Amandas unsichtbarer Freund

Author: A.F. Harrold
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641153158
Format: PDF, Docs
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Als Amanda Rudger in ihrem Kleiderschrank entdeckt, ist ihr sofort klar: Das ist der Beginn einer wunderbaren Freundschaft! Anders als Amandas Schulfreunde, die nie draußen spielen, um ihre ordentlichen Kleider nicht schmutzig zu machen, weicht Rudger fortan nicht von Amandas Seite. Einen herrlichen Sommer lang bauen sie ein Lager im Garten, jagen die Katze und erleben die wildesten Abenteuer. Rudger ist einfach perfekt – und dass nur Amanda ihn sehen kann, ist erst recht ein Vorteil, findet sie. Bis der geheimnisvolle Mr. Bunting auftaucht: Auch er kann Rugder offenbar sehen – und er führt irgendetwas Schreckliches im Schilde. Rudger hat furchtbare Angst vor ihm. Amanda ahnt, dass sie schnell herausfinden müssen, was Mr. Bunting verbirgt – und dass ihnen nur wenig Zeit dazu bleibt ...

The Muslims of America

Author: Amherst Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad Professor of Islamic History University of Massachusetts
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780198023173
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This collection brings together sixteen previously unpublished essays about the history, organization, challenges, responses, outstanding thinkers, and future prospects of the Muslim community in the United States and Canada. Both Muslims and non-Muslims are represented among the contributors, who include such leading Islamic scholars as John Esposito, Frederick Denny, Jane Smith, and John Voll. Focusing on the manner in which American Muslims adapt their institutions as they become increasingly an indigenous part of America, the essays discuss American Muslim self-images, perceptions of Muslims by non-Muslim Americans, leading American Muslim intellectuals, political activity of Muslims in America, Muslims in American prisons, Islamic education, the status of Muslim women in America, and the impact of American foreign policy on Muslims in the United States.

The Muslims of British India

Author: Hardy
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521097833
Format: PDF
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Dr Hardy has attempted a general history of British India's Muslims with a deeper perspective. He shows how the interplay of memories of past Muslim supremacy, Islamic religious aspirations and modern Muslim social and economic anxieties with the political needs of the alien ruling power gradually fostered a separate Muslim politics. Dr Hardy argues (contrary to the usual view) that Muslims were able to take political initiatives because, in the region of modern Uttar Pradesh, British rule before 1857 and even the events of the Mutiny and Rebellion of 1857-8 had not been economically disastrous for most of them. He stresses the force of religion in the growth of Muslim political separatism, showing how the 'modernists' kept the conversation among Muslims within Islamic postulates and underlining the role of the traditional scholars in heightening popular religious feeling. Regarding any sense of Muslim political unity and nationhood as an outcome of the period of British rule, Dr Hardy shows the limitations and frailty of that unity and nationhood by 1947.

The Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina

Author: Mark Pinson
Publisher: Harvard CMES
ISBN: 9780932885128
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ranging from medieval times to the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1992, this volume concentrates on the internal development of the Muslim community in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its relations with various suzerains. This updated edition features new bibliographic material, including a new section on resources covering Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavia available through the Internet.

History of the Muslims in Belize

Author: Abdulmajeed Nunez
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452018510
Format: PDF, Docs
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History of the Muslims in Belize is an excellent pioneering work which traces the historical background and development of the Muslims in Belize, Central America. As a chronological account of "how it all started" the book states that Islam was introduced into Belize through the missionary work of those few who had earlier embraced the teachings of the Nations of Islam that then reared its head in many communities in the Americas, mostly areas populated largely by the "Afro-American" communities. In their struggle for emancipation, Muslims in this part of the Caribbean got yet another chance--a volte face--as the book goes on to say that despite their acceptance of the Nations of Islam's teachings which centres on the "superiority" of the Black race and "Blackman is the original man" it wasn't long when these types of doctrines were discarded by the Muslims in Belize with their entry into the mainstream or rather orthodox Islam. According to the book, the community is a vibrant Muslim community. In fact it has a mosque--Masjid al-Falah--permanently built that ended the movement of the faithful from rented rooms and apartments. In 1978 the Muslims got the community incorporated and registered under the Government of Belize as the Islamic Mission of Belize which now has a school, the Muslim Community Primary School [formerly Sister Clara Muhammad School] that lays one of the contributions undoubtedly the community is making to the value system of Belize. From a relatively small and obscured community to arguably an organised one, Muslims are growing in Belize with much conviction; for their "new" found faith has ushered them into the circle of the over 400,000 Muslims scattered across the nations of the Caribbean. This book offers also an array of discussions of the major aspects of today's contemporary issues as they affect the history of the Muslims. Muslims in Belize is an excellent companion to read for readers concern with the history of Muslims in this remarkably important English-speaking country in Central America, called Belize.

Making Peace with the Muslims

Author: David Gabriel
Publisher: Welcome Rain Publishers
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Through these stories, author David Gabriel explores freely, without the weights of politics and primers, revealing moments of meeting between Muslims and Americans. In "Necati Bey," an American businessman in Turkey is mentored, then strangely rejected, by an elderly Turkish artisan; in "The Blind Woman," a young hospice nurse finds her life course completely changed as she fulfills her duties to an African Muslim family; in "The Kapici's Wife," a Turkish diplomat, returning to Ankara after years in America, meets again a woman from his adolescence and realizes how removed he has become from his native culture; in "Irina's Lullaby," a young Frenchwoman married to an Algerian tries to reconcile her passion for the future with her feelings for her past; in "The Reincarnation of Donaldo Fuertes," an elderly Spanish immigrant recruits a young African-American Muslim to accompany him on a pilgrimage to his homeland; in "Civilizations Are Islands," a young girl, half-American, half-Egyptian, struggles with her sense of identity and self when she moves with her mother from India back to Egypt; and in the title story, "Making Peace with the Muslims," a young Palestinian woman falls in love with Raf Horowitz, an American Jew who left behind his life in America to make a perilous pilgrimage to Israel.

The Muslims of Valencia in the Age of Fernando and Isabel

Author: Mark D. Meyerson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520068889
Format: PDF, ePub
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"An exciting and magisterial contribution to Mudejar studies, it is also revisionist in its conclusions as to crown policies about these peoples."--Robert I. Burns, S.J., University of California, Los Angeles "An exciting and magisterial contribution to Mudejar studies, it is also revisionist in its conclusions as to crown policies about these peoples."--Robert I. Burns, S.J., University of California, Los Angeles

The Muslims of Medieval Italy

Author: Alex Metcalfe
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748620087
Format: PDF
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This significant new work focuses on the formation and disintegration of Arab-Muslim rule and society in Sicily and south Italy between 800 and 1300 which led to the creation of an enduring Muslim-Christian frontier during the age of the Crusades. It examines the long and short-term impact of Islamic authority and culture on these regions and how they later fell into the hands of European rulers, explaining how the Norman conquest of Sicily came to import radically different dynamics to the central Mediterranean. The change of ruling elites left a majority Muslim population under Christian rule, but the Sicilian kings also adopted and adapted political ideologies from south Mediterranean regimes while absorbing cultural influences from the diverse peoples over whom they ruled. This work provides an engaging, expert and wide-ranging introduction to the subject and offers fresh and clear insights into the politico-religious, socio-economic and cultural evolution of Europe and the Islamic world.

The Society of the Muslim Brothers

Author: Richard Paul Mitchell
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195084373
Format: PDF
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Orignally published in 1969, this monograph has become known as a standard source for the history of the revivalist Egyptian movement, the Muslim Brethren, up to the time of Nasser. The work has been reissued for those scholars and students interested in the Muslim revival.