Mariellas Mutter etwas weiß. Ein Geflecht aus Intrigen, Verwechslungen und lustigen Streichen braut sich zusammen ...

Saint James Press Gay and Lesbian Almanac

Author: Neil Schlager
Publisher: St James Press
ISBN: 9781558623583
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"This important reference work is one of the first to devote equal attention to both gay men and lesbians. Its objective approach encourages in-depth study of gay and lesbian history, culture, and experience in 20th-century America.. The book's 23 sections include a chronology, an annotated list of organizations, significant historical documents important to the gay and lesbian movement, and in-depth discussions of gay and lesbian involvement in such fields as politics, film, music, science, sports, travel, leisure, and visual and performing arts. Each section includes biographical profiles of prominent people in each field and extensive bibliographies of books. articles, and Web sites. The evenhanded approach to this subject makes this book an important purchase for all libraries".--"Outstanding Reference Sources : the 1999 Selection of New Titles", American Libraries, May 1999. Comp. by the Reference Sources Committee, RUSA, ALA.