Four Wheeler Chassis and Suspension Handbook

Author: Four Wheeler Magazine
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 9780760318157
Format: PDF
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The key to making the most out of an off-road truck's performance on the rough terrain favored by enthusiasts lies with suspension and chassis modifications. In order to cover rocky climbs, deep mud-holes, and other rugged obstacles, off-roaders modify the truck to give added ground clearance and increased articulation. The primary modification is lifting the vehicle and adding larger tires, with more serious off-roaders modifying the suspension to allow the wheels more travel, which keeps the tires on the ground and providing forward drive on the nastiest terrain. The best off-road articles from Four-Wheeler magazine are combined to createthis in-depth guide to maximizing off-road performance of your four-wheel-drive truck or SUV. The book covers lift kits, aftermarket suspension additions, articulation tricks, with a few drivetrain modifications (particularly locking differentials) added for good measure.

4x4 Suspension Handbook

Author: Trenton McGee
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1932494480
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Author Trenton McGee, 4x4 suspension expert and host of Outdoor Channels Off-Road Adventures, explains 4x4 suspension systems in an easy-to-understand manner. He gets specific on types of suspensions available from all the major manufacturers including Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. He goes into a great level of detail on every different model, including early and modern model systems.

101 Jeep Performance Projects

Author: James J. Weber
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 9780760331644
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Detailed, illustrated instructions for Jeep performance projects--maintenance, upgrades, suspension adjustments, engine and transmission swaps, and much more.

Four Stroke Motocross and Off Road Performance Handbook

Author: Eric Gorr
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760340005
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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DIVThis thorough how-to manual helps the off-road motorcycle enthusiast get the most out of their machine. This one-stop reference covers everything from basic maintenance to performance modifications, including: • Engine rebuilding• Transmission rebuilding• Clutch repair and rebuilding• Big-bore kits• Cam kits and valve timing and tuning• Tuning stock suspension• Suspension revalving and kits• Jetting and tuning carburetors• Tuning electronic fuel injection• Wheels, tires, and brakes• Chains and sprockets• Cooling systems • Electrical systems/div

4WD Driving Skills

Author: Vic Widman
Publisher: Landlinks Press
ISBN: 0643066241
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"This comprehensive and practical guide concentrates on the essential skills of four wheel driving for every type of off-road terrain as well as sealed and unsealed roads. It explains what makes a four wheel drive vehicle different, tells how to approach challenging situations and show what to do if things go wrong"--Cover verso.

Chassis Suspension Handbook HP1406

Author: Carl Munroe
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101142387
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Chassis and suspension modifications for Chevy, Ford, Jeep and Dodge trucks. Includes sections on lift kits, shocks, springs, chassis modifications for off-road use, tires and wheels.